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Upcycled Wood Spool Christmas Tree

Hold on to your tinsel, 
this spool is full of Christmas cheer!
 My creation is an upcycled, recycled, junktastic project......
Wood Spool Christmas Tree

Remember these spools my son in law brought me one summer?

Recycled Wood Spool Christmas Tree,

One of them has been taken apart.

Cut to shreds.

Sawed in half.

Just like magic.

Husband magic.

Wood Spool Christmas Tree

It's so cool I don't need my eggnog spiked to make my head spin!

The spool top received a masking-tape tree shape and the Brawn of the operation took pity on my sawing skills and got out his DeWalt reciprocating saw to cut the tree out.

As I repeatedly thanked him, the only instruction I gave was not to cut a perfectly shaped tree.

Wood Spool Christmas Tree

The spool is about 2 inches thick.  I'd still be at it if I had to cut it myself.

Probably minus some digits or with a gash in my thigh.

I gathered some junk and sort of made up the whole thing as I went along.

The bling are heavy solid glass bottle stoppers.  I wrapped wire around them to hang on the tree ends - my version of icicles.

Or would that be junkcicles?  Glasscicles?

I know... they are re-cicles!

Glass Bottle Stoppers Upcycled to Icicle

This tree is big...... from the base to the top of the star it's 5 feet tall.  I'm just an ornament or two taller.

Wood Spool Christmas Tree

My oldest daughter collects snowmen and I picked the .25¢ star up at a garage sale for her.

Don't tell her she can't have it now.

Recycled Wood Spool Christmas Tree,

I painted it white and left some of the rust color showing through.

An old bed spring is stapled to the tree top and the star is wired on.  I left the little bells on, because like I said, I was making this up as I went.

Upcycled Tin Star with Bed Springs

To celebrate Brawn's German heritage, the tree got a little O Tannenbaum chalkboard.

I'm not German, I'm Irish.  For me it's O'Tannenbaum.  Get it?

Wood Spool Christmas Tree

The base is made out of the wood from the center of the spools, cut down to size, which I coated with a white wash and I also hit just the tips of the branch ends to clean my brush off.

Totally recycled.....
Spool, bed spring, star, and glass bottle stoppers, turned into a rustic 5' Christmas tree.

Wood Spool Christmas Tree

I thought about adding some vintage glass ornaments I bought this summer.  In fact, if I ever find them I will probably do just that.

I spent as much time looking for those darn ornaments as I did putting the project together.  Don't even ask if I'm mad that I can't find them.

The tannenbaum will probably move to the front porch.

Can't you just picture it outside all sparkly and cozy surrounded by piles of soft billowy snow, it's white lights illuminating our entry and the fresh cold drifts?

Are you insane?

I am NOT counting the days till it snows, and if snow held off till December 24th I'd be happy.

Wood Spool Christmas Tree
O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum,
wie treu sind deine Blätter

There is a whole lot of holiday cheer being spread around the ranch.  
Which is different than the usual 'stuff' I spread around.

If you want some wonderful inspiration for the season, 
take a peek at the Pinterest Junkers United Christmas Pin Board

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  1. That is a whole lot of husband magic. Wow!

  2. This turned out great. I only have one spool and it's out by our garden. I keep hoping that I can get my hands on more.

  3. Best wooden Christmas tree ever. Love the glass "re-cicles" and the light behind it really set it off. Great job Bliss and Brawn.
    Happy Christmas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. Cute, cute, cute! I love the irregular shaped tree all adorned with bling.


  5. Love it! Great instructions for that magical husband 😍

  6. That is a wonderful tree, Bliss! When I saw the first photo, I thought it was a foot high...being a five foot high tree, it must make a real statement in the room! I LOVE it! You are so creative with the stoppers and the star and bedspring!

  7. Love the rustic, pulled together charm. You have such innovative, hodge-podge (super cute) style.

  8. So cute! I love how you left the text on the wood and used a spring to hold the star on top. It's more quirky that way. I know you like quirky, so that's not a insult. Ha! I guess we should all be thankful for the mild weather we've been having so far. I heard it may all change after January gets here though. We've been enjoying temps in the 60's and 70's!

  9. This is way cute! I love the bottle stoppers as decorations. Don't you just hate it when you can't find something? Especially when you put it somewhere special and say "I'm putting this here so I will know where it is..." Dammit!

  10. This is the coolest thing I've seen so far. Let Beawn know I'm waiting for mine. Put a search party out for the ornaments


  11. Now that's a tree! My mom needs a wooden tree like that. She has a crazy (really crazy) cat that destroys every tree she's had the past few years. Love all the recycled ornaments and the star that never made it to your daughter. Very inspired! Hope you have a Merry Christmas Bliss!


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