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The Brawn of the Operation Makes Beds

With Valentines Day coming (and my husbands birthday) I was inspired by a post on Miss Flibbertigibbet and how she gave Mr. Flibberti a nice photo of herself as a gift.

Brawn and I have been married for 30 years.  Blissful?  Well mostly yeah, but he's not getting a photo!  Brawn also happens to be one of the only two people in real life who know I have started a blog. 

I'm almost certain he doesn't really know what a blog is or how to find it on the web, he just knows I've been putting stuff on mantels, taking stuff off mantels, putting it back up again, taking pictures and staying up late. And that he's a been a bit neglected.  I'm gonna go to bed earlier tonight.

So in honor of the man who fetches me ladders and moves stuff around for me, all for the sake of the Bliss Ranch blog, I wanted to show you just a couple of the gazillion things Brawn has made for our home.  (Forget that he built the home too.)

I showed you the dining room furniture he made when I posted about gearing up for a country pine redo.  A few years ago when I wanted a new bed, being the cheap son of a gun he is, he said ok, I'll make you one.

OOOkkkaaaa then, can I have a dresser and nightstands too?  Sure.  I don't have those yet, but 25 years ago he did make the night stands we are still using.

It's hard to tell but the enlarged photos next to the bed are of our history..... one is the sign of the town he grew up in and the other is a California road sign from whence the raven haired beauty came.

If Bliss wants it, Brawn builds it

My Fairy Tale
The bedroom mantel is due for an accessories makeover, it's pretty dull, but I'm not up to it after the beginning of the week and the family room mantel re-do.  I also have a 3rd mantel in the game room, but you know..... I just decorate that one with dust.
My mom's Primer, with her coloring, sits on the mantel
At the base of our bed is a crochet bed cover that my mom made.  When I was a little tot- long before internet- that's how she spent her time.  She made three of them.  The detail is wonderful, so much texture with the raised nubbies.  And heavy..... if we ever had an intruder I could throw it at him and he'd be out cold.

My hunk of burning love letting our 3 youngest kids dress him like a pirate.

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  1. Hi Bliss, I love the crochet bed cover, it's gorgeous. Lucky you to have a carpenter and handyman. I do like your poem above the mantel. Have a great Friday! I'm a new follower. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  2. Thanks for dropping by! My sweet husband is a magician with a paint bruch but candle hold a hammer to your husbands carpentry gifts!
    Your crochet cover is amazing!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. You have one sweet and talented husband.

  4. Not only is Mr. Brawn super talented in carpentry (and no doubt other things too), he's also pretty cute - and a man can't really go wrong when he's dressed up as a pirate lol !!!

  5. What a guy! Arrrgh matey! Thanks for mentioning was very sweet!

  6. Thank you for sharing your lovely post at Potpourri Friday!

  7. What a fun post! You had me laughing several times. I love hearing about happy marriages! :)

  8. It's such a blessing having a handyman hubby. That is when you can get them to be handy at home, right? lol

    Your bedroom is beautiful and your wall words made me smile. Do they STILL do the same for you?

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope to see you again this week.
    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  9. I would just die to have built ins like that. Your mothers blanket is so pretty. How did she make that? I've seen that kind before, and they do have some weight to them which will surely keep you warm on those chilly California nights, but I would have thought you could only get that weaving with a machine.


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