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Junkers Unite! Barnwood Table, Pinboard & Link Party

Allow me to introduce you to some Funky Junk people, some Funky Junk pin boards and my junky barn wood coffee table......

Barn Door Wood Table,

If you're stopping in at the Ranch for the first time, I'm Bliss, the brains of this here blog and I rope my husband into doing all the heavy lifting for me, he's the Brawn.
I've been digging through salvage piles and rounding up castoff junk since before it was in style to do that.  I like painting words on something that someone else thought had outlived it's usefulness and I get a kick out of giving it a purpose and some style. I have always liked having unique finds in my home that no one else has.  The only thing I like cookie cutter, are vintage cookie cutters!

A small group of talented bloggers who share the same appreciation of junk, have each created a new project to kick off our Junkers United Pinterest board and link party.

You're getting some reused barn wood from me.....

I'm so sorry, Uncle Albert, but I had to make a table from your doors.

old barn wood doors;
Sliding barn doors from a 100 year old barn
Look at these beauties, they're just Chipping With Charm.
Most people I know would look at these old barn doors and see kindling to warm their toes with.  I saw a table top.  I couldn't burn something that had survived over 100 years hanging on Alberts barn.  The barn used to be down the old Homeroad that runs along the lake where we live.

I was lucky to have these doors.  I saved them just in the Knick of Time.  The barn and original homestead of the man we purchased our land from, Albert, was used as part of a controlled burn for the fire department.   It was a huge blaze.  The buildings were just Beyond the Picket Fence in our pasture.

All my treasures from Alberts barn like these doors were back by our shed for the past 10 years in a state of Organized Clutter and I had forgotten about them.  Believe it or not it is very possible to have a stack of barn doors and not realize you do.  Just ask Breida.  That's Breida With A B. -  she has a stash she forgot she had too.

I tried to keep everything in tact on the doors, like the old rusty hardware pull, that surely Albert used every day when he exited the barn after milking cows.

I did take sand paper to all the aged bits of stuff on the inside of the door, which was going to become part of the outside of the table.
Barn Door Hardware:

I plan to use the old sliding door hardware for something.  Any ideas for those Breida?

Antique Barn Doors Turned Coffee Table:

It was a simple build, easy to put together.  Braces in the corner using some old wood, cut the sides to the desired height, nail it together.  The top floats on the base and I can use either side of it as the table top.

Antique Barn Doors Turned Coffee Table:

How come old wood seems so much heavier than new boards of the same dimensions? 

The paint has weathered and grayed over the years in some spots, but remove a hinge and the original patina is revealed.

I couldn't decide which I liked best; the weathered gray, the browned inside wood, or the apple red of the exterior.

So I picked some apples from our tree and pondered it all.

100 year old Barn Doors Turned Coffee Table:

The beauty of Funky Junk that has been repurposed, is certainly in the eye of the beholder.  Or the eye of the apple eater as the case may be.

Now like I told 'ya, a small group of very creative bloggers have each created a new project to kick off our Pinterest Junk Board and we're having a link party to boot!

I'm talking a pin board that is full, LOADED, jam packed, STUFFED with repurposed projects that our group has been pinning.  Need inspiration?  Now you have a place to go for it where we pin the best junk around.

Meet the Pinning Team.  If you are not familiar with these ladies,
march your fingers right on over to their blogs after you link up.
Junkers United,
Stop in at each of these blogs to see what these ladies have created.  
Each of them provide me with inspiration, it's crazy how their minds work.  Crazy good!
Angie / Knick of Time

And the Leader of the Pack....

And now..... we all want to see what YOU create with YOUR junk too, 
So link up your junk!
Link your own favorite junk projects and we'll pin our favs into the Junker's United pin board!

Linking up the old barn door table at:
Knick of Time Tuesday


  1. What a gorgeous table!! I love the red color and the weathered look! It's perfect!! Very clever post, my dear!!

  2. I think I love the red the best - since it's original. I need an uncle with a barn.... Thanks for the party. Looks like a great group!

  3. Bliss, I love your table, but I think I love the original just as much. I would have used those doors as a room divider or screen. They're just too cool.....especially the red!

  4. love it! i love using junk to create things! it's perfect!

  5. This is a project right up my alley--love it so much!

  6. Love....great project. Thanks for the linky too!

  7. Ohhhh my, yeah, that table could very well be BLISS in my own home! Witty post. :) And cooler junk!

  8. The coffee table is cool; your prose is hilarious. It reminds me of those candy-bar cards where the names of the candy are part of the message ;-)

  9. I love that coffee table, my friend! So super cool. Though I fear it may get run over ...

    :) Linda

  10. LOVE your coffee table!! Thanks for a fabulous party!! Love me some junk...

  11. I love your table...and the story about Albert....and the fact that you (and Breida) could possibly have a stack of doors that you forgot about...My stacks of stuff still involve cardboard...specifically, boxes....holding my "good stuff"...mainly in the garage, and basement, and a couple of storage lockers. xo

  12. Another great creation by Bliss and Brawn. Love it any which way and especially the hardware.
    Trying to think of something truly funky that I've made but can't think of anything that awesome !

  13. My husband has declared that I'm no longer allowed to bring any more rusty old junk into our house unless I get some of the OLD rusty old junk out. I would love to unite with you guys! Linking up!

  14. Love the coffee table Bliss!! It is awesome, and you are too clever to incorporate all the other blog names into your writing, love it! Thanks for the link party!

  15. Bliss I love your table, and the way you incorporated all of our names in your post was genius! Thanks!

  16. Great table and I just love that it holds a story.

  17. Gorgeous table!! Linked up my headboard/bench thingy!

  18. You are so clever Miss post and super duper cool table!! "Chipping with Charm" for sure :)

  19. LOVE your table Bliss !!!
    I've been so crazy busy I didn't even know about this party - linked up an old project
    Hope that's ok!
    Miss everyone

  20. Wow! I just came from Carlene's where she featured her junk gallery wall, and now you've created that fabulous table out of old doors! I'd love to have a table like that in our family room. Great transformation!

  21. Love your table. I've been looking for sliding barn doors for a long time. Lucky girl! Bliss this was such a cleverly written post. Nice job and thanks for the fun party!

  22. This just may be the coolest thing I've ever seen. Next to your Halloween party invitation, that is.


  23. After pondering those apples, how could you not keep the red? Great choice from this red barn lover. Your table is superb. I just linked up, too and I'm off to pin, pin and pin some more. Thank you for the party ~ Amy

  24. Well, you know I've always had a thing for Albert and I think he'd be so pleased that you saved the doors and are using them now for a table! It was all about saving and using everything back then. He just never would have dreamed that his doors could look so good! Or that you were so clever with words. :)

  25. What an awesome party! This is right up my alley:) Love your barn wood door table!


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