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Fixing "No-Reply Blogger" on Wordpress, G+ & Blogger

I consider this post a public service announcement that benefits me.

I love my readers.  I happen to think they are the cream of the crop. 

Funny, kind, and loyal.  So for that I thank you all.

And as my readership grows, new folks jump in.

I look forward to comments from the ones who have faithfully left them for the past not quite 3 years, and I'm also tickled to see new names with witty comments in the mix.

Except there is a problem.  

It's called "No-Reply Bloggers".

Now you might think because you are not a blogger this doesn't pertain to you.

On the contrary; it probably does pertain to if you ever leave a comment anywhere even if you have never been and don't ever intend to be a blogger.

You might also think that because you ARE a blogger this could not possibly be relevant to YOU.  Wrong again.

So before you shrug this post off, click escape, and decide I don't mean YOU... ask yourself this;
"have I ever left a comment or asked a question 
on a Bliss Ranch post and not received a reply back ?".

To leave comments on blogs many folks sign up for a Blogger account.
You pick a handle or use your real name and become part of the commenting world.

Except if your settings are set to not show your email, then the blogs you leave comments on can not reply directly back to you unless they reply right under the comment on their own blog.

Some do it that way, and some - like me - do not.  It makes the comment thread tooooooooooooo looooonnnnnnnng, plus you would have to come back by to the same post to see any response.

When you leave a comment on one of my posts, that comment is automatically delivered to my email inbox.  Even if you are a no-reply blogger that comment still arrives for me to read.

But if you are a no-reply blogger, when I hit reply, like I would to any email I receive from anyone, your return address looks like this....

YourNameWillBeHere (

Notice that address?  Not yours right?

If I hit reply,  my response for your comment will go to the big no-reply-comment black hole of nowhere-ness.

If that happens, you will never see a thank you from me for your comment, you will simply never hear from me, and I don't want you to think I am ignoring you.

I read every single comment
 and I try to answer every one 
unless I can't because you are a no-reply blogger.

That is especially sad if you have entered to win something.  If you win, the sponsor will not be able to contact you to let you know.

Sooooooo I want you to fix that. 

Keep in mind this isn't putting your private info all over the web.  All it does is display your return email in someone's inbox so you have a return email address people can reply too.

If you do not want bloggers to be able to interact with you when you leave a comment then you should not change anything, but I tell 'ya true...... it's a lot more fun to be thanked when you leave a comment.

Most of you no-reply bloggers probably don't even know you are a no-reply blogger! 

And remember, just because it says "blogger" that doesn't mean the powers that be think you are a blogger.  

The links below will show you how to tell if you are a no-reply blogger and how to fix it even if you are connected via Google+ and Wordpress.

For me, all I needed to do was go to "edit profile" on the right hand side under my name in Blogger.  This will take you to some settings.  You can add as much or as little info about yourself as you want.  Me - I keep it simple.

The top setting will be *Privacy*.  There are two boxes you need to click so a check mark shows up;
1. the box that says share my profile.
2. the box that says show my email.

Try it - if you can't get it right drop me a note and I'll try to help.

I'll help because once upon a time someone helped me fix it, and because I'm selfish and wanna reply to you when you take time out of your day to leave a comment for me.  But I can't if you are a no-reply blogger.

Oh, and if you are a blogger and happen to be a no-reply blogger, in the past I've taken the time to hunt your blog down just to retrieve your email so I can respond.  I simply can't keep doing that and also get my dishes done.

Below are tutorials that other bloggers put together to help fix a variety of reasons why people show up as no reply bloggers.

If you use one of these tutorials, leave a comment thanking the writer.  Then leave a comment for me so we can see if you've fixed it.

Quiltsville - Are You a No-Reply Blogger?
Fluster Buster - Are You a No-Reply Blogger?
A Royal Daughter - How To Fix Google+ Account No-Reply Blogger
The Tattooed Teacher -What!? I'm a No-Reply Blogger!? The Google+ Fix
Venus Trapped in Mars - Google+ the Ultimate No-Reply Blogger
Simple Moments Stick - No Reply Bloggers (Wordpress & Google +)


  1. Great post, Bliss...I posted about this before, too, because there are a lot of no-replies out there. If you don't mind I'd like to link to this post in my next post!

  2. Yes! More people need to read this! I have posted about this before too and it amazes me how many people are still no reply bloggers! I would love to email so many people back but there is just no way to get in touch with them!

  3. I read and reply to all comments too and quite frankly, no-reply comments make me a little crazy! It's really difficult to get to know someone who you really can't reach. There are people who comment on my blog on a regular basis, yet I feel I don't really know them. Sometimes the best conversations happen in those follow-ups and that is often when you really develop relations with other bloggers. And then there are people who ask questions and I have no way of responding. That's the only time I reply directly in the comments section. I've posted about this too. Reminders are a good thing!

  4. Oh! I'm pinning this...and linking back here for all my bloggers to read...
    I've got some of those people...
    Oh My... I hope I'm not one!...
    naw...just kidding. I'm not. :)
    But I bet a bunch of people (especially insecure types) are sitting there waiting to comment...and afraid to hit publish. Because, they might never know?!
    and they're thinking... Oh My! I hope I'm not one!?!?

  5. If you are on Google+, as I am, it bounces you into no reply every 30 days or so. I try to remember to check it out from time to time and get it fixed. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Those boxes are always checked for me. I don't think this is the problem I was having, but thank you!

  7. Look at you giving techno advice!! Great post, Bliss! Sending hugs your way, my friend ~ xo Heidi

  8. A great fix it post! I don't think I've ever been a no reply... I post on google+ but my blogs not connected to it. I hate when I'm forced onto google+... but that's another post. Thanks for the info. Bliss!

  9. What, is this "Reply/Comment to Bloggers Day?" I just read another blog about the same subject! I sure hope my comments, pithy as they are, don't end up in a black hole. I used to do a lot more replying and commenting, but now I have to be more selective or I'll never get dinner made. You're on my list, and not just because we share the same name. Bliss in Mexico

  10. Thanks for posting this easy fix post. There is nothing worse than receiving comments with questions and then they are a no-reply. I bet they don't even know it either.

  11. This should be seen throughout the Land of Blog! Thanks, B.

  12. One of the greatest comments I ever got was from a no-reply blogger and I tried like heck to find her, to no avail. It broke my heart. Thanks for sharing this!

  13. When I tried to switch my profile to a G+ profile, it reverted back to "no-reply." So I fixed it. About a week later it reverted back again. So I fixed it again. About a week later it reverted back again. So I flushed my G+ profile and went back to my blogger profile and I've never had that problem again. But I was bashing my head against the wall for a while there....


    1. This is great Bliss, and I am about to do the same as Andi, because I keep fixing it with my Google + and it keeps sending me back to no-reply...ugh! Sooooo annoying!

  14. I used a Royal Daughter's tute, but--I'm sure I'm still a no-reply blogger. :(
    It won't ever stay fixed.

  15. Uh oh, I've been unfaithful !!!

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