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A Bee in my Bonnet

This is one of those posts that isn't really written for my readers.  No photos or DIY, just something to poke fun at.  If you are a blogger, you will get it, and if you have a pet name for anyone in your life, you'll get it too.

Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet.

Now doesn't that sound nicer than saying a bug up my butt?

That's just what this post is about, people getting bugs and bees in places that make them talk smack.

And that really sticks in my craw.

Robin from All Things Heart and Home told of a comment someone left chastising her for referring to her husband as... SHOCKER.... The Husband.   The reader found it offensive.  How noble minded of the reader to be so offended for Robin's husband that she thought she should plead his case for him to Robin herself. 

Who has time in the day to leave a comment saying how degrading it is for the writer of their own blog to refer to her own husband as The Husband?

What would make one person think they are that important that they should control how someone refers to their own husband?

Wanna know what I call someone so full of them-self to leave a comment like that?

I can't say it, I'm too nice.

Anyhow, so this little chastising scenario caused me to take stock of the ways bloggers refer to their spouses.

Some by their real name...  (is that offensive?) Like Sam, George, Andy, David, Philly, and quite a few Mikes

some use real life nicknames...   (maybe this is highly offensive?) 

others have made up ones...  (bet that really pisses people off!)

and still some use an endearing name like Honey or Dear (which enrages me so much I turn red).

Kidding of course.

But with all that offensiveness of husband names, not once have I ever bothered to leave a rude comment telling anyone to please call their husband only a name *I * approve of.

Lesley over at Chaotically Creative says she is gonna start referring to her husband as Hunbby after a typo that was suppose to be hubby.  And how fitting - it's her hunny and her hubby.

Does that offend you?  Boy I'm burning up over that.

Maybe you are the type that doesn't like sweet names, so that might make you so mad you click right over to her blog and scold her for such a degrading made up hunny of a name.  And speaking of clicking, that reminds me of Heathers husband Mr. Click from Our Life In A Click.

Actually that's my favorite way to remember someone's significant other - to associate them with the blog I read of them on.  So it's common for me to leave a comment on a blog that refers to the blogs husband/significant other as Mr. The Name of the Blog.

In fact that is often how I remember other bloggers too.  They become the name of their blog so I know exactly who I'm thinking of.

And how about just plain 'ol "my husband".. *GASP*, that is what Mary Beth at Cupcakes & Crinoline refers to hers as.  The man IS her husband after all, so it makes perfect sense she refers to him as that.  I'm gonna fire up a letter requesting she change it.

My system helps me keep the blog-men straight in my own mind.  I mean I've gotten a Kelly with a view mixed up with an eclectic Kelly a time or two, and once mixed up their men folk.

Mr. Art is Beauty ...... if I read that I instantly know what blog and blogger it refers too, and that Karin is referring to her husband not the art teacher, cuz that is how my mind thinks of the spouse that belongs to the blog I am reading.  Confused?  I'm not - this works for me.

Miss/Ms Doos - that's my pet name for DebbieDoos.  I know a lot of Debbies, but I only know one Miss Doos.  And in my mind her husband Mike will probably always be Mr. Doos.  If I was at the grocery store and he came around the corner, first I would be like OH NO, hope he forgot how I did a *Hey Girl* of him, then I'd say hey Mr. Doos, don't forget the Rit Dye for the wife.

Here at the ranch, you get Brawn.  Is that offensive?  Not to me or to Mr. Bliss Ranch.  My husband, The Husband, the boss, the handy man, the Brawn of the operation, and as I refer to him on my about page.... my hunk-o-burning luv.  It gives him some anonymity from intermingling his real life with his blog persona.

He would say you can call him Brawn, or whatever you want, but don't call him late for dinner.

Yeah, as corny as that is he really would use that old saying.

Joy2Journey refers to her husband as Mr. Man.  I don't know why, but that cracks me up.  I've seen pictures with a smile on his face as he poses for a project, I don't think he gives too hoots that Joy refers to him as Mr. Man and I don't think he'd be offended if she used The Man instead.

Sometimes I think a husband looks like a movie star.  Like the husband of Angie at Knick of Time.  He looks just like Jeff Goldblum.  Go look, I dare you.  I hope Angie or Mr. Knick of Time isn't offended.

Some husbands become a celebrity because of their wife who blogs.  Kathe With an E said when they met a fellow blogger she was excited to meet the real Mr. B.. 

Daune at Cottage in the Oaks refers to her husband as Handsome.  I'll bet he loves when she uses that endearing term and isn't offended. 

Fiona at Just Paint It White calls her ex the same thing she called him when he wasn't her ex.... The Old Geezer.   At the beginning she used it as a term of endearment, and it's none of my business how she means it now.  I'd never think to leave her a comment and tell her that is rude.  She knows him best.

Amy has told me that Mr. Buffalo Roam smiles when I call him Mr. Pitt.  I know his real name, but I call him Brad instead of D. as she refers to him.  I guess we both have alias names for him. 

Anne of Dream Designs By Anne had a stalker.  In. real. life.  Temporarily she used a blog picture of her and a guy that looked just like Donny Osmond to me.  And now, any man of Anne's is Donny to me.

There are also some that use initials like Kirby's husband DL from Kirb Appeal.  And some use blog initials.  I could refer to Brawn as The BR.  I don't think he would care one way or another, but maybe it would bother one of my readers?

Here is another one that cracks me up.... Tina at What We Keep, she refers to her husband as Magoo!  Ah ha ha ha ha ha.  And I don't think he's even a bald little blind cartoon man.

Sometimes the names work out quite favorable.... Mr. Fox from Fox Hollow Cottage comes to mind.  Now I could call him Mr. Cottage I guess, but I like the image Mr. Fox creates in my mind.

Mr. Quirky - Karen's husband at Somewhat Quirky.  With a name like that he's gotta be a funny guy.

The famous John, of John and Suzan conversations over at Simply Vintageous.  He's a legend with his real name. 

Mr. Savvy - now that's a classy name.  Do you think The Husband from Savvy Southern Style minds that Kim calls him that?  I think not.

How about Long Suffering Husband?  Maybe that describes more than just the husband of Karen from Redoux.  Should I tell her she must not call him that?  No way, because every time she writes that I laugh.  And I like to laugh.

I don't know what Beth from Unskinny Boppy refers to her husband as, because as soon as she mentions him, in my mind he is converted to Mr. Boppy.  And I smile, because that strikes me as funny.

I could go on and on about the references bloggers use when mentioning their husbands, and how I get an image in my mind.  The point is, whatever name it is.... real, nick, pet, or made up names, it's none of anyone's business what someone else chooses to use, and I'm here to tell 'ya that I don't mind one bit.

So to the person who was offended by the use of *The Husband*...... I cancel you out.

Lets here some of your pet names for your husband/wife. 
I promise I can handle it without scolding you for your choice.


  1. Some people just *look* for reasons to be offended, sigh. My husband and I often refer to each other as the Spousal Unit (a nod to his Army years). When he's feeling playful, I'm "Hoochie Mama" or "Wench" - offensive to some I'm sure, but no complaints from this Spousal Unit, Female, 1 :-)


  2. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all !
    Criticism is so unnecessary, especially when it's someone you don't know, and like you said, you have no idea of their situation. How ridiculous to pull someone up for calling their husband....The Husband.
    I called my ex The Old Geezer because the blog is mine, my interests, my stories. He had his band and his music and it wasn't about the two of us, even though he helped with a lot of things.
    Anyhow, enough of small minded people, this was such fun to read. Bliss and Brawn has always been the easiest double act to remember, but like you, I like the Mr. name of your blog to remember the men folk !

  3. This is a great post, Bliss! I find it interesting what folks call their significant others on the blog--I'm sure my husband wouldn't mind if I called him by his real name, but he's slowly TURNING INTO DL! All of the blog folks call him that, and now some of the friends in real life do, too! (I'm not sure I could call him Mr. Kirb or Mr. Appeal.) I love your Brawn/Brains combo and Tina's Magoo...and now I'm calling Tina 'Teen Wolf' in my mind.

  4. That is some serious husband name-dropping! LOL! Some people just look for reasons to complain. I don't thing I've ever called Sam anything but Sam....he seems to answer to it quite nicely.

  5. Wow, some people complain about anything! I refer to my husband and sons, collectively, as "the men in my life". Sometimes, I number them. They don't seem to mind...especially when there's food (or sports) involved. When there's work, however, I can call them just about anything...they usually ignore me. :)

  6. What a great post! My husband ( the husband, the other half, my spouse..etc etc) is referred to as His Lordship-which started as an in joke ( he is the least Lord of the Manor type you could ever meet) and grew from there. I've also been chastised by someone who told me that I was being patronising and denigrating His Lordship! That same person was quite taken aback to discover that not only was it my term of endearment, but that His Lordship prefers that method of address!

  7. Seriously?? Someone commented like that? I say, get a life, and agree with you on cancelling them out. I love seeing what bloggers call their other-half. I'm not very imaginative...I call mine my husband or Larry, depending on my mood or the flow (when I write that is). And I loved that 'Hey Girl' series...that was so much fun! I wonder what that commenter would have thought of all those pictures we posted of our 'poor men' (kids & dogs, too)...
    Debbie :)

  8. Bliss you are awesome and I love your passion! Mr. Refresh doesn't want his name out there ;)
    Have a great day!

  9. Really good post Bliss! People never cease to amaze. I call my hubby turd head...affectionately of course, but not on my blog. He calls me the boss lady. I am not offended.

  10. i can't believe someone was upset over something that has no bearing on the blog whatsoever- that is ridiculous!

  11. Bravo Mrs Brawn Bravo!! Thanks for the shout out too. Now I need to go check out the Jeff Goldblum look alike.....

  12. Excellent post, Bliss and Brawn! How dare someone criticize what we choose to call our spouses. I use Chucks because our nieces call him that. Not his favorite nickname, but he does not mind. I guess I should reveal in the interest of fairness that both my father (when I was growing up) and my husband (when I drag junk home) had the same nickname for me . DammitDonna. That would be why I am Distressed Donna!

  13. My husband can only be referred to as "Missing". Send me one over and I shall name him respectfully.

  14. I refer to my husband as DK, short for Dark Knightly, because he reminds me of a cross between Mr. Darcy's broody shyness and Mr. Knightly's thoughtful propriety. I wrote a whole post about it and like go it when I refer to DK, just so people have a clue who I'm talking about. Jane Austen makes him tired, but we are a household of women, and he grinds the allusion amusing, if not flattering. You just gotta go with what works for you. That's one of my favorite things about having a blog. I can say whatever the hell I want.
    The Other Marian

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Ha! No, he's not blind or bald...but he's definitely a cartoon man! He misplaces everything and is a complete goober, which is endearing and hilarious and a constant source of entertainment in our house. We all have silly names around here- always have, always will. And as all of us have said before, we will write what we choose to on our blogs. We are a community here- and just like you, I enjoy picturing "the husbands" and love all the references, nicknames and Mr.'s. I know that my Magoo has never felt disrespected by anything I write about him and it's certainly never intended as such.
    I loved this post and the day that we begin to edit our thoughts and words to the point where they aren't real and from our hearts is a day I never want to see. The only disrespect noted was from the rude reader who fancied themselves as judge and jury. Just go away. Please.
    xo, Teen Wolf Magoo

  17. If I had a hubby, I don't know what he would think about being called Mr. Vintage Bag....however, what I really need to know is how Mr. Bliss feels!!??? Heeheeehhhhheeee.

  18. funny...what time people have on their hands to really bully someone over a nickname. crazy

  19. Some people have to much time on their hands. People need to keep their coments to them self's.

  20. REALLY.. some people live and breath misery and just like to complain about everything...DON'T READ IT THEN...I'd say...!!! I love hearing "the husbands" or spouses nick names...I think they are cute..I wouldn't know what to call mine if I was a blogger....maybe "Mr.Magoo" too but he'd be a giant one for he is 6'4....anyways I loved this post...!!!

  21. You are so passionate and I love it! I always call you Miss Bliss....I am so sorry for not getting prior that okay, Mam? One more thing...what is the proper way to refer to one's children....I feel like opening another can of worms while I'm here....I mean, why not?

  22. Some people! It drives me nuts that people get pleasure out of getting their dander up over silly things and making dumb comments. Mine is known as The Mister, so I guess that's just as bad as The Husband. But, you know what, my Mister likes to be known as The Mister. Of course, in retrospect, I should have called him Mr. Darcy after my fictional boyfriend. ;)

  23. Luv this Bliss! Whatever happened to the 'if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing'? I swear , some people are just ugly just to be ugly. I have quietly removed comments on my FB and comments on my blog... but it is rather annoying.
    Luv tour passion :) I refer to my husbands my Mr. most of the time... I am sure he wouldn't mind the world knowing his name, but it's just what I do. He's my Mr. and I luv it!
    People... they never cease to amaze me.

  24. My husband is Farm Boy and I'm City Girl, which describes exactly who we are. We've been married 34 years (yes, opposites do attract), and I refer to him that way on Facebook and he refers to me as City Girl. How silly to be offended by what others call their spouses. Good grief - who knows how endearing the nickname might be to the person being called that.

  25. Well John is John and I'm a Suzan - but who the hell cares what anyone chooses to call themselves - first of all a lot of these blogger husbands would rather NOT be exposed to the world !!!
    Another thing - which I did a post about actually - and which takes it one step further is all the negative feedback over on Hometalk - I was just about crucified for painting an old reproduction veneered piece of furntiure - it made me laugh mostly - and I had fun with my replies - but there are people out there that could be devastated by such negativity - it boggles the mind.
    Isn't that one of the first lessons we learn in life?
    At the end of the day - to leave a nasty comment just makes the one leaving it look like a disrespectful fool ( in my humble opinion )
    Now I'm off to think of a nick name for John !

  26. so sorry - forgot to say what a great post this was!!!
    and say hi to " Brawn " for me :)

  27. This is EXCELLENT! If they weren't so rude, you could actually almost pity people like that. But we like how you turned it into humor. "Hubs" and I got a lot of laughs here today! When we first met, I took one look and said "Ooh . . . hubba hubba, what a man! Still do too :)

  28. This was a GREAT post Bliss. My John doesn't care when I use his real name. However, his nickname when I met him was Chieffy, from where we worked and I still call him that many times. Could imagine the backlash I would get if used that, God only knows. I don't care what anyone call their spouse, that is between them and no of anyone's business. People need to get a life. When I speak to Suzan sometimes I say my John not your and I compare mine and hers sometimes with her stories. Does that make me a horrid wife??? 26 years and very happy, tells me NO!!!


  29. hahaha There is NO mr MRL :) but I do refer to someone as Jamie's dad occasionally. I can't tell you what I call him in IRL


  30. That's so funny! I call mine "my husband". Can't get any more honest than that. I figured Mr. Essence sounded too dirty. LOL!

  31. One of the first blogs I ever read was Pioneer Woman, it was obvious why she called her husband, Marlboro Man. What a hunk! American Corey Amaro of Tongue in cheek blog, calls her French husband-French husband! Oh my

    1. Now that's a name! Glad it's not just Mr. French though, makes me think of the male nanny on that old tv show.

  32. Oh Bliss, don't cancel her out. She needs to read what a can of whoop-ass she opened. One can only hope that to see something right in your face is too learn!

    "Mr. Hope & Salvage" has been deceased for decades. I would love to have the constant opportunity to call him anything.

    Loved the "fire" in your tangent-important to be said.

    La Verne@hopeandsalvage

  33. In fact, I like your 'Blisstering' style!

  34. Well I guess she hasn't see my post about my spousearoid!!!! LOL

  35. LOL! This is so funny! I love good old sarcasm and this post is full of it! I have often noticed when people refer to their husbands as Mr Blog name and always thought it was really clever. I just refer to Jim as Jim. I could call him BB, which stands for Baby Bear. A lot of people from our old AOL days know his as BB but don't know what it stands for. Less frequently used nick names would include clutter boy, lobster, monkey toes, but I think I'll stick to Jim. Not sure I could get a good name for him out of my blog name - Pink Cherub Moon. Hmmm.....Mr Pink? Sounds kind of girly. Mr Cherub? Well, he is my angel but......Mr Moon? This may inspire some pantsing which would not be a good thing in mixed company. I think I'll play it safe and stick with Jim. Hope that doesn';t offend anybody LOL!! Hugs, Leena

  36. Nice post Miss Bliss! The first time I referred to "Mr Quirky" my sister told me she started to get all offended for him, but then it finally dawned on her why I was calling him that. I got a good laugh out of that. You know, I barely have the time and energy to comment on things that I really like. I can't imagine somebody taking up an offense like that. My guess is that she doesn't have a blog and hasn't been in the position of having to figure out what to call a husband that doesn't necessarily want to be named.

  37. This was actually a really fun little roundup of how a bunch of bloggers handle The Husband Issue. I'm all about however you want to do it, and I think your Brawn should be pretty thankful he gets that name. If someone gets steamed up over saying "The Husband," they need to just slowly back away from the internet.

  38. Oh Geez really, the husband is offensive...I can think of many more offensive terms than that. I Always call Julian, Jules on the blog which is what I call him for the most part in real life around other people. Nick names change frequently here, at the moment, away from others, I am calling him Betty because he accidentally called me Al. As in the song lyrics, its actually one he's not overly fond of but the kids think it's a hoot especially when I youtubed the song for them :)

  39. She's dead to me!! I don't even know her, but she's dead to me!! And to Mr. Wonderful, too!

  40. Ha ha ha! So funny. Mr. Eleven-o-one never complained about being a number but now that I think about it I don't think double O seven ever complained either. Maybe if I say it in a British accent it will be less offensive. What ever happened to "If you can't say something nice say nothing at all?"

  41. I was on such a learning curve when I started blogging that I didn't have the energy to give "the husband" a blog name. If I had it would be something along the lines of Boyscout, McGyver or OCD Poster Child. Perhaps I should start calling him McO'Posterboy. Do you think that would ruffle some feathers?

  42. I am offended that people are so easily offended! Don't they have anything better to do than complain about everyone else? She should get a life. On the other hand, I didn't know I was supposed to come up with some clever blog name for my hubby.

    I'm offended that no one told me. You jerks.


  43. I call my significant other "The Western Original" on my blog. It fits him.

  44. I missed this great post, Bliss...and I decided not to call my hubby Mr Itsy Bits...


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