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Frosty Parts 4 Sale In The Window

It's beginning to look a little like Christmas.......well at all the other blogs that is.  It's a bit frosty at my place. 

Assembly Required
My blog has been sidetracked by.... 1) bins of ugly Christmas stuff I don't even think the jolly happy soul that I am can repurpose..... 2) by threats of mutiny from my kids if I dare to suggest not using the stretchy- knit-endless fill-stockings they have hung by the chimney with care for years, you'd think the stockings came to life one day.... and lastly 3) there must have been some magic because I did a quick and simple window display to give the illusion I have plenty of time to fuss with such things.

I was so happy when it was done I began to dance around.
Nothing matches except the bins!
I just hope my bedroom won't look like this till January.  This is the "good" side, I hope this stuff melts away.

If you aren't humming Frosty the Snowman yet, slap yourself and start reading again from the beginning.

Down in the village I own that vintage building {here}, with the gutted upstairs and main-floor-barber-shop-turned-band-practice-area for son #2.  (But check out that authentic floor!). The window had an old plastic tarp hanging in it so no one could see the mess inside, but outside it's as alive as it can be.
Behind the curtain it's still a mess from jamming and snacking as they laugh and play just the same as you and me.  

From the sidewalk the view is much better now, all around the square as a matter of fact.

In August I took every extra frame I had, thrifted some more, painted some with CeCe Caldwells Slate and we set up a photography display, which may or may not have been a smart idea for a semi retired photographer to do.  Look at Frosty Bliss go.
They were painted in slate or silver so they would match a certain Kodak dresser {here} that we also took to the window.  (Sorry for all the reflection in the glass, the sun was hot that day).

All the photos were printed in black and white.  I just didn't want a bunch of competing colors. 

Behind all the photos are some old doors, windows, corn cob pipes, and behind that is the one and only multi use fabric...... drop cloth - hung as curtains.

Throw in a barber chair for old times sake.........

 and little initial tags to match the person in each photo, made from a vintage music magazine.  All the people are recent local clients, I thought they would enjoy seeing themselves.

The magazine was .10¢ and it has some great stuff inside.  The cover colors are beautiful, I picked it up one day running here and there.

I took some pieces of poinsettias and red bows from the bins and placed them all around the tone-on-tone window display.

In August two of the loves of my life dropped the 500 pound barber chair on my big toe as it was on it's way to the window.  They only paused a moment and didn't hear me holler STOP!  It healed up nicely but I didn't set foot or toe back in the window till now. Thumpety thump thump.
 With a broom stick in my hand I reused some glass light fixtures that were pumpkins in October {here} and turned them into snowman heads.  I mean isn't that what you would of done?  Made glass heads out of pumpkins?  It's a fairy tale they say.

So the crate of snowman heads are for sale, but you have to assemble them yourself.

It contains everything you need..... eyes, carrot nose, scarfs, twigs for arms, Frosty's broom, but please don't bring the snow.  We'll have plenty of that before long.

I've gotta hurry on my way, so I'll wave goodbye saying don't you cry, I'll be back again some day.

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  1. The snowman parts are just the best! Love them. Loved your photography display too with your fun chest.

  2. Gorgeous window display! I love the snowman parts...they are just so Bliss! :D

    (Apparently your kids & my kids are part of a conspiracy when it comes to keeping the same old tired stockings.)

  3. looks like you're in business!

  4. You are amazing Frosty! I love it all and does this mean you're coming out of retirement? Or are you going to start cutting hair ;)
    It's so beautiful,

  5. That all looks sooo good! Love those snowman heads you made. So clever!

  6. That is flipping awesome! I love the snowman parts for sale!
    So you own a very cool building and you have a very cool place for your kids to practice??? How great is that? When are you going to open it up as a shop and sell all the cool furniture and stuff you make? The window is soooo beautiful Bliss!

  7. aah so cute!!! it just wouldn't be the same if it were people parts.

  8. I love your window display! Your photos are fabulous! And your display is marvelous! And what a cute post!

  9. You have got to be the most cleverest blogger ever. Love the Snowman Parts for Sale. Too cute!!

  10. Clever, beautiful, original, amazing, lovely!! Oh, and the post was good too!

  11. Your window display is absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic job!

  12. Love the snowmen! They are just too cute! But...I'm intrigued by your shop! Wish I could visit it!

  13. Love the windows....I used to do them Professionally and this one gets a A+, I knew about the what is the dream...I know great for jam sessions.
    The snow men,so cute and when are you going to write a book...

  14. Looking good! I love snowmen because they can stay up past Christmas!

  15. Great post and a beautiful window display!

  16. OMGoodness Bliss, there's not one thing about this post that's not beautiful....the story, the snowmen and that window display! Your are amazing!!!!

  17. Oh, Bliss!!!! It's wonderful!!!! Absolutely, positively perfect!!! Girl, you rocked it! Best downtown display... EVER!

  18. You assembled an amazing window display my friend! And I'm sure you've put many a smile on many a former client's face!



  19. Simply... GENIUS... on all fronts.

    Over the hills of snow,

  20. Soooooo Creative! Love it all!

  21. This is super cute. I love the black and white photos with the splashes of red. I bet this is the hit of the town square.

  22. LOVE! You are a lyrical genius.

  23. Sadly, those bins won't melt but I was wishing upon a star that they would too!

    LOVE those melting snowmen - you are a genius! And your window looks fabulous - amazing what a smashed foot will do for a girl's creativity!

    Pinning those snowmen - and I'll be searching under every Christmas tree for my own globes.

  24. You amaze me! Your vintage building is lovely... hope there were still some vintage band-aids left in the joint so you could wrap up your toe. Maybe you should add steel-toed boots to your Wish List? Lovely idea with the photos and initials. Now if you could get the band to stick to Christmas songs for the next month to match the window decor!

  25. Oh yes, and LOVE your snowman noggins!!

  26. Is it sad or astute of me that the resounding thought this post left me is "I want a fireplace in my bedroom. Hmpf."?

  27. Clever, clever post. Yes, I was humming the song after the first couple embedded lines.

  28. Love those snowmen!!! The window display looks fantastic. I started humming the song as I read. Great post.

  29. What an adorable post! The snowmen are priceless, what a neat idea!

  30. I will be singing that song now! The window display all looks amazing!! You've been working hard!! The snowmen parts for sale is so cute. I have some light up snowman jars but nothing as cute as that!!

  31. Wow! Where have you been hiding this secret! You are just full of talent and surprises. I love the display, and I really love the Snowmen heads!

  32. Bliss, you are a WONDER!! Brilliant -- every stinking picture, word, nuance. Perfect accompaniment to my glass of wine/procrastinating decorating evening. :)
    xo heidi

  33. Seriously, I need to have you write MY posts :) You certainly are a creative girl! and I love the talent that you showcase as well. So did I miss it? or you have a photography business?
    (by the way ... I slapped myself and started over) HaHaHa

  34. fun post! I was trying my best not to hum, but even slapping myself didn't work.

    Love the window display!


  35. Your storefront window looks wonderful! I especially like it lit up for the evening display. If I were walking by, I'd stop in to schedule an appointment for a family protrait. Gorgeous photos! You are going to be busy, busy, busy!!!

    Your snowmen heads are pretty darn cute, too. :@

  36. Yep, it definitely looks like you'll be getting loads of business from that amazing window display - for both photos and furniture.
    I thought you loved those globe lights, I'm amazed you're selling them, because they look so cute as snowman heads !

  37. The snow men...I want to steal them, and I might. The window beautiful. The part about your poor foot, OMG. So sorry, but glad it healed up. I am going to be in the "bin circus"'s better than putting it all away.

  38. Wow, that is an amazing window display! I love the snowmen too but the window has blown me away!

  39. It looks absolutely wonderful! I know the jolly, happy soul would approve!!

  40. I'm actively resisting getting this song stuck in my head! Weston has a frosty book that he asks us to read all the time ALL YEAR LONG. You are so far ahead of me on the decorating. I have done NOTHING.

  41. Wow!! Love the storefront... love the snowmen-to-be-assembled... laughed at the story/song! You're always taking us on a fun and wild ride ;)

    Thanks so much for linking up,
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  42. How fantastic is that window display! I would stop in my tracks to take a peek for sure! Cute snowmen too:)

  43. This is my favorite rendition of the glass globes! Very very cute. Glad your toe healed up!

  44. Oh, I love the snowman parts...too cute.

  45. I loved it so much that I've featured it as one of the All Star Block Party features today!

  46. Anonymous12/04/2012

    this is about the most creative post I have ever read!!!!! well done!!! The window and the building look great!!!! I am jealous!!! This will look so wonderful with snow!!!!

  47. Oh my goodness...I laughed thru this whole post !!
    You are a grand story teller. ;)
    Lovely post.

  48. Ok..these frosty parts are too cute not to share! I'm featuring this creative little twist on snowman decorating. Thanks so much for linking up at the party.

    <3 Christina

  49. A beautiful window display! I'm sure many paused to take in all the details as they passed by. Love your writing style!


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