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Favorite Mug Desserts at Bliss Ranch

It's January and while everyone is busy getting organized, eating healthy and shedding pounds, I'm snuggled in for a long winters nap with a goal of my own.

Chocolate Fudge S'mores Mug Cake from How Sweet It Is

That goal is not a New Years resolution, because duh, every year I resolve to lose a few pounds.  No this is more of a quest.  The quest started some time last year when I discovered No. 2 Pencils Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup, and then I dug deeper into Miss Pencils archives and found she had compiled a whole post of recipes in a mug. 

30 to be exact, and it was my duty to try as many of the 30 as I could and report on my favorites right?  She went to all that trouble to make a tasty list of mug desserts and I wanted her efforts to be recognized, or was it I wanted my taste buds satisfied?

I already trusted Melissa, her chocolate chip cookie comes out yummy every time, so I felt confident I could eat my way through the mug desserts on her blog.

I'm not saying I ate one of these every night - although my jeans tell me it seems like it - and probably not once a week either, but after I read the post "30 Mug Recipes"  I realized unless I picked up the pace, my quest might take several years.

Random Dessert I made that I didn't write down so can never make again
If you have been following Bliss Ranch a while you know one of the things I don't enjoy is blogging about anything food related other than eating it.  So I won't be reinventing the wheel and taking pictures of my desserts in my own mug, you will need to click through to the original recipe.

These are not just pretty pictures of stuff I found, I actually made these mug recipes, you know, like a taste test.  If you do try any of these, tell them Bliss sent you.

And now, stamped with the Bliss Ranch seal of lip smacking goodness, 
my favorite desserts in a mug:

First up, No. 2 Pencils chocolate chip cookie.  I even made it one night for 4 people while we were playing cards.  Now if you make more than one of them, it's not a quick process, but my guests loved the novelty of it.  Topped with ice cream of course!
No. 2 Pencils Chocolate Chip Cookie in a mug

Just last night I made Coffee Cake in a mug from Prudent Baby.  It was yummy, the cinnamon topping was just like a streusel coffee cake.  I loved it and will be making it again.

Photo from Prudent Baby, Coffee Cake in a mug

Peanut butter cooked into things isn't at the top of my fav's list, but I do have a daughter obsessed with it, so I regularly try new peanut butter desserts in search of one to please us both.  If the peanut butter includes chocolate, it's a winner in my book, and add a cream cheese fluffy topping, and well, 'ya it's good!

Peanut Butter Cake in a mug by Yammie's Noshery

Another dessert in a mug we I had often last Fall was Pumpkin Cake in a mug that my friend Heather from Our Life in a Click included on her blog.

Ok, fine, I confess I added more whipped cream to mine....come on Heather that pumpkin cake below needs a bigger dollop!

Pumpkin Cake

I saved my favorite dessert in a mug for last, from Cooking Classy..........

I tried this one on a whim as I had a banana that needed to be used.  So one afternoon when Brawn came home from work I doubled the recipe and made us each one.  It is rich and banana-y and made such a large mug cake neither of us could eat the whole thing.  The cream cheese frosting on it with the cake, yummmmmm, made it like a special dessert.

I picked up some bananas just to make this mug dessert next week, when everyone is gone to work or school and I can hoard it all to myself.  Oink.

 Taking the mug's to:
Thrifty Life Thursday @RevisionaryLife


  1. Hmmm.....are you my new BFF or my sworn enemy for sharing all this goodness? Okay, BFF it is -- these sound amazing! I have made a few of the mug desserts, but none of the ones you mentioned. Let's see, what will be on the menu today?

  2. Yummy.... all look great.. If I started making those my jeans would not even begin to zip.... I have a feeling you and I would be dangerous company The peanut butter one looks great! I am definitely going to give these a try....cups of goodness.....once...or maybe twice.....sushhhh don't tell anyone! Anyway thanks for putting the craving Have a great Sunday! Blessings!

  3. These look great! Last fall I went on a hunt for mug recipes and found some great ones.....thanks for sharing...

  4. Thanks a lot you have me craving every single one of those desserts lol...YUMMY!!

  5. I really didn't need this but you know what the beauty is? There are no leftovers! Checking into them right now!


  6. Oh, these look SO good, Bliss...I have to go eat now...

  7. Hah! I was reading through your post because you know how we love our mug cakes over here and BAM!! I see our pumpkin mug cake featured. Wow!!! You are so right about the whipped cream...I'm working on the food styling for sure. It needs work! Thanks for the shout out and for the new recipes to try...yummm chocolate chip and peanut butter are first on my list!

  8. I've never made desserts in a mug before. I've seen them done though. They look delicious. You'll have to let us know how the banana one turns out.

  9. It's 10pm and i want to raid my fridge - you are pure evil!

  10. You're killing me. I'm trying to do Walk Away the Pounds and you post THESE!

  11. I could really go for that coffee cake mug for breakfast this morning. And let's see, we'll do the banana one for lunch. The Chocolate chip cookie one makes dinner. Now, I just need to pick one more for dessert, hmmm???

  12. I could really go for that coffee cake mug for breakfast this morning. And let's see, we'll do the banana one for lunch. The Chocolate chip cookie one makes dinner. Now, I just need to pick one more for dessert, hmmm???

  13. It's morning...I'd better go check out that coffee cake one!

  14. This is our go to. Topped with ice cream, of course. I'm pumped to try these others.

  15. Yummy ! I love warm desserts! :) they just seem to satisfy me more.

    going to check out the other ones at her site!

  16. Anonymous1/13/2014

    wow, they all looks delicious but if I had to pick one I would pick the Chocolate Fudge S'mores Mug Cake! I love this one!

    check out my site sometime, if you like cheesecake you might like this recipe;

    Michael ;-)

  17. I can't believe I don't see anything with syrup or preservatives on this list........

  18. I can't linger long here, because I'm trying to do the 'cut down after Christmas thing' but any cake that has coffee in it would be my favourite.

  19. OMG Bliss, these look soooo good!!! I am pinning this and when we get in the new house and it starts getting cool again I am trying these for sure. My Hubby wouldn't want them now, he is losing weight and there is money involved so I am not bothering. Does that sound shallow??? It is money and we can use it for something in the new house, I'm just sayin......


  20. I need to join you in this goal/quest/resolution. So, which one should I try first? As in, in the next 5 minutes. That peanut butter one is making my tummy rumble. I'll report back and let you know the verdict!

  21. As a single empty nester, I love mug cakes! I'm going to try your faves, and check out the blogs for others.

  22. You are the devil, Bliss. You know I can't resist cake of any kind.

  23. Where have I been....I've never heard of mug cakes. I'm definitely going to try these! That coffee cake one looks really yummy!

  24. I can feel myself getting fatter.

  25. I've never made a dessert in a cup that I liked. But I've only tried one. I figure the less desserts that I know about that I like the better. I think I will try that coffee cake one - I can't keep chocolate chips around the house because I eat them by themselves.

  26. Yummy!!! I have never heard of dessert in a cup. Sounds very interesting and looks delicious.

  27. I have to run over and check out that post, I've never seen dessert in a mug before! Wow, they all look so delicious!!! And what a fun idea that would be with the grandkids.
    Debbie :)


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