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Ghosts Made With Old Kids Clothes

It's getting creepy around the ranch.

And creepy to me isn't cute. How to Make Little Ghosts

You might think this little ghost gang is cute, but I think ghosts are creepy.

Spiders are very creepy to me.  Witches are creepy.  Birds are creepy.  Bloody ghosts, and spiders eating people is not creepy, that's gross.  Well maybe spiders eating people would be creepy, I'll think on that.

I like creepy Halloween... spooky.  Not gross or cute.

In other words, I like my witches ugly not cute and sexy.  Must have nose wart.

Have I made myself clear on this?

I'd like you to meet my kids.

It won't be what you are expecting.  They have gotten a bit taller then these toddling Caspers, and I don't think my kids are creepy, just ghosts are. How to Make Little Ghosts
One of my two daughters.  She is wearing her original little pants and shoes.
Just like her 5 siblings in the black and white photo at the top.

Six little trick or treating ghosts line my entry way in October, all dressed in clothes my kids actually wore.

I had to take one apart to fix his shoes and re-stuff his britches, so I snapped a couple photos of how easy these are to put together. How to Make Little Ghosts
Little Footie form
They are a simple wood form, use what ever scrap wood you have laying around because I know that's what Brawn did.  

Yes one of my son's had wild little plaid pants.  

They were popular in the 90's.  Remember Zubaz?  That line started right here in Minnesota.  These plaid pants are not Zubaz because I couldn't put the prized little zebra pants on a ghost.  

I should have.  The whole family had Zubaz.  Cracks.  Me.  Up. How to Make Little Ghosts
Here is a shot of the wood frame, it's nothing fancy, it just has to balance when shoes are put on so you don't have a tipsy ghost.

The shoulders have to be a bit wider than the wood that holds the head so they have a little girth. How to Make Little Ghosts
Little apparitions
I thought about updating my little gaggle of apparitions and had some decent ideas, but a few of them were made 17 years ago and it didn't seem right to change them now, they're like family.

I do have to re stock the little treat bags since visiting kids always think the candy is real and try to have a taste.  Those are just empty candy boxes, or suckers that have been removed and filled with white fluff. How to Make Little Ghosts

These days I just dust them off, pull up their pants, knock the stuffing in their heads around, and they're good to go.

That's similar to our morning routine as they leave for school.

But why bother to dust them off, isn't dust acceptable at Halloween? 

Scrap wood to make a form, screws or nails to put it together (we used a nail gun)
Little pants and shoes - tack the pants on in the back with a nail, and the shoes on from the bottom
Black felt for eyes
Accessories to hold optional

The Ghosts were featured at:
Full Circle Creations


  1. You are sooooo clever!
    What a wonderful idea. I am a scaredy cat too, but anything dressed in my girls' old clothes would take care of that.


  2. So cute!! And yet creepy!!

  3. Dust and cobwebs! I don't have to clean as much this time of year! :) Oh my Zubaz..that brought back quite the 90's flashback! I don't think I can thank your state for originating them. I'm just glad they are (mostly) out of still see them pop up every once in awhile.

  4. I love these, no matter what you say...they are too cute! Dust allowed. Really adorable idea...especially since you saved their clothes all these years!

  5. Creepy and cute! They must look awesome along the driveway! Zubaz were big here, too...I can just picture my daughter in her pink and black zebra stripe with her matching schrunchie and side pony lol.

  6. Those are cute (and scary?). LOL! There is a yard that I pass on the way to my son's school that has something similar to that displayed. They always looks so real and they're close to the road! It's like a little Halloween family or something.

  7. what an adorable idea. so doable. thank you so much for sharing this idea.

  8. Well, the expert way you have them photographed is certainly creepy!

  9. Glad to see all the kids out again...I smile just thinking about your entry lined with tall of them. :)

  10. We are on the same page for sure. Spooky, yes,gross no and no cute for Halloween. I must say I totally can't handle spiders in no way shape or form. Fantastic job!!!


  11. These are great...although with a ghost that size, I can't help but picture Gage from Pet Sematary hiding under one of those sheets....


  12. Okay, those little ghosts are truly amazing!!! The perfect mix of creepy and spooky (with a touch of creepy cute)! But never, ever gory!!!!

    :) Linda

  13. I am amazed! I wonder if I'm the only one who kept scrolling back up to see if those were real kids and does Bliss have kids that young? Wow, she's one busy woman... then OH! they're wooden children.
    Okay, that makes sense...... ??? and it's a little bit creepy.... I've never seen this done before! You never cease to amaze me woman!

  14. I will be making these this year but I was just wondering how the head part is made. Is there somewhere I can go for step by step instructions ?

    1. In the post there is a photo of the top. It's just a wood piece that sticks up higher and the stuffing balances right on top of that when it's shaped into a ghost head.

  15. Anonymous8/19/2021

    How do you attach the bags


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