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Pine Cabinet Door Gift

A name is a gift.

A last name as well as a first. 

Many of us as married women have a last name we didn't grow up with. 

I like my married name, and I liked my maiden name.  Our youngest son has my maiden name as his middle name.  I wanted it to be passed on somehow.

Our first born, #1 son who leads my gaggle of six offspring in age, celebrated a birthday and I wanted to make something for him.

Last minute of course because I seem to be operating that way lately.

He recently gave himself an office in his home.  He carved out a useful space in what was their nursery.

He made himself a desk...... aged the boards, sized it for his space, and gave it a patina to match a locked cabinet that his dad made for him.  (His dad - my husband - in case there was question who he belonged too!).

The antique dresser in the background is all that remains of the former nursery.  The dresser was converted out of being a changing table and might be coming to reside at my house.

#1 son built some shelves, giving them round bolt head details on the corners.  And without asking him or my daughter in law I took photos.

I tried not to capture the big suitcase in the corner packed with swim suits for the Florida vacation they were leaving on.

I must be every woman's mother-in-law nighmare huh?  Show up with my camera intruding on their life, all so I could show you how the sign I made will fit in with it's surroundings. 

#1 has turned into quite the DIY'er.  Of course he knows where to go for help and questions, his dad can build anything.

This cabinet is made out of all sorts of cast off junk wood laying around in Brawns half of the garage.  My half of course is covered only in treasures from garage sales.

I kindly asked Brawn if he would find me an old cabinet door in his junk.  No problem - he gave me three dirty choices to pick from.

I started painting and layering colors, thinking to myself, "how it ends up it ends up".

My regular readers know I have a lot of sample size pots of just about every brand of chalk or clay paint made, and I mix them all on projects.  The different brands get along quite well in my opinion.

This particular project happened to use all CeCe Caldwells paint and wax.

I mentioned this was last minute.

I started the project 3 hours before I needed to gift it.  A dirty old blow dryer became my BFF to move the already fast drying chalk paint along a little faster.

I used my Silhouette for the letters.

I will be adding some rusty metal, probably in the form of barbed wire, but that part didn't happen before it needed to be gifted or photographed.

A little reminder for #1 son to hang in his office.

The real gift was from his father - the last name, not the sign.

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  1. Okay, Bliss...that last line is perfection. I am using it as an example if I ever write about writing again. Which after tomorrow, I will not.

  2. Bliss, what a beautiful gift!

  3. What a beautiful office space your son has. My MIL came by this morning unannounced. I was still in my pj's. She didn't bring a camera thank goodness!
    I love the gift you made. So thoughtful. I'm guilty of drying stuff in the oven. I would never blog it though.
    I wouldn't want to be the cause of a home explosion ... so yeah, I'm thoughtful that way haha.

  4. LOVE that desk your son made and love the sign you made for him!

  5. Great 3 hour project Missy Blissy! That desk is awesome too! Way to keep the offspring on their toes. Just drop in any time.

  6. Nice gift in a short amount of time! I love it. Happy that Mother in law doesn't do DIY or own a camera - WHEWWWW...Cause my house is always turned upside down seeing that I am always in the middle of the next project :)

  7. The sign will be perfect in his office! He *is* quite the DIYer, and he obviously gets that from both dad AND mom. You're just coming into your confidence a little later ;-) Love those shelves he built!

  8. Your sign turned out great!! He is quite handy -- I am loving those shelves!!! xoxo, Clydia

  9. Love it and wish I had a door stash.

  10. Wow Bliss - there's something of all of you in that office - looks like # 1 inherited the creative genes from both parents what an incredible desk!
    Here's the story of a lovely lady LMHO

  11. Bliss, what a beautiful post about family and what it means. What an unexpected glimpse into your son's life and office :). The sign is fantastic. I never would have guessed you started it 3 hours before you needed to give it. I am sure it will look perfect in the nursery turned office.

  12. What a cool gift,I bet he loves it!! How proud you must be that he has taken on the DIY tradition from his parents. Those shelves, the cabinet and the desk are all quite impressive! ~ Amy

  13. Love it! You really work well under pressure Bliss! Your son certainly comes by his creativity honestly. His office looks great. And thank you for clearing up that whole paternity thing.

  14. People who work fast and don't dawdle just trying to decide really give some of us a bad name. Thanks a lot!

    Seriously, that's a cool room and they should be glad you have shown it off to the world. I believe we are all duly impressed with your son's skills and design sense. A chip off the old block(s). Old being relative of course.

  15. What a fantastic office! Your son is quite talented. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? I love your sign too. Great quote!

  16. Well... what my kids say around here is...
    "if it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done around here!"

    That's how I get all my 'gifts" together too...last minute. There is something to be said about 'the spark' of imagination ...


  17. Love!

    Also love that your son has inherited the design gene!

    In impressed that you began making this a few hours before gifting it... I need to do that. Things sometimes turn out better that way.

    I wish that I had. MIL with amazing design abilities who takes photos! Mine has forced her "collections" on my hubby and used my vintage water can as an ashtray the last time she visited.

  18. Oh, Bliss you silly woman. You know that you are my first Blog crush and I read and have read every one of your posts! Love that you stop by and comment. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
    PS. I wish I had just baby toe amount of your talent!

  19. That sign will look perfect in his office! Love the quote you wrote too.

  20. That is beautiful! What a great office!
    Another great job!

  21. This is such a beautiful gift you gave your son. He has such talent too, I love the desk he made and that cabinet is great.


  22. There you go again, running amuck, into your dil house! Love the legacy you have given your son...not just the name but the talent! Great family...lots of talent.

  23. ~wipes away tear~

    Sweet post, and sweet gift. :)

  24. I wanted to keep my maiden name too! I should have - it's so much nicer than my married name! Then I wanted to name one of my girls my maiden name ... but didn't! Maybe I need to have another child ... hmmm, or get a dog and pass down my name to him!

    Hope you and your BFF hairdryer have fun tonight - dinner and a movie perhaps?

  25. I like it here too! I am bloglovin you!

  26. Beautiful room and furniture! Your sign is lovely and will go great.
    I'm visiting you today from Project Inspired. I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog and leave a comment, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206
    Enter my Blog Birthday Giveaway

  27. Anonymous4/16/2013

    That is wonderful, I would love to make something for our home like that! I like that your son has your maiden name as a middle - great way to pass on more family love! :)

  28. Last-Minute-Betty, I mean Bliss, did fabulous! Love how it works with that amazing furniture he made! The apple does not fall far from the tree! I'd think twice about the barbed wire though... just in case he requires band-aids regularly like his mamma does. :D Great sign!!

  29. I love that rustic, manly-man office!! Those shelves are amazing!! Nice giftie, Mom!! What a great idea!!

  30. Talented family! Bet he loved the sign!

  31. What a lucky son! Super cool gift, Bliss... what does you DIL think about it and you lurking about with your camera? ;-)
    xo Heidi

  32. Your son has done a great job with his office and I love the pieces he built. The sign is perfect for his space.

  33. This is so sweet. What cool cabinet and desk and now a really cool one of a kind made from the heart piece of art work. I don't know anyone around here that does last minute gifts (um moi?) I think you must be a fabulous mother in law. Taking the pictures just shows how much you approve of their decorating style! My oldest has my maiden name. I think that is a very important tradition. Good thing my maiden name was not "Mould" or "Gross" like two kids I knew in grade school that were the unfortunate bearers of these last names.

  34. Wow...look at that office! It must be a family thing...all that creativity and fantabulous projects. Such a sweet sign!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  35. Well, we know it runs in the family! His cabinet is wonderful! With all this talent, that barbershop will be a store before long...I feel it in my bones!!

  36. Great sign. I love that you had to sneak in and take pictures to show where the sign was going. He has some great building skills!

  37. I Love how the room looks and the beautiful sign which you made. Seriously, are you Folks for Hire??!? :-D

    1. Everyone has their price, but then again we'd have to start a project AND finish it if there was pay involved.

  38. GREAT gift!! Love that desk and cupboard too...that office is too cool not to share ;)

  39. Beautiful sentiment. I must get a Sillouhette. It will look great in your son's office.

  40. great sign Bliss and just perfect for you son's office. Love the furniture he has built. I just ordered a Silhouette and will be excited to learn. Hope it is friendly and I can master it quickly.
    Audrey Z @ Timeless Treasures

  41. Wow, I love their office and that amazing desk! Fingers crossed my son has crazy DIY skillz like yours. The sign is beeeeeautiful!

  42. Love this! I knew you had all the tricks to make a grown man cry.

  43. Yeahbuddy. Love this!

  44. Love his gift...I have that quote in my house, too.

  45. Great space and darling new sign. It is the perfect touch. Thanks for sharing at the Cabin:)

  46. Wow! Creativity sure runs in the family, doesn't it! I totally understand last minute gift giving and, in my case, last minute decorating for a holiday. I think we draw on years of creative experience to be able to do this. And I love the story behind the gift. I did the same thing with my last son. I wanted to have some part of my family's history passed on.. not just his fathers.. so his middle name is Chambers. The name of my family who came from England and settled in Ohio. The last name of my aunt who played such a major part in my life while I attended college nearby. Good on you for passing YOUR heritage along!

  47. Miss Bliss, this is one of my all time favorite projects ever!~ Beautiful. Love your new header too btw:) Your so creative!

  48. Come to my house right now! I need you to help me make something "blissranch" like, love your style :)
    Pinning and loving,

  49. Its a beautiful gifts that your son have. I love the office and the new look of the room. Really you did very well.
    gifts Singapore

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  51. all the gifts were very good I liked them all. keep on sharing like this.

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