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Fall Ya'll Junkers Unite - Vignette, Pin Board and Link Up

Fall at Bliss Ranch

Introducing the Junkers United Fall pin board that is plum full of Autumn ideas.

 If you're stopping in at the Ranch for the first time, I'm Bliss, and pretty darn happy about being part of the Junkers United team.

A few weeks ago this group of talented bloggers who share the same appreciation of junk, each created a new project to kick off our Junkers United Pinterest board and link party (I made a barn board coffee table) and this month we each have a little something to celebrate the Junkers Fall Pinterest board.

And for me.... I really mean that little something part!  I have a small area between two rooms and the stairway that is perfect for putting out a little seasonal decorating.

Wood Candy Corn Craft
Click to see the oversize wood candy corn
Last Fall I picked up two big heavy metal toolboxes for free at a garage sale.  The man that forced them on me was wearing a t-shirt with a photo of a Dachshund dog and it said "ask me about my wiener".  He wanted to chat, I wanted to grab the toolboxes and run.

This metal tote is from the inside of one of the toolboxes.  The outside of the box was rusty, but this galvanized part was perfect.

Galvanized Tool Tote

Last Fall I used it on my dresser with gourds, apples and leaves.

This hall-ish area is right outside our bedroom and it hosts a memory wall.  I walk by it several times a day and each time I glance at a photo I remember something different from when my kids were small.

Gallery Wall

We have owned the vintage oak wash stand for 32 years.  It was one of the first pieces of furniture we purchased, along with an old round claw foot dining room table.

They both came from a man who loved antiques.  Neither he nor the claw foot table are with us anymore.  

Photo Wall

This wash stand has stayed in this spot because nothing else fits.  It's a high ceiling, but something big and bulky just doesn't work there.  Two rooms open to this hall and the stairway is to the right.

Another view of the small hall area.
Yes the vacuum is on.  What can I say he loves to clean, and I love the help.

At Junk Bonanza I picked up one of these big corrugated tin letters and tied it to the antique mirror with a piece of creamy white burlap.

Galvanized Letter

And if you've been visiting Bliss Ranch for a while, at the very bottom of the blog you have seen this saying.  It proudly watches over the family photos and in a nutshell sums up my thoughts about life.

Wall Words Saying

The leaves are falling rapidly here, so I invite you to go get the leaves knocked off your tree at our Junkers United Fall Pinterest Board.  So many fun ideas for reusing and repurposing items that you will want to duplicate them all!

Meet the Pinning Team.
If you are not familiar with these ladies,
march your fingers right on over to their blogs after you link up.
Stop in at each of these blogs to see what these ladies have created for Fall.  
Each of them provide me with inspiration, it's crazy how their minds work.  Crazy good!
And now..... we all want to see what YOU create for Fall too 
So link up your junk!
Link your own favorite FALL junk projects and 
we'll pin our favs into the Junker's United pin board!

Inlinkz - it is live now until next June 2014.


  1. I seriously love that photo wall, those metal totes and the rustic oversized candy corn!

  2. You had me at toolbox but all the rest of your amazingness is pure icing on the cake! That gallery wall is outstanding! Lovely area.. you junk well, MIss Bliss!

  3. You have so many cool things! Love your vignette, and your little helper is a doll.

  4. It's all gorgeous - but that corrugated metal "R" just stole my heart. Such great style!

  5. The metal tote is awesome and I WILL be copying those candy corns :)!

  6. Love everything....but especially that tin letter! Thanks for the inspiration rock star!

    :) karianne

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Your gallery wall of family photos is wonderful! Pretty cute helper you've got. :)

  9. You've made an area that could seem so 'typical' into something truly unique and interesting. Love the washstand and it's history for your family and the memory wall is wonderful!

  10. That area may be small, but it really packs a punch! I love it all! That corrugated letter and those tool box trays are wonderful...and I want that mirror!

  11. Love it! (Which sounds lame, but all I have is lameness right now.)

  12. I've always loved those candy corn... and that cutie that vacuums? Could you loan him out?
    xo Heidi

  13. Looks great Bliss!! LOVE that quote too! Will you send your little helper to my house when he's done...mine aren't as "cheerful" about helping these days :)

  14. I hate when guys at yard sales force me to chat about their wieners! But great score!! And I love your little vacumn helper - send him my way please!

    Do I love junk - does a Dachshund *^%$ in safely cordoned off patch of grass in his backyard?!

  15. I loved seeing a bit more of your home!! The board is great! I've already checked it out! Now to browse through some of these links! have the cutest housekeeper ever!

  16. I love your wall...that's a happy place shiny with love and what you value most.
    Congrats on your new post in the Junkers group! This is a fun and really creative link up.

  17. Look at all those cuties on your wall -- and your own little butler. Love the galvanized tray too but I'm going to look for one without the wiener chatter, if possible. Great links... no, that's sausage. ;)

  18. Oh Bliss, you got me a little sappy with this post. I love the pictures on the wall and the fact that you look at them everyday. It is so nice that you cherish your family so much, I just love that!!! Your little helper is adorable.


  19. I love your memory wall and the Quote, it is one of my faves!! I really should have it in my home to remind me daily what is most important! The candy corns are adorable too! Thanks for the party Bliss!!

  20. I love the metal tote and the R with the wood and lamps and frames, what a lovely and personal vignette.

  21. Weenie Roasts are quite popular in the Fall. Maybe he was in the roasting contest?? :P Love your candy corns, your gallery wall, and what a cute little cleaner upper! Off to pin.

  22. That is a wonderful quote and truly words to live by.


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