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DIY Halloween Costume Ribbons

Last night I had an ah ha moment, that was more like an "Aaaahhhhh" moment with a touch of fear in its tone.

Cupcake Liner Halloween Award Ribbons

Halloween party today, no costume prizes or trophy's.  Bad hostess.

It's not that we haven't had trophy's or prizes at past parties.  I made trophy's one year that I thought were pretty cool.

And I still have them ... the Golden Ghost awards .....  no one wanted to carry them around, so they were forgotten when it was time to leave.

Garage Sale Gold Ghost Costume Trophy

I thought they were pretty clever.  Ghosts I found at garage sales, spray painted gold, and then they each had a glow stick in side.  The first place one is around here somewhere too, found these two in the garage.

I think I also have some prizes I made.  Vintage metal trays turned magnet boards.
*Note to self; must find those....

We also had a pumpkin carving contest.  Yeah, I still have those trophy's too, the Glowing Gourd Award.

Garage Sale Pumpkin Carving Trophy
Various little pumpkin heads from garage sales all spray painted silver.  Look, these even still have the old glow sticks inside.  Bliss are you lazy?  This party was in 2010.

I recalled seeing some cupcake liner award ribbons but I could not find the exact ones as I remembered them.  So if it was YOU, thanks, you gave me the idea I just didn't pin it and don't remember where I saw it.

Enter Google.  Google sent me to Little Miss Maggie for a peek at some patriotic ribbons she made.  I know they are nothing like Halloween, I just needed to see how some were put together.

This was last minute, I had to use what I had on hand.

Supplies:  Three each of two sizes of cupcake liners, curling ribbon, one sheet of black sparkly card stock, an orange Swatch bag, encyclopedia pages, tape, jagged edge scissors and the stapler.

While I was busy assembling prize ribbons, this is what was going on to the right of me.....

6 pumpkins were doomed to having their brains pulled out.

The family has a carving system that involves laying out a big piece of plastic and group gutting their pumpkins.  Those are one of my son's boxers showing but I'll have you know he wears his pants all the way up!  No pants on the ground for him, but it sort of looks like someone gave him a wedgie.

I printed out the awards on old encyclopedia pages.  1st, 2nd, 3rd, funny, scary, best couple and for honorable mentions three "Great Costume".

At our party I guess it's all about the glory, not the prize or the trophy.  Every man's dream must be strutting around in a large crowd sporting a cupcake liner award ribbon that tells everyone else the hosts picked your costume, yeah.

Cupcake Liner Halloween Award Ribbons

The ribbons and cut up orange bag are all either glued together, stapled, and there is even some electrical tape.

(You know, just to get rid of the Golden Ghost awards, I should clean them up and force them on people).

9 award ribbons, one hours time. Cost close to FREE.

Cupcake Liner Halloween Award Ribbons

No one at our house owns a Swatch, nor do we have any idea where that orange bag came from.

She called it half human, half pumpkin.

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  1. What? No one took those awesome awards home and displayed them on their mantle?? I sure would have! Very clever! The ribbons are cute too..but I love the trophies. Probably says something about me, but I'm not gonna dwell on it! Awesome pumpkin carving! Have a blast!

  2. Wow Bliss ... you are really clever ... Love all the awards you have made.
    Looks like this party will be a lot of fun.
    Just posted my DIY concrete pumpkin and gave you a shout-out. Hope you have time after the party to take a look.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. LOVIN' that pumpkin and the awards. I'm thinkin' you had all those cute chillun's so that your work force was built in for these bi-annual Halloween festivals. Brilliant. I think it's too late for me. Dang. I'm making a pilgrimage to your next party, invite or no and I don't care what the trophy or ribbon is. I'll even be the clown on the gallery wall!! :) Have fun tonight!!

  4. What?! People aren't in it for the trophies/prizes?! Andy won a best costume contest once at a party, and he won a random unrelated trophy the hosts had picked up at salvation army. That was YEARS ago and I still can't get him to let me throw it away!

  5. Those awards are so cute! I love that they were made from cupcake liners! That makes them even better. I love how the teeth were carved in the pumpkin in the last pic. Very cool!

  6. This has got to be the party of the century going on over there.. How come I don't have any over the top creative friends that aren't in driving distance of my house? You are so awesome over there Bliss family!
    Have a great time at the party!

  7. The Golden Ghost is genius!!! I'm totally into. But your ribbons are pretty cute too!

  8. the wedgie shot! And I love that you printed the ribbons on encyclopedia paper...genius!!!


  9. Hopefully the lightweight cupcake liner ribbons will make their way home with guests this time around. And that pumpkin carving seems like some serious business!

    I'm thinking your party was last night? I'm thinking it was amazing!!!

    :) Linda

  10. I love all of your awards! The cupcake liners are a great idea! Hope you slept in today and had a great time last night!

  11. I would have worn my award proudly and carried my Golden Ghost around all night! Clever ideas for prizes, Bliss...very clever!

  12. Yet more Halloween coolness! Terms like: one hour, items you already have, FREE... who couldn't be sold on that? Of course they just cute, too! You might need to make a trophy display case by next year because each award style is too cute to forget!! Love 'em and pinned ~ Amy

  13. Love them! You certainly are a girl that works well under pressure.

  14. I'd sweep that contest - I'd need all those ribbons - one for me and one for each of my babies!

  15. LOL...I love the golden ghost awards! FUN party, can't wait to see the costumes. Make sure these peeps let you take some pics of them.

  16. Your Aaaahhh moment was genius. You are so clever, girl!!! Love that pumpkin. I can't wait to see the pictures!!!


  17. I hope you survived the bash and didn't carve up any of your guests with your bloody carving knife!

  18. You are the party queen!! Love all those great creations!

  19. Omg, Halloween parties are serious stuff in your neck of the woods aren't they !
    I'm impressed !!!

  20. Well, of course, I should have read this first re: the prizes, ribbons, trophies. Sorry! You guys really have a blast with Halloween ~ makes me happy. :)


  21. What a fun party! I loved those ghost trophies, as well as the ribbons.
    Thanks for linking up to Project Inspire{d}!


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