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Tongue In Cheek Tuesday; Dii would tell me

If you're lucky, you've got one.  The one friend who tells things to 'ya just like it is.

This Tongue in Cheek Tuesday post is dedicated to my one friend who knows about this blog (hi Dii!) and she tells it to me just like it is. 

Dii actually reads my blog and I never even threatened her.  I "hey girl'd" her husband without asking, what a friend I am.  At the end of this week I've reserved a day to hit some garage sales with her.  IF it doesn't snow.  Yes, really.  Snow.  In April.

Dii has a daughter who collects owls.    

I don't know if the one above is the exact owl purse Dii saw, I just remember it was a pricey little bird, the well over $100 green backs kinda pricey.

A lot more than she was going to spend feeding her daughters owl addiction.

So Dii decided she would make one herself.  Guess she is a wise old owl.

Dii's owl purse knock off
I asked for a picture so I could see how it turned out.  She collected some of the bling on it from garage sales.  Her daughter loved the purse and I'd say it's a pretty good knock off for a lot less $$.


Anyway, like I was saying, Dii tells it to me like it is.  I have known her for 34 years, well before babies and husbands.

For April's Tongue in Cheek Tuesday I'm suppose to poke fun at how I look in what I wear around the house.  I'm pretty sure my family would think I went insane if I suddenly asked them to snap pictures of me wearing stuff I usually run and hide from the camera in.  Opps - forgot it's tongue in cheek, so... I mean I usually look like a million bucks in my high fashion hausfrau look.

So back to Dii.

On our last jaunt to Good Will Dii said to me with a bit of a chuckle;
"your profile picture really doesn't look anything like you".

.....I happen to like that sidebar picture!  
Unlike this one taken the same day wearing my who-gives-a-rats-behinder look. A few mothers are now thanking their son's for not marrying this crabby looking woman.
When I make this expression I know exactly what I'm thinking.  Idiot. 
The worst part is, I'm looking in the mirror at myself taking this photo.  Idiot.
And trim your bangs.
So Dii, just for you, some Bliss Paper Dolls so you can pick the look you like, let me know what face really looks like me and that's the one I'll put on my sidebar.

I wear this shirt till it's not white anymore.  Chalk paint and stain splatters add character.  Then I get mad at myself because I wore white to paint and stain.

How I think I look in that sweatshirt.

I probably look more white and hairy like this:  Dii would tell me if I did.

If I'm not wearing white, or black formal attire around the house, I'm in some form of jammies or clothes I pretend are jammies because I sleep in them. 

What's not to love about my pink-ish robe ensemble?  Does this look like me Dii?  I wear this alot to work around the house, maybe I'll wear it to garage sales with you.

When I wear jammies to wax a project this is how I think I look in pink.

And this is how I probably look.

I really thought next time Dii and I got together coats and scarf's would not be necessary but there is a snow storm heading our way tonight.
April 22nd, 2013.... 4 - 8 inches on the way.

(Seriously Bliss trim your bangs.  How come Dii never tells it to me like it is about my bangs?)  Dii please tell me this last one on my way out the door looks like me?  Because unless I trim my bangs before I see you this is what I will look like at the end of the week.

Now it's everyone's turn to link up what you wear while you hang out around the house.  Have some fun, make me laugh.  If you need a great example of tongue in cheek, check out this post from last month's party by MissFlibbertigibbet.  She nailed it, hands down the best tongue in cheek post.  Tongue in cheek isn't really suppose to be true, and I'm not so good at it, I have Pinocchio complex - the fear of my nose growing from telling lies.  But maybe I really do look like that girl in the pink when I wax projects?

Visit the other ladies of Haute Couture at:

Linked up to WhileWearingHeals for the 'this is me' party, because I took every single one of these photos of my head either on the timer or through the mirror.  And I never in a million years thought I would be linking them anywhere!


  1. Bliss you sexy thang, Im totally buying the bliss paper doll. Love it!

  2. Oh my goodness. I loved your take on this. The paper doll Bliss is hilarious.

  3. What!!! It's not supposed to be true!!! Nobody told me that! lol. Loved this post Bliss

  4. If I tilt my head...your bangs look straight. And if I read this post without my glasses you look EXACTLY like that chick in the white sweatshirt....I mean EXACTLY! The paper doll idea is genius! We STILL don't know what you look like in your work clothes! Clever, clever, clever!

  5. The Bliss Paper Doll will be flying off the shelves! Genius and I hope you have a good marketing man! Paper know you are just begging Suzan to post that song on here. Don't encourage her Bliss. I hate my bangs when they're short and I really hate them when they are long...they don't spend enough time in that perfect stage..lasts about a day and a half!

  6. Okay, I'm loving the "I think I look like this, but really look like..." Bahahahaha! Thanks for hosting!


  7. Hilarious! And I wear my clearance walmart 'house coat' to paint in .. I thought everyone did that? In my defense, I am on 7 acres surrounded by an impenetrable jungle of cedar and briar, so no one can see me (except the overhead drones, lol)

    Love the paper doll!


  8. OH, I know my grandkids would love a set of those paper dolls, need an etsy shop.

  9. I so need to get me a house coat just like's the one staple piece missing from my wardrobe. sigh. And so many elastic waist pants...LUCKY! I want to be you.

  10. He he he... love your paper dolls!

  11. Pajama tops that double as paint rags! Gotta love that! Everyone needs a friend like Dii!


  12. Oops,,,not supposed to be true?!! Love uneven bangs, btw :-) Hilarious post and I would love to see/hear what Dii has to say!

  13. LMAO - you have the wax - I have the paint - maybe A.S should use our photos for promos?
    Thank God you can't see my bangs in my photo - they're past my nose right now lol

  14. Oh I always think I look like the hot chick in something until the hubby says, are you going to wear THAT? The paperdoll is great! You gals are so much fun! Thanks for hosting the party!

  15. At our age we deserve to think we look like the chicks in white and pink...that's why we get dementia.
    You cheated. You owe me two dinners and my choice of one of your fab projects.
    I won't settle for anything less. I look Haggard. Yes, capital H.
    I love your 'I don't give a rat's behinder' look. I know it well.

  16. I would love a house coat to paint in! It requires no underwear! Friends should tell friends when not to cut their bangs. (I like that shaggy look.) Thanks for hosting!

  17. I also don't take pics of myself- but I did today ( just my face with two inch black roots! As you know, hard to care anymore when it's still snowing.) but now the paper doll! Call me inspired and.. You are clever and hilarious!

    There's NO way you look like the guy in the bathrobe- that's crazy talk!

    I will link up soon- thanks for making me giggle!

  18. Oh. Em. Gee. This cracks me up so bad!! (And gave me the inspiration to use horrible grammar.)

  19. Bliss Paper Dolls! So much fun!! You did make me laugh!! I can't believe you were due for snow!?

  20. Too, too funny. You are one clever girl! Everyone needs a Dii in their life. Glad you found yours!

  21. You are too funny! If it's not splattered with paint or bleach, I just ain't wearing it!! lol

  22. So funny, I'm still laughing!!! Paper Doll Bliss!!!!! That is the best. You and Dii are so lucky to have each other, especially when you can count on her to tell it like it is ~ Amy

  23. I loved the paper dolls, wish I had of thought of that. Your post was hilarious, as long as we are comfortable and no one but our friends see us, who cares. Although I think a few customers have caught me in my paint clothes lol . love the post. hugs Tobey

  24. LOL!! You are too fun...and clever! Good luck at the garage's getting warmer :)

  25. I laughed so hard after reading this post! You are just so funny. I love the comparison of what you look like with what you think you look like and what you probably really look like! I think it's healthy to poke fun at ourselves sometimes. Great post! I'm off to see some of the others that linked up.

  26. It's not even 7 and I am worn out from laughing. I really am loving the pink outfit, and I agree, you totally look like the lingerie model, at least if you feel that way, who else cares! I just hope you don't feel this way when the UPS man shows up at your house! What I wear around the house is variation on the theme, but I am sharing only my best duds. PS That Owl knockoff purse is so cool!

  27. You look fabulous, my dear. But you really do need to ask Braun to build you a pair of legs ...

    :) Linda

  28. Shared on my FB page. It just gets better and better!

  29. Anonymous4/24/2013

    Haha! I totally wear a robe around half the time! I'm cold...

    And I'm for certain you look like girl in the pink nightie. It what we see in our heads that matters. I look like Nicole Kidman in mine. Yeah, baby!

  30. Damn you bliss! your snow came to visit me today! That robe - it's amazing! But not in a good way. I kind of like the white sweatshirt. I could sure use it in my collection.

  31. You are cracking me up! I actually like the bangs. I bet they move when you blink. And clothes by day that become pajamas by night... sounds like my wardrobe.

  32. OMG we are soul sistas in the PJ department. I too wear pjs ALL.THE.TIME. when I'm home, unless I get forced into wearing more substantial clothing because I want to use my mitre saw in the shop and it's too cold out there for pjs. (and I also adapt other clothing into pjs because I like to sleep in 'em too)

    and truth be told, I probably don't look much like my profile picture anymore either but I'm not going to change it cause I pretend I still look that good! lol so there!!!

    Thanks for the huge laughs - as always!


  33. Hey Bliss; I am LMAO @ You!!!!!! What a Riot. I think that you look Beautiful and your Bangs are just Perfect!!! No need to have em straight, or even. I think that they look better the way you have em.
    I have been seen in clothing similar to yours when I have been working. OMG, the looks I get!!! LOL!!!
    I LOVE the Owl Bag that your Friend made!!! I wish that I could get one of those!

    1. I think the long uneven bangs is a residual scar from when my mom took tape and chopped the bangs off to expose my forehead. I need therapy due to that.

  34. Lol -- the paper dolls are the bomb!! Since I teach, I have to actually get dressed every day, but usually switch to my Nike running shorts and t-shirts when I get home. Curious to know what Dii says... :)
    xo Heidi

  35. Let's see...I don't have a post about it but right now I am wearing yoga pants and a hoodie. Perfect blogging clothes! :)

  36. I can be found in flannel pajamas and my robe any time after five pm when there is snow on the ground. Like now.

  37. I can't stop laughing. Thank you for the free therapy! lol. I refuse to change my profile pic to a FASHION PHOTO SHOOT! That's just not me! You have to be true to yourself! And you have to be able to laugh at yourself ;o)

  38. PLEASE tell me when you're ready to market and sell those Bliss Paper Dolls. I think you have a retail empire on your hands!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  39. I think we shop at the same clothing store. Slobs R Us.


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