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Vintage Car Patina

My family loves vintage cars.  Of course vintage cars to my boys seems a lot newer to me than what I think of as old cars.   Old cars to me.... are reeeeeallllllllly old cars to them.

Last summer I posted my ideas of how to decorate with the oldies but goodies;
Hot Cars in the Summertime.

This summers post is all about the patina.  How the weathered boys of summer really look.  The ones that have been around the block a time or two.... and it shows.

I savor everything about old cars.....
the chrome details,
the colored leather seats,
the buttons on the radios. 

I enjoy the way some of these vintage vehicles transport my mind to another time.

Like growing up in Southern California, which meant cruising Van Nuys Boulevard - the real-life American Graffiti.

And the patina.

This post is dedicated to the patina on these bad boys of days gone by, and embracing the rust and wear on a well loved body.   (Sort of like a handsome boy I know - circa 1955).

No photo-chop-ing, no photo special effects.

No reason to digitally alter any of these beauties, it's the age, the raw natural wear and tear on them, that makes them appealing. 

Tough old rusty guys

Patina that is classy and flawed

With worn areas that still shine.

Brawn has yet to put his woodworking skills to use on restoring a car.

But something tells me he'd like too.

The real bad boys of summer

The kind who put an antique trunk in the back of a Chevrolet pick up truck and throw down a few beers.... a few A&W Rootbeers.  In a frosty mug of course.

My kind of boys, my very own bad boys of summer.


  1. My dad is an old car nut. Mostly Model Ts tho! He has had more old cars than anyone I've ever known. What a cool hobby...


  2. Oh we love going to the car shows...
    you see some of the most unique cars there.
    I don't think I post pictures of our last car show...but they are cool.
    I love the trucks...
    I'm partial right now to RAT-RODS!
    They incorporate some next-level-repurposing ideas for sure on those things. :)

    That panel wagon looks good. :) ~Corn

  3. Fabulous! I love vintage cars and trucks. I haven't been to a car show in forever either - thanks for the memories!

  4. They sure don't make them like they use to!

  5. What a fun post! I love the way you see things through your lens Bliss. I swear that one pic looks just like a face! Have you ever tried to re-create some of those patinas on something? Might be kind of fun!

  6. I love looking at old cars and trucks! These are great shots! You should frame some for your shop!!

  7. Just met a guy this weekend that works on old hot rods. What a fun profession!

  8. Fabulous! I love old cars and especially old trucks! I dream of owning one some day! Love your photos! You really captured some wonderful aspects of these old beauties! Hugs, Leena

  9. I love that you shared some beautiful old cars that aren't the fancy shiny almost new versions.

  10. Love seeing the realistic version of vintage old cars. My husband loves old cars. He always says if I could afford a third car I would make it beautiful but he would drive it no matter what.


  11. What a fun post, Bliss ~ I always look at old cars and their patina and want to know their story... where they've been, if they could talk what would they say, who's driven them...
    xo Heidi

  12. There is a car show on every year here in the middle of town, and although there are loads of vintage cars, they're all shiny and in perfect condition.
    I much prefer these cars with their wonderful patina, and all their original parts !
    Which reminds me, does Brawn read your blog coz I love the nod to your man !

  13. So cute. I would love an antique, super rusty and old pick up. Of course, the engine should be brand spankin new. Plus the stereo. You can't have it all.

  14. Love these Bliss - I'd love a beat up rusted ahem patina pick up truck - but only if I move to the country - wouldn't fit this neighbourhood at all lol - I'd be reported I'm sure!!!!!!!!!

  15. Those cars are interesting to look at since they are way before my time!

  16. I'm going to show my dad your pictures. He'll probably be able to name the make, model and year of every image! Hey! We may even have cruised Van Nuys Blvd. together!

    1. If it was in the age of tube tops cut off's we just might have!

  17. A girl after my own heart, who loves to talk about boys!!! Pictures of boys, even that much better. Those cars have so much character. I know how guys like to restore them, but they're just as amazing left as they are. Love your pics!!

  18. What great pictures! Definitely need to encourage Brawn to pursue a new hobby...AFTER he's finished with your to-do list of course!

  19. Great pictures!! My hubby still has and 67 GTO that he bought when he was in high school. He was working on re-finishing it...he isn't as into rust and I am...but never seemed to have time. He finally gave in and hired someone to do it. We should get it back this fall...maybe I'll start seeing you at car shows too?? ;)

  20. My sweet grandpa was a car collector and fixer-upper. The two I remember most vividly were a 29 Model A and a 36 Chevy. He would affix a little wreath to the front of them at Christmas time and enter them in the local Christmas parade. Aaahhhhhh, memories.

  21. How cool is that!~ My Dad had a car like that many moons ago. He was in the car business and always came home with something different. These are fun cars to see!

  22. Awesome! Andy would love to restore an old car like this... but leave the patina. ;)

  23. Tell Brawn to get working on that old woody wagon....I want to be squired around in that cool ride when I visit your queendom.

  24. Awesome! I secretly picture myself in a refinished, very old, beige glossy pickup truck with robin's egg blue seats and Homeroad written on the side with my vinyl cutter.....

  25. Wow! I just adore patina on an old rig! Love all those old trucks and I have even ridden in some of those super old ones, back in the day!

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  27. I remember cruising Van Nuys Blvd! And Mooney Blvd (Visailia) But the cars were a little newer ;) I love the old cars tho and Mr Man and I have been known to check out a car show now and then. Happy Fall ...

  28. Those models are fabulous! I have to say, vintage cars never go out of style. But I think they could look more wonderful if they were painted and restored back to their former glory. That way, you could enjoy driving it as it was back in the days. Cheers!

    Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru


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