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The Cold Snap Called Winter

My friends got my back.

And this time of year they want it covered so it stays warm.

Thanks to Tina from What We Keep, who lives in the warm south, for understanding my true feelings about winter in the north, and sending me links to clothing that display my disdain.

Winter is extra long when Mother Nature starts sending flakes from the sky in November.  So maybe we could just skip right over it?

Buy it {here}
Jammie bottoms are standard dress for me once it gets cold out.  I try to pair them with a sweatshirt and I learned the hard way that those cute fuzzy slippers I wore for fun growing up in California, well they are like speeding little sleds on snow, and you will fall on your azz with your first step outside in them.

Get this sweatshirt {here}

The translation on the sweatshirt above....... sorry I can't leave the house, I'm already dressed for bed.

The only good thing about winter is coffee.  With cream and sugar.

This shirt is brewing at this link {here}

Winter is a bear for sure!  But bears sleep through it.  They're on to something I tell 'ya.

Get this growly shirt {here}

I don't like the snow.  I don't like the ice.

I don't like the slush, the frozen rain, the freezing drizzle, frizzle, or the 900 other names the weather men in Minnesota have for the cold crap that isn't rain and falls from the sky. 
Yeah,buy it {here}
Once the mercury dips below 20 the shirt I need says "Hell No I Won't Go".

You don't even have to leave the house to get these shirts {here}
Amazon is my friend.  I swear if there was grocery delivery to my house in the middle of this God forsaken frozen tundra, I'd use it and never leave the house.

Don't invite me to any parties, I chant this and have it tattooed on my butt.........
{Here} it is
 And I'm probably going to insist you don't go anywhere either.  The roads get dangerous, and I worry.

Basically this sweatshirt sums it up for me........
Winter wear {here}
The cold never bothered ME when the normal temp was 75 and the cold snap meant a bout with 60 degrees.  Not 60 degrees below counting windchill.  Yeah, I hate that.

And my very favorite one..........

I might actually have to order this one, it's {here}


  1. I am sooooo in your camp (not really, it's colder and snowier where you are than where I am here in WV). But Buffalo, NY - oh my gosh - that is just ridiculous. See you in spring. ;)

  2. My sentiments exactly, and winter doesn't even get as cold or last as long in IL as it does in MN. I am not a cheerful person to be around in the winter.

  3. I begin the migration.... into the house. As soon as it gets cold, I go to work, sometimes I go to the grocery store, I go home. Repeat. I always assume since I'm trapped in my house for months that I'll get a bunch of home stuff done by spring. Never happens. Why is that?

  4. ha! these are awesome! i love the hibernation one!

  5. Ah ha ha! These are so great. I am a winter hibernator, too...and sometimes just have to MAKE myself go out. I do like snow, though (lets me hibernate even more)...I have a sign that says "Let It Snow" on the porch. My husband suggests I make a sign that says "Let It Melt" for late winter,when I am receiving death threats about the other sign...I am SO doing that.

  6. I don't know how you cope living in such cold temps with snow on the ground for so long. Just remember there is life outside of MN! Come on down to GA and thaw out. LOL! (Although, it's not as warm here as it usually is this time of year.) Love those shirts!

  7. The last one is my favourite shirt! I'm glad when it snows bad enough that I don't have to work hard at making excuses for not going out in the cold. Right now I'm thinking of an excuse the chickens will buy if I don't trudge through a foot of snow to get to their coop tomorrow morning.

  8. Of course, growing up on the banks of the Great Lakes (not too far from those 75 inches), I didn't know any better. (My parents didn't believe in vacationing in might give us ideas.) Now? NC is not quite warm enough. Georgia, anyone?

  9. Aww...I can never get enough snow!

  10. These are awesome!! We've already had our arctic blast, along with the rest of the country, and all I can think is "WTH??" Thought I lived in the South! xo Heidi
    ps: schnapps helps

  11. I knew these sweatshirts would appeal to you....I thought they screamed Bliss and your loathing of the frozen tundra of home. I think you need a few of them. ;)

  12. LOL! These are great! Totally agree...we're in this together Minnesota friend :)

  13. Dear Winter, can you not. I just love that, though they're all brilliant. Last year we had neither snow nor any frost the whole winter, which was pretty strange for the UK. I can cope with about a week's worth, so I certainly don't envy you in snowy Minnesota.

  14. Ha ha! We're in the same boat ... ah, sled. I like Linda's husband's MELT sign idea :)

  15. Not a fan of winter at all. And snow is definitely a 4-letter word. Hate. It. And I go nowhere when it snows. Makes my husband crazy, but I look at it as a boost for our budget as we aren't out spending money!! I have been ready for Spring since before Halloween.

  16. Ready for Spring here too. After the first flake fell, husband tells me "It's almost Spring" hoping the sooner the snow starts here in Wisconsin, the sooner it's going to quit...(If that was only true) Plus wind-chill right now is minus 5....but Sunday will be a heat wave...predicting 35...gotta love it.
    Bonnie in central White Wisconsin

  17. These were great! I am with you, I can enjoy the snow in short bursts, but otherwise I hate being cold!

  18. I will not be honoring winter by buying a sweatshirt. I like my sweatshirts old and scholastic. I'm fighting off the winter grumps myself. Determined not to have the crappy one I had last year. Stay warm.

  19. These are great! I also live in sucky Wintersville, tho not as far Nort' as you. I don't mind the snow as long as it doesn't stick to the roads and I don't mind the cold temps as long as it doesn't go below freezing or 10 mph winds. That's not too much to ask, is it??


  20. I need to get the "If it's snowing, I'm not going" shirt for my mother.

    I'm taking advantage of faster internet today to catch up on all the blog posts. I hope it lasts!


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