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Junk in the Shed

At this time of year there is a lot of outdoor chores to do before the snow flies.  And when we decide to have a Halloween party, well that ups the chore ante.

Brawn had me wander with him back to the out-of-sight out-of-mind shed at the edge of our woods to "discuss" the upcoming party and the "junk".

Previously the shed was used to store the boat, lake stuff, lawn furniture, a camper, and the sawmill boards Brawn has on hand for building new things.

2 years ago it was his shed.......

Before I started hauling home every free item I saw.

A bucket at the end of a driveway marked "free", full of dusty bottles and greasy insulators.  I think there were about 8 of each.
It was before people started telling me about free stuff they found.....

Like a roll top desk my son spotted by a dumpster at a business.  First he told me about it, then went and looked.  After he checked it out he called and said he didn't think I'd want it. 

Some stuff is from garage sales like this old headboard.  Five bucks........

I have a buggy seat?  Hey I forgot about it since it went to live in the shed when we cleaned the garage.

A friend brought over the copper tub a couple years ago saying she thought I could do something with it.

Old cabinet doors Brawn hauled home for me before my addiction became serious.

Half a door and an old table top.  

Sewing machine base I was gonna do something with.  The same friend that gave me the copper thing brought two chairs and left this for me too.  

One window or 20..... 

Below the Electric Chair, are two dressers waiting for a redo.

What?  You don't have an electric chair? 

I stuffed a jailbird body and people stuck their head through the black fabric and we took pictures of them at night.

The head model is one of my sons. The one that hates all the old junk around.  I think some of those old belts are now on his little brothers Rock & Roll Dresser as handles.

Not all the junk is IN the shed.

We have piles outside too.

Don't ever tell my husband you want some old wood, because he will get your some.  And don't ever walk on this pile or you'll end up with a rusty nail in your foot.  Then we'd have to cut your foot off and use it as a Halloween prop.

Speaking of rust, there is rusty stuff besides nails around too.

If you came to our house you would never know all this junk is lurking. THANK GOODNESS!!!!  Keeping it out of sight helps our property not look like the Beverly Hillbillies moved out and left us their stuff, and it keeps my addiction on the low down from friends.

Really the back shed is a treasure trove of junk waiting for its moment.  But the moment will have to wait till after October.  For now junk will get hauled out so the shed can be transformed into something with a Halloween atmospfear.  I'll be flying in on a broomstick.

(Hi Dii, hope you are up and around soon.  I need more junk!)


  1. I really like the look of that old copper.

  2. The copper tub and desk are treasures, love them, good luck with the clean up

  3. It really is a treasure trove!! Your Halloween parties look amazing. I wish I lived closer, I'd be begging for an invite! The electric chair is awesome!

  4. We all have a pile or shed of shame. We do too and can't figure out what we were intending to do with some of it. You have some beautiful stuff tho, that desk is to die for. Have a great week and blessings to you!

  5. Wow, I love your shed and would happily come play in it anytime :)

  6. Now if I could shop your shed and Kirby's attic, then I'd have a building filled with cool junk too! Terribly envious of your buggy seat and I love that electric chair!

  7. I like the "it's in the shed" game. I wonder what you can't find in there...

  8. I so jealous that you HAVE a shed! Not to mention being green with envy over all the treasures you have stashed in it...

  9. Bliss, if it makes you feel any better, my basement is just like this. So many delightful treasures just waiting to be tended to! It's a little overwhelming to go down there sometimes though - "Ahhh! Too many cool things! Run away!"

  10. An electric chair!?!? Now I've seen it I'm sure it will come in real handy for your fear party. And you have to make a video of you flying in on your broomstick!
    At least your junk is hidden away, my husband leaves his everywhere on the property including trailers, an old hot tub, boats, a pile destined for the metal dump, old wood...yup, we look like rednecks when you get past the games room building.
    But look at all your treasures! You will have so much fun using them in projects after the 31st.
    Debbie :)

  11. I want to go to your Halloween Parties!

    And... I'm really grateful I don't have a shed like that available to me.
    I would stuff it with fabulous junk, too!

  12. Oh YOU have a shed???? Great! We have some stuff that needs to be stored. Can we bring it over? Looks like just the place for it. Hee Hee. I must say, I had to re-read the electric chair part. I don't think I've ever known anyone to have one. I'm assuming y'all made it. Otherwise, you really are a strange family! That certainly makes a great Halloween prop.

  13. I am dying right now, seriously hilarious!! I need my husband to read he can realize I am NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!! Our back porch, shed, and behind the shed, storage room, crawl space, garage, is bad! Good luck with the halloween party, I love the electric chair!

  14. Thanks for the tour thru all your treasures...I can't wait for the party pictures! You have some great stuff in The Shed.

  15. We have an old semi trailer parked at my in-law's place full of stuff exactly like this - minus the electric chair. But I can't get rid of it because I just know that some day I will NEED something in there!

  16. Bliss you have some great stuff in that shed. Loving the windows and that copper bucket.


  17. I love those dressers!! And damn're gonna need a bigger shed!!!

  18. I covet the stuff in your shed. I probably covet you shed too. . . .

  19. I'd happily take those dressers, the copper tub and sewing machine table off your hands !
    I think you should get Brawn to build another shed out of all the wood, windows and doors - then you can fill it with more stuff, because you have great taste in junk.
    Presumably the electric chair will stay in the shed for Halloween !

  20. Maybe Kirby's husband can come over and haul off some of that junk. I hear he's in the market for wood. And Kirby needs more furniture from dead people too ...


  21. At least you have a place to store all that stuff.

  22. so green with envy! LOve the tub, and the headboard... the doors... heck, all of it! Mostly I love that we're neck and neck on our junk.... I'm not the worst... but I'm right there close!
    The photo prop of the electric chair is brilliant... just sticking their head through? so fun!

  23. How funny! My woodaholic would love to come and take a look at Brawn's wood. That electric chair is BRILLIANT. I love that it's a party prop you can take pictures with. So cool. You certainly do have a lot of least it's not in your trunk :)

  24. What awesome treasure you have, in the shed! Plenty of future Bliss projects, and that electric chair is priceless. I hope we get a peek at the soon to be Halloween Party Shed :)

  25. Now, I don't feel too bad about all my junk ... we just added a 16'x22' storage room and out of space already. You have some great treasures ... I would not call it junk.
    Have fun.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  26. I think you need a couple of assistants to help you transform all your treasures. Love the electric chair!

  27. With all that junk, you are about to become a dealer lol! You all sure know how to have fun...LOVE that electric chair idea...

  28. I have a customer looking for a roll top desk - I need that !!!
    And that electric chair is AMAZING - what an incredible idea for halloween - NEVER saw that in my life:)

  29. LOL...I am coming the "The shed"!

  30. Your shed totally matches my side yard and is a close cousin of my garage. They should meet and have a party.

  31. Can I PLEASE go shopping in your shed? I'm convinced you're hoarding all the furniture I can't find at yard sales.

  32. Oh how I would love to shop your shed! So many things I could make with the things in your shed.

  33. I wish I had a shed!!



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