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Metallic Coat Tree and Fusion Paint Giveaway

Today I have something special for you.

Fusion Paint Collage
Melanie at Lost and Found
Susan from Homeroad
And from the Frozen State of Minnesota,
Special because you will be able to visit some of my friends and see what they have painted, as well as have the chance to enter a giveaway for some of the Fusion Mineral Paint that we all use on many of our projects.

Like this coat tree.

I've had this coat tree for quite a while that my husband made when we needed something besides the floor to put coats on.

Matthew Mead Metallic Paint, Coat Tree Update

It was a basic oak stained thing with typical hooks, and when a gal has had something longer than some of her kids, it becomes part of the family, so I had no intention of getting rid of it.

The first update I gave it was by painting it white and giving it a dark wax.

But I felt like the addition of the metal street signs deserved a metal post like I might see on a street corner.

Not that I hang out on street corners if that's what you're thinking.

Matthew Mead Metallic Paint, Coat Tree Update

Since I'm loving all the Matthew Mead Studio Metallics that I received from Jennylyn at Fusion Mineral Paints, I decided to give the coat tree that metal post look it deserved.

Unfortunately giving you great photos of this wasn't as easy as painting it.

The thing is 7 feet tall, top heavy and gangling.


awkwardly tall and spindly; lank and loosely built.
To take indoor pictures of the gangling thing proved a pain in the rear end.

So I hauled it outside in sub zero temperatures to snap pictures before my fingers froze and the lens fogged, and I had no intention of doing that twice if the first ones were not as good as I hoped!

What I's saying here is too bad, you'll have to take my word that the paint mimics brushed steel really well, and the post looks metal.

Matthew Mead Metallic Paint, Coat Tree Update
Here is what I started with back before it was white.........

Matthew Mead Metallic Paint, Coat Tree Update

Then this is what I converted it to the first time.........

Matthew Mead Metallic Paint, Coat Tree Update

And now it's wearing awesome brushed steel and metallic silver paint and it looks much more like a street post - just with hooks out shivering in the cold and a photo that doesn't do it justice.

Matthew Mead Metallic Paint, Coat Tree Update

I started with a base coat of Fusion paint in black.

Matthew Mead Metallic Paint, Coat Tree Update

I wish I could better capture the authentic metal look these paints give projects.

Matthew Mead Metallic Paint, Coat Tree Update

The shine is just right and they are really easy to use different techniques with.

Matthew Mead Metallic Paint, Coat Tree Update

I spray painted the hooks in a flat white, and ever so lightly distressed some of the edges.

Matthew Mead Metallic Paint, Coat Tree Update

Did you know that Grand Central Station was at the intersection of 6th Ave. and 8th St.?

Well it is at my house anyway, because my mud room is definitely Grand Central.

Matthew Mead Metallic Paint, Coat Tree Update

I'm sure there is some way to stage a seven foot coat tree so that it looks great, but I was tired of carrying the thing around the house, and I was NOT going back outside in the cold!

Matthew Mead Metallic Paint, Coat Tree Update

In case you missed it and need to see a good photo of the metallic paint, last week I used the Matthew Mead Studio metallics on this tiered stand.  Big difference between taking photos of something two feet tall over seven.

The little Honolulu honey nesting in my gloves is probably freezing her coconuts off.

She was suppose to give the illusion it wasn't as cold outside as it was.

It didn't work.

Matthew Mead Metallic Paint, Coat Tree Update

Ahhhh summer......... I remember you.
Matthew Mead Metallic Paint, Coat Tree Update

So lets get to the good stuff.....  The Fusion Mineral Paint giveaway.

Enter below in the rafflecopter widget and then stop over and say hey to the other participating bloggers.

Seeing their metallic projects and pretty pictures will help you forget mine.
One winner will receive:
2 Matthew Mead Studio Metallics (winner chooses color)
2 Pints Fusion Mineral Paint (winner chooses color)
1 small Fusion Brush
1 Fusion Brush Soap
1 Fusion Antique Glaze

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Your tree looks fantastic Bliss! I love your funny story too :) You always make me smile. The tiered tray is awesome, the metallic paint made it look even more fantastic! Stay warm, we got our first snowfall last night... about 2". So far this year we've been very lucky!

  2. Brushed steel is a favorite and this coat tree came out amazing. LOVE it. Also, LOVE your tiered cake stand. xx

  3. Major props to you for going out in this cold weather to take photos of a coat tree! And without your boots and gloves on! I love the addition of your street signs, very awesome.

  4. That does look chilly out there but I love how you styled it. That metallic paint is the bomb!

  5. I like that idea for a coat tree that looks like a street sign. Only you would come up with that. Ha! I couldn't believe how you actually staged that outside in the heavy snow too! You are a dedicated blogger. We are freezing cold here but have no snow. That's typical for us. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  6. Well, you definitely went the extra mile to stage and photograph your coat tree LOL!! Psyched about this giveaway... I've been itching to try this paint since you shared your tiered stand!
    xo Heidi

  7. It really looks awesome, Bliss...and the idea of the street signs is wonderful!

  8. Thank you for this GREAT giveaway! I have two hall trees that need a makeover. One is wood, one is metal. And they're both ugly. Time for a change!

  9. I remember when you did the first makeover on this coat tree. :)

    The paint looks fabulous, and REALLY great on that tiered stand. I really LOVE it!

    good luck to me!


  10. That paint is amazing!! the coat tree turned out perfectly, and the tiered stand...I want one

  11. I love both projects, but really love the tiered stand!

  12. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!

  13. What an awesome coat rack, the metal is perfect with the street signs!

  14. Thanks for the chuckle on the lengths we bloggers go to for a pic. I once hauled a floor lamp to the riverbank to get a shot of it in a rustic setting. One of the neighbours saw me and thought I had gone insane. Perhaps I had. I have to try that series of paints that looks like metal. One of my favourite finished to do!


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