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Everyone Say HEY to Kirby UPDATE

 A BIG 'OL APRIL FOOLS to everyone.  Here is how the story of Kirby below actually went down.......  Kirby was playing a joke on HER followers, one of which I happened to be.  Not one to let anybody have the last laugh I decided to turn it back on her.  So I commented on her blog about her being with child so her followers would run with it, and to make it even more ha ha we got YOU Kirby, I posted it on mine.  And because I know I have ABSOLUTELY the best followers in the world of blog, I knew I could count on you to stop over and say hey to her.  But I can't let it go on any longer, my April Fool Catholic Guilt has set in, The Kirbmeister is NOT with child, but in truth she is feeling her way in the comment world and if you aren't too mad at me for the joke being on you (come on it is April Fools Day for crying out loud) then become her follower.  She is worth every read, especially to those of us thinking we never have to tell our 50 something husbands that they are once again gonna be a daddy.  After six kids Brawn would sell my baby making self without batting an eye!

And if no one else can own it on this April 1st....... you can proclaim "yeah, someone got me this year".
          Love you all, especially because you showed Kirby your caring side.


April Fools right?  Sometimes the joke ends up being on you huh and you don't think it's all that funny.  Like all the jokes me and my friends make to each other about midlife babies.  It's always funny but not when it happens to you.  Well this fits in with the theme of the day, jokes and fun, and yeah, I think it's funny because it didn't happen to me.  However my friend Kirby of KirbAppeal took the hit for all of us other mid-lifers.  The other day she let me know that she was going to be taking some time off from her blog, you can read about that here.  She is a teacher and a few months ago also found out that she would be welcoming a new baby looooong after she's been an empty nester.  That's news I happily don't have to break to Brawn, but Mr. Kirb, well lets just say it hasn't sunk in yet, he is still adjusting.

Kirby needs some love, she is a bit down in the dumps so I would love if my followers would stop over and leave a kind word for her.  She is due in June and the reality has not hit home with her yet.  You will love her wit, and well...... honestly.....I'm just glad it's her and not me.

My Friend Kirby


  1. Thanks for the good wishes, Bliss! DL is still not on board, but I think he'll come around!

  2. I can only hope this is an April Fools joke because I had planned to throw back a few with Kirby at Haven ...



  3. Your post today is reminder of how quickly life as we know it can change.

  4. Ha ha ha - didn't fall for your joke but fell for Kirby's !

  5. Bless her heart. I had my last one when I was 42. And believe me shes kept us young. (And still does.)And when she turned 8 she introduced me as 'This is my mother, and shes 50.'Then laughed and laughed. I could have rung her little neck. I told her I hoped to live until she was 50 and then I'd get her back. (big smile) We wouldn't trade her for anything.. But... I'm going to drop in on Kirby. She does need some love and encouragement. It may seem like gloom and doom but honestly it isn't. Our daughter has been a great blessing to us and to a great many others.


  6. Well now I am feeling very stupid. Its APRIL FOOLS DAY. And I'm having a dinner to celebrate it in just a couple of hours. brain is definitely not in gear...which happens to me alot anymore.

  7. Well, I should have known that you of all people would have a whopper of an April Fool's post! I was surprised to read a serious post, although I thought it was rather insensitive to say you were glad it was her and not you. That should have been the dead giveaway. Got me!

  8. April Fools *always* get me! Thank goodness my three kids are still too young to pull pranks on me:)


  9. happy April fools day!! wow...what a shock that would be!!! like almost every one of my babies....yes, I know!

  10. You two are hilarious! Thanks for letting us in on the April Fool's joke before we started organizing a baby shower :)


  11. Poor Kirby, that happened to my Mom! But that's okay, cause she got me!!!
    And that's no April Fool!

  12. I'm holding off on any real commenting until after April Fool's Day. :)

  13. Well I missed all that, but it sounded like fun!

  14. Oh you mean person! Ha! I missed this one.

  15. Oh that's funny. Glad you had a good time. Ha, ha, that's the first April Fool's Joke I've seen today.

  16. Oh Bliss.... what have you been up to?!
    I can hear the sounds of the "Evil-Plan-Has-Worked" type of laughter ringing out in blogland. Ha!

    Oh and I can't wait to see what the lemon dresser turned into. Great job in getting your freebie!!!

    Have a great week!

  17. Anonymous4/06/2012

    Man I am always a day late and a dollar short to the party! Lol...your post was rather convincing!!

  18. Hahaha, a big congrats to Kirby! ;)

  19. Thanks Bliss! I've enjoyed reading about last year's April Fool's joke you and Kirby played. lol :)


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