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Just Soap

I was cleaning in my bathroom and decided to share a product we use that I really like, but for all you bloggers with a house full of men - the guys around here like this stuff too.  Did you ever hear of anything so crazy as making soap by peddling a bicycle?  That's just how this soap business does it and if you go to their web site you can read all about the process.  They're called Just Soap from Massachusetts and they make the best smelling all natural organic soaps.  (Have my blogger friends on the East coast heard of them?)  Best smelling that is if your better half doesn't want to smell like girly stuff.  Just Soap has scents like Cinnamon Clove, Sage Fir, and my favorite the Almond.  They have oatmeal soap, balms, etc., all natural.  Shampoo bars.... and everything I have tried seems to last a long time.  I'm funny about stuff on my skin, I don't like the feel of lotions so they have to *feel* a certain way, and the same about other stuff like soap. 

 I order usually at Christmas - keep some and tuck some in gift baskets.  One year I tucked the lip balm's into everyone's stockings.  On their web page they also have "seconds" you can buy for a lower price.  The most popular scents at my house are the Cinnamon, the Sage and the Almond, but we have tried them all.  I put a new bar out when we have overnight guests and they always comment on it or ask where I got it.  Sometimes they say they like the color, for some it's the scent, and for me I like the organic feel of the bar itself.  They aren't smooth as a baby's bottom, but they lather nice.  These are the only soaps I've used in my shower for at least 3 years.  Now when we have a hotel stay I think hotel soaps smell funny.

OH, and the price?  They are only about $2.95 a bar, less if you buy more or get seconds.  $2.95 for a cool soap, that smells good and lasts a long time... I think that's a real fair price.

My palms were not greased with any money for this post.  It's my opinion and no one could pay me to say something I didn't agree with.  Well, maybe for a million dollars I would say I loved liver.  Beef council - call me.


  1. These look like they smell and feel amazing..especially after reading your description. Nice!

  2. I love nice smelling soaps and these sound wonderful.

  3. I've never heard of that brand before. I love good smelling soaps. My family has dry skin, so I'm always careful of making sure to buy moisturizing soaps. It's nice that their soaps are organic too. That's probably better for your skin.

  4. That's funny....from one liver hater to another! I have never heard of that soap! great info...thanks!

  5. haha, you always make me laugh. I have never liked liver and since my son was born with a liver disease- NEVER will it cross my lips!
    Hmmm may have to try this soap.

  6. $2.95 is a good price. I use goat's milk soap made in Illinois by an acquaintance. I pay more, but I do like her soap and like to support local and small businesses. I'll have to check this soap out, too!

  7. I adore homemade soaps and have used them for years....won't do without. These look like a real buy as most are toward $5 or more a bar. I will be checking them out.

  8. Thanks for heads up on the soap. I don't think I would say I liked liver....even for a million dollars :)


  9. Thanks for the scoop on the soap. It sounds really nice. I'm following you via Linky Followers and I hope you'll follow back. Also, please take a minute and visit Cottage and Creek and enter my first ever Choose Joy Giveaway: Drawing will be held on Valentine's Day. Have a great rest of the weekend :)

  10. Thanks for sharing about the soap! The scents sound wonderful. I think I may have to buy some soon! :)

  11. Hi Bliss, thank you for this interesting info about the soap company. The bicycle really made me lough - until I read on their page why they do it. But at the same time I had to learn, that they don't ship overseas...what a pity. Anyway, it made me search for natural soap in my country (Germany).


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