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The Tale of the Dog, Part 2

When I left you yesterday in Part 1, Mo had perked up a bit, enough to smell steaks cooking and take a bite. 

The thing about this Puggle, which is a cross between a Pug and a Beagle, is that he has the nose of a hound.  He has all the Beagle traits which means he can sniff out food a mile away, and his stomach rules him.  So to have him not eat when previously he would lick the floor for a crumb was a most unusual thing, and also a good indicator of how sick he was.

The night he ate that small piece of meat was the beginning of his comeback. 

He still had to be tube fed, but more and more he was starting to have the urge to eat again and we believed we just might get our pup back.

Fast forward a couple months.... when he was finally ready to have his nose feeding tube removed, the problem was he could no longer eat any old dog food. 

I'm not going to go into all the specifics of kidney failure in dogs, but the two things that were important in his diet was the right balance of stuff in his food that was good for his kidneys, and the right ratio of the ingredients that were not. 

And water.  He needed to drink plenty of water.  This meant dry food wasn't gonna cut it.

Home made dog food

Purina makes a canned food for dogs with kidney failure that has to be purchased via the vet.  Mo did decent on that.... for a while.  Heck we were just happy he had an appetite and we didn't have to feed him through his nose.

Then he started to throw the Purina up.  Often it was a couple times a day, others it was once every couple days. 

We worried for a very long time he was relapsing, as dogs with kidney disease don't have a very good prognosis.  But he was usually eager to eat and that was a good thing - it's not his nature to turn down food.

I'm not a vet. 

I'm not a dog nutritionist

I'm not the dog whisperer.  But I have the internet and I know how to use it. 

I researched, then researched some more. 

I read stories from veterinarians, from people whose dogs had kidney disease and every opinion pro and con about making my own dog food. 

I read recipes from raw diets, to high quality top notch *expensive* dog food. 

I learned portions for his breed and size. 

I broke down what Mo needed in his special diet like I was a chemist - and I'll tell 'ya, science was not my best subject in school but frankly I was tired of cleaning up dog puke on my carpet. 

I did my homework on everything, and concluded I was going to start making Mo's food myself. 

Most veterinarians would frown on it, mine listened to me, and asked important questions.  When I could answer them better than she could understand, I knew I had schooled myself well.

Since Mo wasn't doing well on the only kind of purchased dog food he could have at that time, honestly..... what did I have to lose by giving it a try making it myself? 

My cooking hasn't killed anyone yet and in the big picture, dogs don't live all that long.

Home made dog food

Over the course of the first year as the Doggie Chef, I experimented with several versions/recipes.  Mo thrived on each of them, and I saved money because of course it was less expensive than canned. 

Currently I make a big batch in a roaster.  Like I said, I'm not a dog nutritionist, I just researched what my dog needed, so no recipe comes with this post - suffice it to say it's mostly meat, and if it didn't look so gross after it was all mushed up, I could safely eat it.  Any moms who have made their own baby food, it's the same concept, just a larger batch.

Home made dog food

A big vat of mushed up food. 

He doesn't leave my side when I take the roaster out.  He knows it's his food making day. 

My kids roll their eyes at me with all the fuss I go through for the dog, but somewhere between giving him hydration injections and pouring his meals down a tube in his snout, he became more than just the family pooch.

Home made dog food

After the roaster of food has cooled a bit I portion it out into daily servings in freezer bags then put the portions into larger ziplocks and plop them into the freezer. 

He gets half of one small bag in the morning and half in the evening equal to 3/4 to 1 cup twice a day.  I take out a couple days worth each time from the freezer.

Home made dog food

Mo is healthy now at 7 years old.

He gets his *fluids* checked regularly by our vet to make sure he doesn't have too much of this or that leaving his body via waste. 

Pretty good for a dog that 5 years ago wasn't suppose to live another year. 

I don't know for sure it's my cooking, but Brawn's been eating it for over 30 years and seems to be doing fine too.

If you are considering making your own dog food for whatever reason, I suggest talking to your veterinarian and doing research - what worked for Mo might not work for another dog. 

So what about the glowing collar you wonder? 

This dog food post got long so tomorrow there will be a Part 3 of the Tale of the Dog.

A first in the history of the Bliss Ranch blog - posting three days in a row.  Don't fall over, or get used to it.


  1. I'm so excited! 3 posts in a row! So glad it all turned out well for Mo! I"m sure it was your good home cooking!

  2. More Mo! I demand more Mo posts. If he is interested in younger woman, Riley is 6 and loves to snuggle...and eat underwear but snuggle mostly :). I can just picture that little guy keeping you company in your kitchen as you lovingly prepare his batch of doggie food.

  3. Glad Mo is still among us. I knew it was the food. Cindy has been really healthy so far but when we got her I found a very good organic made in America food and so far so good. I have known quite a few people whose dogs (and cats) have had kidney problems. Unfortunately they weren't as lucky as Mo. I have to credit your incredible attention to his health and your vast research. He's a lucky guy to have a mom like you.

  4. It's hard to imagine a dog that is part pug not having an appetite! My pug is up at 5 am to eat. Glad Mo got better.

  5. bravo to you for not giving up on your dog!!!

  6. Mo is such a cutie!! Our pets are part of the family, there is nothing we won't do for them! LOVE that little face!!

  7. When my mom's dog got older he developed kidney disease and she like you researched everything and made his food in batches, too. He lived another couple of years to the ripe old age of 18. That is old for a Cairn terrier. So glad your story has a happy ending. Mo sure is cute.

  8. You are so good, but I know I would do it for our little guy we rescued a couple of months back. Can't wail for part 3.

  9. Thank you for a happy ending. Mo knows who is looking out for his best interests!

    Now you've got me thinking. If I made your recipe as a side dish for Thanksgiving, I'm pretty sure somebody else would be hosting next year. You know where to email the recipe. :)

  10. Good for you and good for Mo!
    We first did this when our first corgi became ill~ it made a huge difference in the quality of his last year with us. It's amazing what proper nutrition will do for two legs or four! Long live Mo. :) Kiss that face for me!

  11. Love that you make his food. My dogs would love me if I did that...and I would if they got sick. So far they are healthy (Bailey could stand to loose a few pounds since having puppies). Can't wait for part 3.


  12. Aww that is one spoiled pup with the homemade dog food! My family barely gets homemade food. Ha! :) But ya gotta do what ya gotta do for those animals. We had to make my dog's food for a short time while she was sick, but I'm impressed that you've kept it up long term. Mo does have a pretty sweet face, so I can see how he'd be convincing.

  13. I love you. and your dog. and your mush.

    Seriously, I laughed so hard at this post. You have the cutest dog and I am very inspired by your whole "i make my own dog food" post. Of course my dog weighs 80 lbs so my dog food cooking would be a whole lot of cooking going on... would you send me your recipe? I'd like to see what you are doing so I can gauge what I might be facing if I decide to take this on.

    Thanks Bliss. You made my evening xox

  14. love the story, you have a good heart and Moe has a very good mommy.....

  15. When I first found your blog, I thought to myself "Now here's a woman I could marry!" But then I remember you were already married and OH! I'm a heterosexual woman. So that's not going to work. But I do love your blog and I guess when I grow up I want to be like you! HA! Happy Belated Halloween!

    1. Did you know you are a no reply blogger Really?! hmmm...? And I can't find your email address on your blog. Drop me a note and I will tell you how to fix that.

    2. Thanks! and Done!

  16. I'm glad you were able to find the right formula for food for Mo...I would do it for my dogs, too...and you can see how much it has helped!

  17. OOoooo, Lawd--you went to a lot of trouble for a dog. But he is cute!

  18. I LOVE a happy ending Bliss! Mo is so blessed to have you. Reading this makes me miss my precious little boy, Duncan. Mind you, he was not suppose to be my dog either but sure became mine. He was a Jack Russell and we had him for 13 years. Looking forward to hearing part 3. Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  19. That is true canine devotion and I totally understand it. I would do anything for my dog. If you're not a dog lover you just wouldn't understand how much a part of the family they become.
    Looking forward to post no. 3 and more pics of Mo !

  20. Look at how well you took care of Mo! And you've kept all those kiddos as well as Brawn alive all these years too ...

    I'm awaiting part 3.



  21. Great post. You are a dog caretaker extraordinaire, and a model to the rest of us. Kudos to your research and creativity. I'm sure you are rewarded with much love from your sweet Mo.

  22. Mr. Mo is a lucky little guy - as are the rest of your ranch critters (that includes Brawn & the wee ranch folk). A person has to be mighty careful when grabbing a burrito from the freezer at your place. :)

  23. How lucky is Mo to be so loved!

  24. I was SO touched by your story Bliss. I have kidney disease so maybe I should be eating it. I was given 7 years to live. After hearing that I changed Drs. My husband has cancer (bone) and believe me he has done his research too. He was suppose to have died by now but all the tumors are either gone or are still shrinking. I KNOW diet has something to do with all of this. He completely changed his and it has made such a difference.

    I've missed ya Bliss. I just made another post and here it is. Am looking forward to Part 3 and congrats on posting 3 days in a row. That is really something. I'm lucky to get a one post up a week these days, but hopefully want to get it to at least 2 a week.

    Luv ya girlfriend!!!


  25. What a fabulous doggy Mom you are! Can't wait to see part 3.

  26. It looks as bit Yucky but how sweet of you to do what you could to keep your pup alive! Shows a big heart and smarts to find the help.

  27. Okay, we're on day four and I positively can't sleep tonight if I don't find out about Mo's glow-in-the-dark collar! Inquiring minds need to know...

  28. Now that's a doggie bag! Wow! You could go into business. Seriously. I saw something similar on tv once about someone making a major business out of the research they had to do to feed a pet.

    Anyway, I'm making overdue house calls on my favorite blogistas. After doing the 31Days series I'm waaaay behind on visits. I can see you've been busy with amazing Halloween shenanigans and this irresistible little fella.

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  29. Love that you make his food. My dogs would love me if I did that...and I would if they got sick. So far they are healthy. Nowadays for promoting anything in the market, the best way is the advertising medium. We are a leading brand in translation services and a reputed event management company

  30. This is the first time I've seen this story (it popped up as a link within post). It explains why I like you so much - anybody who would take that much time and make that much effort over a pet is my kinda person.

    I'm glad the story had a happy ending and that your cooking didn't kill anyone.

    Happy Easter!


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