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Tale of Two Playdough Recipes

I'm a playdough maker from way back.  31 years to be exact.

Pink Homemade Playdough Recipe

I've used the same recipe all 31 of those years, given to me by my BFF.

Over the years I tried a couple different ones, but always came back to the one she gave me - it was the best I tried and never failed me.

 Homemade Playdough Recipe

Then today I needed some pretty pink playdough for a pretty princess.

And because it is easier to search on line these days then it is to search my recipe file, I turned to my Kid Stuff board on Pinterest.

I decided to give the recipe I had pinned a whirl.

After I whipped the new recipe up I got curious about the old one and fetched it from my file to compare.

First of all, the new one makes a smaller batch than my original one, which is wonderful when you are making playdough for 1 princess instead of for a small crowd, but I could have cut the original in half as well.

Pink Homemade Playdough Recipe
Just add water
The process is only a tiny bit different, and so are the ingredients.  The new recipe calls for cream of tarter, my original one used alum.

Another noticeable difference was just dumping it all in the pan and stirring.  My recipe called for the water to be boiled first.

Not like boiling water is hard to do, but I preferred the dump and stir method which was easier and faster.

And creamier.  No lumps to kneed out after in the new recipe.

Pink Homemade Playdough Recipe
Both recipes make excellent homemade playdough, but I think there was something I like more about the new recipe I used.  It just felt softer and took less time.

You can find the new recipe I used, {here} from Missy at How Does She?

When my oldest daughter was little and we were building a new house around us, with no kitchen counters yet installed I used my metal ironing board as a play station.  I would just open it to her height, plop down a little chair, and she would sit for hours happily playing with playdough.

Those were the days.

Pink Homemade Playdough Recipe

Sort of like a certain 4 year old today.

The princess made pink pizza, pink cookies, pink pinetree-scapes, and pink teddy bears to the tune of two hours.

Pink Homemade Playdough Recipe

The first slice reminded me of peppermint fudge.

When she was done serving it up to me on a silver platter, I plopped it all in a ziplock and put it in the fridge.

Pink Homemade Playdough Recipe

For the next time the pretty princess needs to make pretty pink cookies.


  1. My recipe was the one with cream of tartar! I never added colors kids had to be satisfied with white! :)

  2. oh i love the color- so fun! i have made some before and our old preschool years ago made their own and they added fun scents like pumpkin and peppermint but then i wanted to eat them.

  3. Yes, but how does it TASTE??


  4. Thanks! I have an old tried and true recipe I have used for a hundred years (or so it seems). I am going to try this one. Thanks. I love it when the kids play with this stuff. xo Diana

  5. Your little princess is adorable. She must love coming over to play with you.

  6. I guess I won't be seeing playdough around my house until I have grandkids. Those days are long gone for me right now. It is a classic though!

  7. You must send me that child.

  8. Only little boys at my house, I'll have to make it blue or green 😉

  9. Thanks for sharing, Bliss! Your little four year princess is adorable and would probably have a great time playing with my four year old princess...

  10. Love that beautiful little Princess! And my kids ADORED Play-Doh too! But I never realized you could make it yourself until now. If I had only known I could have saved myself a lot of moola!

    :) Linda

  11. Sounds like the perfect pink play-doh and a perfectly pink day! I sure loved that stuff when I was a kid... I think I used everything in the kitchen to cut out shapes and make things. Good times :)


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