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Giant Yardstick

So last week I posted the dining room table redo and the partial dining room chair redo's.

Then before that I didn't feel like working on the table or chairs so I posted a tour of a guest bathroom as a distraction.

That's sort of what is going on today.......... a distraction.  I see a pattern.

So I'mma-gonna post about something else I made to distract me from EVER completing the dining room.

Enter the giant yardstick project.  (Thank goodness the one my mom used to whack my hinder with wasn't this size!)

You've seen them on the internet, but I didn't follow a specific tutorial so no credit is given.  If you made one and posted a picture, thanks - that's where I got the idea.

I start crafts at night, so you'll have to deal with the photo lighting
Making lines is not rocket science for most people, but for me it is.

Because I had to measure on the measure.  Math.  Yuck.

Then after I made my marks and painted the numbers all pretty, I realized that I hadn't painted the whole thing yet, or stained it.  I didn't even know which I would do.

Einstein I'm not.

So I painted it and re-marked the marks. 

And ended up with this......

The measuring stick was such a novelty, a certain 5 year old even marked the height of his playmates on it!

Those two cuties in the pictures are worth all the number calculations my math challenged brain ever had to calculate.

 I did not take these photos, but I'm claiming them anyhow.

My next distraction from completing the dining room might be the impromptu photo tour I did of my son's house.

Wonder what my daughter in law thinks? Wouldn't you love me for a mother in law?  Sneak in and take photos unannounced and then put them on the internet? 

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  1. Your yardstick is wonderful. I have seen lots of them and thought about making one, but I don't have anywhere to put it.

    My childhood home has pocket doors into the kitchen. My parents used one to record my sister and me as we grew. The house is still in the family, but I haven't been there in years. My nephew just became a daddy this morning so he might start recording my new nephew's growth.

  2. I've been wanting to do one of these for the longest time. I'm very impressed. Great job.

  3. Awesomeness!

    I need to create something similar for my parents. My dad always uses the door frames to record the grandkiddos' growth. But, they have moved.... so this is FABULOUS!

    Also... I would LOVE a mother-in-law like you {even somewhat close without all the crafty and DIY perfection would be just fine}. Let's just say.... you have communicated with me more in the last 3 months than my MIL has with me or my hubby in the last year! {gulp!}

    Keep on rockin' that Bliss Style!

  4. Maybe you could make one that measures width, as well.
    That's the only direction I'm growing.

  5. I bought one from a friend that makes them, and hope to be able to use them on future grandchildren. Some of my grandchildren are already taller than the yard stick lol. love the white, most of the ones I have seen and mine are stained. I think I prefer the white. hugs Tobey

  6. When the day comes that my daughter marries your son, and we share some beautiful grandchildren, I will make one of these so I can be as cool as their other grandma.

  7. adorable!!! and the yard stick is pretty cute, too!

  8. That's totally cute. What I really love about these is that if you use them to mark the heights of your kids (or grandkids), you can take it with you if you move, whereas heights marked on doorways gotta stay with the house. Well done, Bliss! Those grands are cuties!!

  9. Such cutie patooties! I love this idea! I think I might need one!

  10. Looks great, good idea.

  11. Looks great. I have wanted to make something like it, but not to measure heights...I want to make a ruler to hang in my studio....someday I'll get to it.

  12. He,he... I thought I was the Queen of Distractions! So cute... Great models too. ;)

  13. That is beautiful Bliss!!! I made a ruler on the wall in my kitchen... needless to say eventually I needed to paint the wall. I took a really long piece of rolled paper and traced the entire thing, names and dates and all onto the paper. Now I have it to save. I wish I had a wooden one like yours, it will be around forever and you can pass it down in the family! Adorable! By the way you may not be a mathematician but you are hysterical!!!

  14. Sweet! oh and the big ruler is nice too.

    Have a great week Bliss!!

  15. I love how that turned out! I thought about buying one of those at one time, but then later changed my mind. They're expensive. I love that you made yours! I think they're a great conversation piece.

  16. My grandmother used a yardstick on us...or at least threatened us with it...I can't remember her ever using it. lol
    Yours is awesome! And yes, I probably would never have visited her is the one in the closet was that big! lol
    Debbie :)

  17. You MEASURE??? You've seen how I hang stuff. Now you're gonna go and get all mathy on me.

  18. Drawing lines is rocket science for me. Glad I'm not the only one. "Einstein, I'm not" hahahaha!! This turned out great, as usual! Will you use it to record the grandkids' heights? I've seen them used that way...or just as a decoration? Either way, it's fab! How are those chairs coming along??

  19. Oh, I have one of these in the works too ... someday. Some very nice Etsy shop owners sent me instructions and vinyl and, yet, I'm still avoiding. I think it's the math thing ....

    :) Linda

    1. I know what you mean Linda! Me too :)

  20. Love the H-E-double hockey sticks out of my crazy measurements on the wall of my much more refined! Cute kids too! daughter is out of town....maybe a picture tour of her house? I can always blame you....

  21. Great pictures and I love that big ruler it is great!


  22. Cute idea! I just use the door trim in the kitchen, who would have thought to do different? Heehee. You as a Mother in law...NOT! :)

  23. I, too, was traumatized as a child by my mother's yardstick, which somehow always seemed to be available, and allotted her another 36 inches of arm length. BUT I found that it was not effective around corners.

  24. You totally crack me up!! It's always a pleasure to visit you here. Love your new yardstick or ruler or whatever you called it. It's fun!

  25. These are new to me. You might get distracted but you have the patience of Job! I'm not sure I could do those lines and numbers all over again...hate math.

    The two cuties are worth it all I'm sure!


  26. Man! I've been wanting to make one of these for a friend and I keep putting it off. They are so cute! I've been wondering if you start it at 6 inches to allow for baseboards and the like - so you would just hang it 6 inches off the ground. I guess I should read again to see if I just overlooked that...I wouldn't want you to think I was just looking at the pictures.

  27. lol sneaking in and taking photos!!

    i like it. i would like to make one when we have kids. i am not a math person either don't worry...and i work in finance! yuck.

  28. Bliss! You are good at distractions AND, it turns out, at math...I know you claim otherwise but I am impressed. I love these giant yardsticks. Those two cuties at the end of the post are ADORABLE. What a great way to mark how much they've grown and changed. I can't wait to see the tour of your son's house!!!

  29. Cute, cute, cute -- I've been thinking about doing one for my classroom and photographing the kids next to it throughout the year.
    xo Heidi

  30. Measurably impressive! Love it! Cute grands too!

  31. I love these Bliss! How cute and what a great job you did!

  32. Great job Bliss, I love it!

  33. Someday ... I will do it :) YOURS looks great! Mark me at the 5'4 1/2 mark :)

  34. I'm mathaphobic so seeing you tackle that measuring a measuring stick leaves me highly impressed. Maybe your daughter in law will be impressed too. Then all will be well when you show us her house! Tell her we begged.

  35. Another mathaphobic at your service here ( unless it comes to measuring paint lol )
    Love the yard stick Bliss -
    NEED to see the chairs finished - c'mon now.............

  36. That's so cool! Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.

  37. Love your distractions. I'm supposed to be framing a chalk board but here I am drinking tea looking at your distractions being distracted :)

  38. So cute! I have to get onto making one of these!
    Krista @thehappyhousie

  39. Love the GIANT yardstick Bliss! I made a few with silhouette vinyl...tried to sell them, and NOT one of them sold... I never did figure out why ?? crazy!

    love yours!

  40. Too perfect, too cute, even though you had to do the lines twice. I could see how kids would love it to mark and measure their height! ~ Amy

  41. I've been pinning those for a while now too!! Love the pics of the little cuties too :)

  42. They are too cute (the kids, although the yard stick is cute too). My kids love to measure themselves, and now they even get measured on a yardstick my dad made before I was born, so they can see how they stack up to their mom:)


    ps- I'm sure your daughter in law is happy to have you. Plus, she doesn't know about the blog yet, right? So she'll never know:)

  43. Goooossshhhhh.... You keep posting fantastic things that I want for myself yet have no energy to do. Add this one to the list....

  44. That's nice. I lined up the kids and then the grandkids up on the dining room door trim and made marks. When we ripped that out a few years ago, I wanted to save it but somehow it was gone. Yours is the best idea!! You can keep and enjoy it! Best wishes, Linda Following on Pinterest and Bloglovin Would love to have you share this at What to do Weekends also. Perfect project for a weekend. Linda

  45. I am so right there with you with the distractions. My poor kitchen will never get finished. Great project ;)

  46. Nice Idee.

    LG Grace

  47. The yardstick project is awesome, but your grandkids are freakin' beautiful. Well done on all three counts.

  48. Anonymous4/12/2013

    One of these is on my project to do list...after the 121 projects ahead of it get finished. A girl can dream right?!


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