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Betty's Vase

My friend Betty wanted a new vase for an empty corner in her living room.  Betty has never read my blog so I can tell you that while I love shopping with Betty, buying a vase was no easy task.  Hours.  It took hours.  TWO FRIGGEN HOURS!!!  At the same store in the same isle.

Betty found a ceramic one she liked but it really wasn't tall enough, and the black, gray and white pattern made it look a bit too zebra-ish but it did have the colors she liked.

Other vases had too wide a mouth on top.

Then Betty found an all black metal vase.  She thought it was blah, but the right size.
Plain Metal Vase Painted with Chalk Paint
That's when I opened my mouth with the words I believed would get me the helll out of that store...... "I can paint that one for you to look similar to the ceramic one you like".

I told her I could even jazz it up a bit if she wanted.

Betty sent the vase home with me and said to have at it, her only instruction being if I could complete it in 5 days so she could fill her empty corner before her book club friends arrived.

Plain Metal Vase Painted with Chalk Paint
I decided since Betty's last name started with a J that she should have a monogram on her vase.  I also decided that I should cut off the sleeve of an old sweater of my daughters to put along the top of the vase.
Plain Metal Vase Painted with Chalk Paint
 This is a photo of the vase before waxing.

I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in old white and French Linen then sanded it smooth as butter down to the black metal in some spots, but without scratching the metal.  I gave it a light water wipe on the black to get the dust off, then waxed the whole thing with Annie Sloan's clear wax.

Then the raccoon arrived on the mudroom door.

It was 6 below zero that day, the only reason a raccoon would be out in the cold and snow was because he wanted to come into my house, gnaw on my flesh, and give me rabies.

It didn't end well for the raccoon.

It ended much better for Betty's vase.

She loved it.

Her husband wondered why I would cut the sleeve off a sweater and then come to their house with my camera to take a photo of a vase in the corner.

Plain Metal Vase Painted with Chalk Paint

So if you wonder how AS chalk paint works on metal; perfectly - and the wax gave it a nice sheen that made it look like it was purchased that way.

Betty was completely in charge of filling her vase while I recovered from my near death experience of being eaten alive by a raccoon.


  1. For all you know, that raccoon may have been an art student wanting to study your technique. Love the end result! The vase that is, not the raccoon's end result. How did you do the monogram?

  2. Wow, I don't even recognize it. A little chalk paint and a new sweater and Betty's new vase is now a fabulous one of a kind. Love it, Bliss!

  3. Ha- I think the coon wanted to try the chalk paint! :) Happy Mothers Day.

  4. 6 below is pretty darn cold!! Maybe the raccoon wanted the sweater that the vase was wearing...

  5. Perfect! Betty's a lucky girl to have you around. I think the raccoon was trying to get his mitts on that vase.

  6. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! My husband is looking at me like I've lost my mind!! I love everything about this post. Everything.


  7. Oh WOW!! Love the vase but please tell how it ended so bad for the raccoon? We have them in the trash...not that big of a problem and your guy looks wicked. What happened?


  8. Your vase is gorgeous and I had no idea you could use that paint on metal. Kind of opens up a whole new venue for chalk painting for me. As for the raccoon....I picture you as a snow white kind of girl with all of the forest critters coming to you! LOL!

  9. I'm glad you (and the vase) survived the potential raccoon attack! And now I'm extra sad for you way up north that you have to endure below 6 degree days in May. :)

  10. I love how the vase turned out! You're always so creative. I can't believe that a raccoon would try to get in your house like that!

  11. Beautiful job on the vase Bliss. Of course, I love all your creations.
    Racoons are scary and I am sure you took care of him or at least had it done.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  12. Oh dear. Gorgeous vase makeover and rabid raccoons, oh my.
    The vase looks amazing. The picture of the raccoon is hilarious. Believe it or not, we get them here in downtown Orlando and they can be fierce! Glad you, and the beautiful vase, are safe. Pinned!

  13. Bliss, I love your blog !!! What the heck was the raccoon thinking ? Good you didn't open the door but bad for the raccoon. I grew up on a farm and know how ruthless and harmful they can be. The vase is absolutely breathtaking !!! What a difference you made. Will you be posting the how to soon ? I would love to try to do this project. Thanks for the inspiration.


    1. Thank you Sheila. Drop me a note and I'll give you the details on the vase painting. It was so simple even a raccoon could do it.

  14. Are racoon's really that bad. I never knew !
    However, I DO know how to keep my mouth shut in situations like these, but it looks fantastic Mrs B.

  15. Hi Bliss.

    I did a project a bit like this a couple years ago (before my blog). Think I still have my pics, so am going to sort of copy cat your article. I'd like to link to this one too.

    Think your help with contact info worked. Try me now :) TY TY TY

  16. It seems like it would hurt a lot to get eaten by a raccoon. Your experience shopping is exactly why I avoid shopping with friends. I do it for their protection. The vase turned out PDC.

  17. Having talented friends can be a blessing, if you are the one with talent, you end up with lots of projects to do! (not that I mind...I love helping out and I'll bet you do too) And you did an awesome job on Betty's vase! I would never have thought of using a sweater as a topper, it looks neat. Yes, I've been slack with reading blogs for a while, still haven't written in mine, but I do save the emails to catch up when I get the chance. I hope you're having a wonderful spring! Debbie :)


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