Monday, January 27, 2014

Magazine Monday

You know how one thing leads to another?  Well that's what happened to me today.

I was working on cleaning out/clearing out/organizing a shelf, of which I had absolutely no intention of blogging about, and before I knew it I had an idea for what I'm calling Magazine Monday.  I'll get to that later.

My craft supplies used to be all over the house tucked away in various drawers and bins.  As I used them the past couple years, I started putting them on a shelf in a bathroom closet, till finally the shelf was overcome and an unorganized mess.

No I didn't take a photo of the mess, remember I had no intention of blogging about it.

So I put all the stuff in clear bins and did my version of organizing.  Simple and nothing fancy.

No cute labels, I just grabbed a piece of scratch paper and scribbled the contents on, cut the paper off with a scrolly craft scissor - because it was handy - and taped them on the bins.  Not even straight.

But before I could stack everything back in the shelf I had to purge a few things out

Countless Family Fun Magazines........

I asked my daughter in law if she wanted to thumb through a few Family Fun magazines before I threw them out.

She said sure.

She'll be sorry.

Of course I didn't purge our beloved Scrabble game, but it does need a new home, the box is too big to fit in the game cabinet and it can't go back on the craft shelf.

Before Al Gore invented the internet - and I admit even well into having the internet - I saved magazines of all kinds to refer back too.  Craft, decorating, remodeling, a few People magazines and Entrepreneur.  The last one must of been a free subscription.

We went on line at the Ranch in 1998.  Ya think I can finally toss 'em?

I decided since I was purging of the magazines in the cabinet, that it was time to get rid of the ones under the bed too.

How long ago was 1984?

And I swear I threw out stacks of them years ago, but now secretly I fear I have a shelf full of more in the storage room.  I will look this week to satisfy my curiosity.  Could of probably paid for one of the kids college if I didn't feed my magazine habit.

As Heather from Our Life in a Click said.... I have *issues*.

We have a tall bed.  In total there were four stacks like the above photo under my bed.  And dusty!!!!  Good Lord - thankfully I don't have an allergy.

For schitzngiggles should I count them?  The ones I keep and the ones I toss?  (Hint, I am tossing more than I am saving).

Some were not under the bed, newer ones were out in the open in baskets or crates...... 

On my nightstand......

In case I ever was not on the computer I guess.

Some of the magazines I had gone through years ago and ripped out the advertisements.  My theory was it made them more convenient to look through.

Some of the covers had notes for something inside I particularly liked.  

And some I just had old notes on.  We must not of had scratch paper 30 years ago. (That's probably why I never labeled my bins till yesterday).

Don't strain too hard to see the address on this magazine.  

Apparently I stole it...... from my dentist.   

All this leads me to my idea for Magazine Monday.  Before I could throw those house magazines out I had to thumb through every. last. one. of. them.  I know what you are thinking.... BLISS you are insane.  Yes I know, remember I have issues.

I saved about a drawer full of ones where something caught my eye for one reason or another. Sometimes as I looked at the pictures I would see a style and think of many of my blogging friends.  

And sometimes I would think - how the hellll was that ever good decorating!

Magazine Monday

So starting next Monday, I will introduce the maiden voyage of Magazine Monday at Bliss Ranch.  You'll have to stop back to see what I've come up with, but after I feature a magazine, I'll toss it.  You will be helping me clean.

*Bliss Ranch trivia...... one of our kids called magazines, mazagines, and that's how we still say it here.

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  1. I have a lot of magazines, too...but awhile back I sold quite a few of the older ones on ebay in lots, under magazine back issues. Some magazines go for good amounts!

  2. I have lots of magazines too. And some pottery barn catalogs! I refer to them when I'm building furniture. :)

  3. Should be a fun adventure--for us, probably not for you ;-)
    "Mazagines" was said in our house, too...I miss those days!

  4. Girl, you are a hoarder! Surely, you can find a way to turn them into some awesome repurposed project...but of course, that would require hanging onto them until you come up with that project, so I guess I'm not helping you much, am I? Looking forward to hearing what you've got planned!

  5. Oh, I'm looking forward to this! I have kept plenty myself and still can't let go of certain ones. When I look thru them I still like some of the ideas, and I wish they were still in style, but like you said, it's hard to believe some of the looks ever passed of as good home decor.

  6. You are a trip. Cracking me up this morning! Do you happen to have any of those $20.00 magazines? I was going to pick up this cottage style magazine the other day until I saw the price!! What? The internet is great for getting ideas but there's nothing like real paper and photos to look at. So I get it Bliss. I look forward to Magazine Mondays!

  7. I'm looking forward to Mazagine Monday. I had the same problem for years. I finally came up with a solution that I could use and would stick to about 10 years ago. I'll be interested in seeing yours.

  8. Wow - I think you've discovered a way to make Monday a day to look forward to! My 34 year old daughter and I still call them mazagines too, so mazagines they are - regardless of spellcheck!

  9. cute! I had a hard time getting rid of Family Fun too!! I didn't have someone to pass them on to either. Wow, you have an "issue"! lol! :)

  10. I purged my stacks a few years ago, and I have no idea why I kept all my cooking/recipe ones, I never use them any more! I'll have to see what Magazine Monday is all about, if we help you clean, does that mean you're helping us, too? 1998 was a good year, we went on the line then...maybe I chatted with you back then...I remember spending most of my computer time in a cooking chat room.
    Debbie :)

  11. I am re-reading stacks myself as I move to a new studio......sigh...however, not a Family Fun in the bunch.....can't wait to see what's up your sleeve!

  12. I am re-reading stacks myself as I move to a new studio......sigh...however, not a Family Fun in the bunch.....can't wait to see what's up your sleeve!

  13. Good Lord, Woman! It would drive my head insane if I had all those things around the house. I am the crazy type that has at least 2 huge bags going to our donation center at least once a week! Ummm.... I might have a problem.

    That being said. I have a Martha Stewart magazine from around 2000 that has notes and post-its in it galore. It has disgusting dried food all over it, too. It's a Thanksgiving issue and I think I have cooked each recipe in there at least a million times over. I don't think I will ever get rid of the that "mazagine"!

  14. This is going to be fun! I rummaged thru all my old magazines a few months ago and like you, I was amazed at some of the "stuff" I saw!! Have a great week!!~

  15. I'm still a fan of magazines and keep special ones in a box under my bed too! I even have a stack of Christmas issues on top of Christmas decor books behind my drapes in my bedroom. I find all kinds of places to store them. I finally took some pages that I tore out of some of them and organized them in a binder. It has my favorite pages in there and I refer to it often. Those are stored in a drawer in my foyer. See? You're not alone! Despite the internet, there are still many images that I coud never find or remember without saving the magazine or page. Looking forward to seeing this new feature you're running.

  16. Oh boy, this should be good. I finally purged all of my magazines in our last move. It was harder than one thinks and some days I regret it thinking I could look through and get inspiration. For now I have two subscriptions and those are piling up. I haven't looked at one in months and I can tell the Husband is getting nervous. ;)

  17. You have a great idea.
    A year ago I donated an entire storage bin full of Rolling Stone magazines. I had received them throughout the 80's and early 90's. They were fascinating to revisit, but not worth the room they required. There is a dresser in my garage with 2 drawers full of home decor/gardening mags. They are useful to inspire dialogue and ideas when friends and I are sitting around the patio table IN NICE WEATHER.

  18. I had the exact same problem! I even kept them in all the same places as you do, dust and all. My purge started last year and I'm not done it yet!

  19. My husband was a motorcycle magazine hoarder even way after all the bikes were sold. They're gone. I've replaced his hoarding "issues" with BHG. I got a prescription (how WE say it) 2 years ago...and my mom "donated" all her back-issues to me. I have a gazillion more than I can ever look through.

    Let me know if you want them. ;)


  20. LOL Bliss, you are so funny. I am looking forward to Magazine Monday. I used to keep stacks of magazines and my hubby put a top to that, he couldn't deal with the mess. I now only get ones t hat I truly love and really read.


  21. I was a mazagine girl when I was little. I still sometimes slip up and say it. I also read mazagine and don't right away know that it is wrong. And we really must be akin this week, because as I was laying sleepless for hours last night I decided to toss A LOT of my magazines. No looking through them first. Just brazen tossing aside. But at least I can review them vicariously through you.

  22. I sell mine at the consignment shop for $1 a piece. (Even though I paid about $10 a piece for them!)

  23. AAAHHH! *me, screaming* I am trying to become "paperless" at my house--the only paper we'll be using is in the kitchen (paper towels) and in the bathroom ( know).

  24. A post all about clutter. lol I've been doing the same thing Bliss. I still have many more to go through.

  25. Oh my! I just pitched a lot of my magazines from old issues recently, Country Living, Victoria, Country Home I still am a little queasy in my stomach because I did that. I felt as though I was throwing away old friends. Oh well, moving ahead into the new! Looking forward to your Monday post!

  26. Anxious to see what fun stuff you are up to on Monday.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  27. This has confirmed my suspicions - you have issues and you are a bit insane!!!!

  28. Great idea! I can't wait to see your ideas Bliss! Just think how free you'll feel when you purge all these magazines... you'll have to work on other issues :)

  29. Just a suggestion, you can take magazines to the nursing home, auto shop waiting area, and anywhere else you visit. Someone may love to thumb through them too!

    1. yes to the above....was going to suggest it myself - especially to the retirement and care centers. They have the time to enjoy them and so appreciate it.

  30. WOW. That's a lot of magazines. You really do have *issues*...and clever friends :).

    I can't wait to see what you come up with. Looking forward to following you on your purging/creating journey.

  31. Ok - I thought I had a lot of magazines - that's unbelievable Bliss LMHO !!!
    I can't throw out what I have - just can't do it - I'm definitely a book and magazine hoarder :)
    Even though I have never reopened a magazine once after I've read it -
    Good luck!

  32. 1984...seriously? Were you having an Orwellian moment or what?
    Don't feel like the Lone Stranger. I think as women we all have this absurd need to keep any and all magazines if for nothing else, to justify paying for them. I have so many with pages tore out and yet can't bring myself to toss the empty shell.
    If ever there was a reason to look forward to Mondays...this will be it!
    P.S. You mean to tell me that's not how it's pronounced? bad.

  33. I think I did the mag purge last Fall? I had hundreds. I did pretty well, but still have a few good stacks. I just can't part with them all... I so got this post though. SO got it. hehe.

  34. I have three small piles, after throwing out loads in the last couple of years, but I can't throw them out, without checking every page. Now I also have piles of torn out scraps for filing. I like your idea of tearing out the advertisements and keeping the magazine intact, a much cleverer way of going about it.
    Looking forward to Mazagine Monday !

  35. I have taken years off from allowing any magazine subscriptions to be delivered to me...there is a reply card on my kitchen counter though...just leering at me, telling me that my 13 year old daughter really wants Food Network magazine and how much money it will save me.

  36. This is seriously good stuff. I thought I had a magazine clipping problem! I had files and files of "ideas". It was so much that I would look at them like once a year and forget what I had put in there and get inspired all over again, to only never make the thing that I clipped in the first place.....I am so looking forward to seeing this series. Are you only doing one a week? You better plan on a long and prosperous life. This could take a while! PS Love Mazagine.

  37. My baby boy, who will be 30 in April and has 3 kids used to say "mazagines". Oh gosh. So cute!


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