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Homemade Laundry Soap Copy

Some ladies simply have sweet dreams and some have dreams of sweet laundry rooms.  I fall into the latter.  Dreaming of a laundry room redo isn't anything new, but it was Kari's laundry room photo at ThistleWoodFarm that got me dreaming recently.

But I take baby steps when it comes to change, so I'm starting with the soap.  
Laundry soap... white gold that removes Texas tea.

All the ingredients together at last
My daughter in law has been making her own laundry soap for the past year and she loves it.  I figure it works since The Grands never returned to my house covered in Red Velvet batter stains from the evil cake pop making episode.  Unless my DIL had to throw those clothes away?  Hmmm.
Ravenous Wildebeest
 I narrowed down my quest for a laundry soap recipe, first found at Savvy Southern Style where Kim grated soap into a bin as Mr. SSS pondered having her committed to the asylum.  This led me to Yvonne at Stone Gable .  When I saw all the elbow grease that had to go in to grating that soap I almost didn't make mine.  Most of the ingredients sat on my counter for 3 weeks.

Vintage French jelly jar a gift from Kim at La Belle Epoque

 I could not chance Brawn pondering an asylum committal for me, so I got out the food processor and in less than 10 seconds my two bars of soap were cheese in a bowl.  
I will call this the 10 second rule for soap.
I secretly hoped my 13 yr. old would walk by and sample the cheese.

The soap was going to be my entry for the copy cat challenge over at DebbieDoos and I missed it.   Ms. Doos added a twist, we could copy a blogger and I wanted to make that soap and get the ingredients off my counter.  Every store repeatedly-always-and-forever was sold out of the elusive box of washing soda.  My DIL finally snagged me the 2nd to last box and I made the soap the very day Arm & Hammer came through my door.

 I whipped up my batch in less time than it takes to sort and toss a load in.  I couldn't stop there, I still wanted to do my blogger copy cat.  I had to enter this rather pathetic condiment tote from a magazine while nursing a cold and sore toe. 

I felt cheated so I staged my copy cat anyway.  I used the photo from Stone Gable because I didn't have a basket to copy Kim's photo.

Here is the original from Stone Gable:

 And here is my copy:

So I guess this was a copy copy cat since I copied the recipe and the blogger.
I will write a review once I have a few loads under my belt.  (Ewww!)
If you want the recipe go over to Stone Gable or Savvy Southern Style.  
I'll just say it's easy.  If you use a food processor that is.

If you get a chance stop over and visit Christina at IGottaCreate.  She has a series called Inspiring Creative Women and she picked moi as this month's feature.

Bliss Ranch:  Inspiring Woman to Make Their Own Laundry Soap since August of '12.

ALSO.... As a 06/12 Newbie Graduate,
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  1. I've seen these recipes, and I've pinned them, but I have yet to try them. Hmmmm... I should do that.

    PS - GREAT pics!

  2. I have no idea how well your soap works and am too lazy to make it myself, but I will say that I think I'll be copying your clothespins in the gravy boat, since I have a very similar gravy boat. And you told me you thought I was insane for my clothesline curtains...but, you've got your own clothespin thing going on too!


  3. LOL, you sound just like me. The ingredients have been sitting in my blue reuable canvas shopping bag for about 2 months. TWO months! That should make you feel tons better. I think I will get The Hubbs to grate mine. Or maybe I can dig out an older Food Processor like you did. I can't wait.

  4. I keep trying to use up my soap on hand to try this. I should change my clothes more often! lol Was it difficult to clean the soap out of the food processor? I have visions of soapy tasting food forever. ~ Maureen

  5. You are too funny. I wish I had a food processor. My arms would have appreciated it. Yes, best not to get that crazy look from the man.

  6. I've been contemplating some home made soap. Can't wait to hear how it works. Love your story. You keep me smiling!

  7. So I've really been thinking about doing this. Want to hear your critique as soon as possible!

  8. Beautiful photos!! How is it working out for you?

  9. You know, I've always wanted to try making this soap. I can't wait to hear how it works and if the next time you use your food processor, if everyone tastes soap! lol

  10. ONE of these days I will get around to trying this! I've been wanting to. :-) I love your label!

  11. "loads under your belt" made me guffaw. I can't believe how beautiful a gravy boat full of clothes pins can be!

  12. What pretty photos!
    I hope you'll link this post up to Cowgirl Up! tonight...

  13. this is loverly....and very pretty packaging....13 year old taste the cheese oops soap...but so fun..and I understand.

  14. I've been kicking myself for months for not doing this exact thing. Don't forget to tell us how it works out!

  15. I've been seeing this around blogland lately and it's got me intrigued to try making it.

  16. Beautiful pics, I love this soap I've been making a version of it for about two years and it's the best.

  17. Well good for you! I've got to try this. Laundry soap is so expensive.

  18. Okay, I'm waiting for your review because this is sounding way too much like cooking to me! Although it does look better in the covered jar than my Tide HE in the bright orange plastic bottle.

  19. Wow! I definitely want to see the review. I'm impressed that you used your food processor to grate the bars of soap. I don't have a food processor so I think I'm going to have to continue to buy my soap. A great copy!


  20. Well done! Glad that you finally took the leap! I've been making my own laundry soap for years and I'll never go back! Using the food processor is BRILLIANT...shaking my head at myself for not thinking of that! DUH! You rock! xo

  21. You say it's easy... but, it looks complicated
    Congrats for being such an insipiring woman. That you are!


  22. You're my kind of wish my kid would eat the soap that looks like cheese gal!
    Hopefully, they won't snack on the laundry soap - mistaking it for cream of wheat!
    Off to check out your inspirational post at I Gotta Create!

  23. That's such a good idea to make your own laundry soap. I haven't done so, however. I'm addicted to Tide. So sorry. I bet it will save you some money though and certainly looks cute in that glass canister with your fancy label and all.

  24. This is great!! When my ginormous box of Tide is finally out (in like two weeks given the amount of laundry I do around here), I am definitely going to try this out. I like the Food Processor method. All three of my kids would have a handful of soap in their mouth as soon as it came out. Would serve them right.

  25. Anxiously awaiting your review. I've had this on my 'to-do' list since I discovered Pinterest and have been too lazy to try it. BUT now with this idea of using a food processor is in my head I'm dying to give it a go.

  26. What beautiful photos, Bliss! I've been saving this recipe and even have a container I am ready to I am really looking forward to your review!

  27. I am so glad you did this! I bought two bars of soap to make detergent, of course that's the only ingredient that I could remember! I am going to do it, I'm copying the copycat :)...perfect timing for me!

  28. You are much more ambitious than I ever could be there my friend. I bet it is pretty darn good though. Thanks for sharing...and I see Miss fresh face Deb is going to copy you. Perfect for the next copy cat party:O)! Thanks for joining in Bliss.

  29. You are so funny! Now, I might try this since you shared about the food processor. Grating soap is not my idea of all. :) Thanks so much for sharing! Yvonne always makes everything look fantastic. How did you create your label? That's the next thing I need...copied.

    P.S. Have you used the food processor since you did the soap? ;-)

  30. Hopped over from I Gotta Create and so happy I did. Yes, I'm one happy hopper. I make my own laundry soap but never thought of trying to make it look cute. Sheesh, way to make me feel inferior, even if it is a copy cat. Thanks! Love your blog.

  31. You are a rock star! Or maybe Soap Star......

  32. I am so impressed that you go to all that trouble for laundry soap. It makes me see how lazy I am. I must change my ways!

  33. Anonymous8/15/2012

    Hello! It's nice to meet and follow you! You have such a lovely blog and your photographs are very pretty.

    Thanks for sharing.... Hope you'll visit me too!

    Ciao Bella
    Sensible Sarah

  34. Bliss that was a beautiful picture of you and your husband! What an awesome interview!!

  35. I forgot to mention that you are more ambitious that I am making laundry soap! I'll stick to my Tide...LOL!!

  36. Beautiful always. I have never made my own detergent...but I must admit it looks so much prettier that way :) Laurel

  37. So here is what I really want to know about all of this (other than the adorable wildebeest:); how did you clean your food processor after? And did the next batch of food taste just a wee bit soapy?

  38. I heard that little evil snicker as I read that you secretly hoped your teen would sample the 'cheese.' I can testify that soap doesn't taste good, thanks to an aunt who took it upon herself to wash my mouth out for sassing my mom when I was 6. Yikes! Truth be told, it didn't slow me down too much in expressing my opinion ~ lol! ;)
    Your posts are always entertaining!
    <3 Christina

  39. Your laundry soap story is adorable! I love the idea of using the food processor! I am going to have to make this again soon. My kids keep taking a baggie of it home with them when they come to visit!
    It is not nice to have more beautiful photos than the one you copy cat!!!! (ha ha!)
    Thank you for the very kind shout-out!!!!
    I hope you like it as much as I do!

  40. Hows the laundry? Do you like it???

  41. I have made my own soap for years and also use a food processer. I also bought a used one for five dollars at a garage sale. Clean up is easy. Next time you can't find washing soda use baking soda stick it in the oven on low and flip it. Gets bubbly. You have now made washing soda. : ). Simple I looked it up. A lot of foreign countries don't carry it or stores. Walmart usually carries washing soda on the bottom shelf. Even Making it you don't save money but it works if you can't find it.

  42. Bliss,

    My funny friend! Awesome guest post over at Linda's.....and I love your new soap. Why don't you try it out in my laundry room? I have a few loads ready to go :)


  43. I'm very happy to say that I've never contemplated this - I spend too much time cooking at work, so avoid recipes at home !
    Beautifully written and photographed though as usual Mrs. B !

  44. Anonymous8/19/2012

    You couldn't have posted this at a better time! I just tried making liquid detergent and it was an epic fail. Thanks so much for posting this on the Made U Look link party. I'm definitely going to try it!


    1. I have only done one load so far, not that I don't need to do 100! So I have not determined if I like it better than what I was using.

  45. Anonymous8/19/2012

    I'm so loving this... I'm going to pin it ... what I am wondering about though is.. have you sliced up anything else since the soap on your food processor ??? Anything have a soapy taste ? LOLOL I love it Bliss...
    Thanks for sharing at the ALL STARS BLOCK PARTY!!!


  46. I'll be honest, I've never been inspired to make my own laundry soap until just now. You actually make me want to try it out!! Looks so pretty in your jar! :)

    I've pinned and shared on FB!!

  47. You make me laugh {with your wanting your kid to try the "cheese"}! And you make me want to try making my own laundry soap! It's one of the things I've wanted to do but have been scared to try. And your pictures are just gorgeous by the way :)

    1. It's easy, I'm lazy and impatient - this was an easy thing to make.

  48. I have made and used this laundry soap but do not like Fels Napha..I use the Castile bar instead.

    You had me laughing my sides off...with that hoped you son would stop by and taste the 'cheese'!!

  49. Congrats on the feature over at 36th Avenue!I want to make soap but I need to find time in my schedule. You made it look so easy and pretty though. Love it!

  50. I have purposely avoided the make your own soap deal. But if you're willing to try it.. I guess I can too. I need the skinny on how it work though first ;) Message me! Shan

  51. Let us know how this works. In the meantime I'm afraid I am still going to Costco. Call me lazy.


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