I said we don't 'rassle steer at this ranch but we do herd chickens.
And ducks.
Which when you are a little blonde haired girl = duckens.

One of my sons took in some baby chicks that needed a home.  We didn't know anything about raising chickens, and I admit I had designs on eating them.  Their original names given by my oldest son of Soup and Noodle were not by accident.  

Chickens are a messy bunch, they scratch in the landscaping mulch, and they don't run back to their coop to use the bathroom.

But chickens and ducks DO lay edible eggs.

The Duckens. 
I affectionately refer the ducks as the crapping quackers.

They are cute when they are little.

The yellow ducks grow up to be white.  They are called a Peking Duck.

When they get large they waddle from side to side,
and their webbed feet hit the ground and you hear a slap slap slap slap as they run.

If you pull into our driveway the crapping quackers will come running, 
and if they don't know you they'll grab you by the bottom of your pants with their bill.

Who needs a guard dog, we have attack ducks.

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  1. they look pretty chic to cute!

    1. Chick and Chic, so I think you are correct!

    2. Pretty cool...those two, lovely!

  2. Love your chickens. But roosters are really roosters. A couple of years ago we bought five baby chicks. The feed store said that one out of a hundred were boys. Right! Try two out of five. I felt SO sorry for those hens. They didn't have a chance and the dumb roosters would crow at all hours not just at dawn. Well needless to say, coyotes, foxes and dogs got 'em all to our dismay. But we did get a few eggs.


  3. These are beautiful chickens. Such a fun pet to have - we love ours since we can give all the table scraps and minimize waste, get garden fertilizer, and eggs. Win win...

  4. Some day, I'd like to have chickens. I'd especially like to have bicycle riding chickens, like you do. Id appreciate it if you'd let me know where you got your bicycle riding chickens as this is a species that I've not seen previously. I feel that the exercise and fresh air would be really good for them and, if you ever tire of them, you could sell them to the circus. Also, I've noticed that you don't make your chickens wear helmets while riding (or was the photo taken while you were in the house getting the helmets?)is this okay?...Although, I guess that the chickens without heads probably don't NEED helmets, right? xo

  5. I think I'm in love with all of them. Not sure how it would work with our labraweinie..he tries to eat birds, mice and anything else...but they sure are darling!

  6. Anonymous2/10/2013

    Came across this site and I continue to LOL so hard that I peed in my pants!! My cheeks are bursting, my stomach hurts and sore, my mouth won't stop long enough to close to even get a breath!
    I do love those chickens and ducks!! I have had both and ended up having to take my ducks to a river in town(I live in the hill country, Texas) because the ducks decorated my patio constantly and I just wasn't fond of the color or the odor of their paint brand they used. My neighbors dog came over for the chicken buffet and needless to say, left full. I love having the fresh eggs to cook with and do miss em. I plan on getting more chickens this summer since my neighbors moved.
    I had a duck I named "Poncho" and when I went to check on him, well, he had a group session going on, so I guess he wasn't missing me anymore.
    If I could find them "bike chickens" down here in Texas, I would have to buy them cause riding and dropping a few is multi talented here and I reckon I could get a pretty penny for their eggs, but they are probably only in the California area.
    Will keep this one for sure and continue to log on!!
    You have made my day and month!!!
    Cheers and hugs to all your fans---they need to be honored!!
    I think I will send this to Ellen or Katie.:)

    1. Sadly, just yesterday one of the ducks died. We don't know what happened, but when my son went to put them away he found the other sitting keeping watch by his dead friend. So the kids are already plotting to get more in the spring. We live in Minnesota and every spring new ducks only cost a few dollars.
      Thanks for stopping by Sandra.

  7. One of my dreams is to have a coop full of girls (hens) and maybe a good ole boy too! Love your pics...happy seeing that you have chickens and ducks... blessings!


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