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Products & Projects, Where Are They Now?

Where are they now?

Where are what Bliss?

I'm referring to some of the products and projects that came to live with me in 2015.

I often get emails from readers asking how certain things have held up, or if I would buy or recommend a product, and often they wonder what I ended up doing with something I've painted or made.

To kick off 2016 I'm gonna answer some of those questions here and now.
But first, I have to clear the air on something.....

I know that according to Merriam Webster as well as my dad, "gonna" is not a word.

Don't believe me?  
Go there and type it in, this is what you will see....
 The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary.

But basically I don't give a hoot, I'm gonna use it anyway, because the way I talk in my real life midwestern-slang-twinged-with-a-bit-of-original-California-valley-girl, I happen to say "I'm gonna" when I'm gonna do something!

So I just wanted the dictionary police to know I KNOW it's not a word, so they don't have to send me an email and point it out, and that I don't care.

Anyway, back to Where Are They Now?.....  Imma gonna (wow double bad words) start with my romantic kitchen faucet from touchless Delta faucet,
People have asked if I would shop with  

Have you checked out their site????

Heck yeah I would shop there!  I did almost all of my December shopping ON LINE since I have better luck and less returns when I shop from a smorgasbord of brands and products, both of which offers.  

And the faucet?  It's awesome, we all love it.  It has that touch feature to turn it on and off and a high arch for pots and pans.  Yes I'd buy it and yes I'd buy it from

While we are talking faucets, how about the Zuri Pfister Faucet we installed at #1 daughters house.......

Zuri Pfister Faucet,

Her and #1 Son in law are pleased with it.  Theirs is not a touch model, but it's sleek and modern and works just how it should in her kitchen.  A+ for Pfister Faucets, my own home is full of that brand.

Next up; CedarSafe cedar made for lining closets, but we used it to line our playhouse ceiling.  This company was great to work with, the cedar is aromatic, installation was easy, and if I needed to go that route with cedar again, I would not hesitate to walk in to a Home Depot or another place that carries CedarSafe and pick some up.
CedarSafe Playhouse Ceiling,

The cedar makes the playhouse look and smell awesome, now we just have to wait for winter to once again end, then set it up for spring play.

JORD watches are a line of upscale luxury wood watches.  Everything about #3 sons wood watch is cool.  It looks great, it works great, and he has a watch none of his friends have.

Jord Wood Watch,
Would I buy one?  Yes I would but that's a hard question to answer from a gal who shops at garage sales for cheap junk to repurpose and doesn't wear a watch.  If you are in the market for a well made self winding timepiece that's not run of the mill you won't be disappointed with a JORD watch. 

Now I'm gonna talk a little pillow talk with you.  

We overhauled our sleeping arrangements last summer.  It was out with the old, and in with the new as far as our mattress, pillows and sheets were concerned and I have not missed the oldies.

Perfect Linens sent me sheets to get between, and I love them!

You can read all about the sheets on the Perfect Linens web page and what makes them so nice.  Thomas the owner knows his sheet.  Like I said in my original review, I'm a sheet snob, and these are my favorite sheets.

Would I buy myself another set?  I'd buy a set for each bed in the house but everyone seems to be sleeping just fine on what they have - I don't need my sons sleeping in any later because their sheets are awesome.  Plus I'd buy some p.j.'s for snuggling in if Thomas decided to make those too! 

Perfect Linens,

And what's another item to help get a good nights sleep?  The mattress of course, and we were fortunate enough to welcome a Spindle Mattress into the family.

It arrived in boxes and we DIY'd it on our frame, and have been sleeping on the pillowy organic cotton cover since... covered in Perfect Linens of course!

NOT shopping for a mattress in the store was the best experience ever!

Spindle Mattress,

Lastly for our sleeping enjoyment we bought new My Pillow's which are made right here in Minnesota.  I'm withholding my verdict on mine yet, as I find I still tuck my old half flat down pillow under my noggin at night.  I think it's habit, not necessarily the new pillow.

I also want to get my hands, or actually my head, on the brand pillow that Hilton Hotels uses.  Last summer I had the most comfortable nights sleep on what ever brand those pillows are.  My friend (hi Dii!) liked the pillow so well she took her pillow cases apart and wrote down the tag info.  I guess I need to get the info from her.

In November I did a review on two lights from Parrot Uncle and updated old brass ceiling fans

Parrot Uncle Light Fixture,

These lights look fantastic on the fans.  Parrot Uncle prices are pretty reasonable, and currently I'm looking over their online catalog for updating in a bathroom.

To end I have to mention a contest that was sponsored by Pittsburgh Paints and Hickory Hardware.   Nine bloggers were invited to take an IKEA Rast Dresser, and hack it into something new using Pittsburgh Paint, and drawer/cabinet hardware from Hickory Hardware.

The cabinet was moved to a guest bathroom and loaded up with all the paints that I use.  Doesn't everyone keep their paint in the guest bathroom?

The top three would receive a hardware makeover for a room of their choice.
Hickory Hardware, Pittsburgh Paints Ikea Hack,

I won the #1 spot.

Coming sometime in 2016 - a kitchen makeover at the ranch. 


  1. You really have the best and most creative projects.

    Jane x

  2. I guess I gotta start answering some of those product emails! Great stuff!

  3. You have wonderful projects Bliss... somehow I missed that cedar ceiling... WOW! Happy New Year!

  4. Love all those projects -- and products! And no big surprise you won that IKEA hack contest!!! Can't wait for the kitchen makeover ....

  5. You really rocked it with that cabinet - not surprised it took first place!

    Happy New Year!

  6. I need a new light kit for the gameroom fan...can you send Brawn over to work his magic? We all know Magoo will never change it out for me. Take pity on me, woman!

  7. Fun post, Bliss...looking forward to seeing that new hardware!

  8. It's great to hear how things have held up! I love those Jord watches!!

  9. Last year was definitely a great one for you. It's GONNA be hard for you to top, but we all can't wait to see what you come up with!

  10. oooh, I KNEW you'd win! That's great ! It was truly the best piece. I don't think I knew you were from Minnesota...both my parents are from MN, so the whole large family is there, mostly south of the twin cities. And I'm down here in Texas. (sigh) I can't believe someone criticized you for saying/using "gonna" -- I type it that way quite often. Do you think they were English Lit teachers ? Happy New Year, Bliss ! Looking forward to everything you bring us this year.

  11. Kitchen makeovers make me jealous. So get ready...

  12. You Ikea makeover is hands down the best I have ever seen!!! Ha...yeah, I'm a midwestern girl, from Chicago and I'm Italian. And I say gonna and fuggedaboutit, and that's actually in the dictionary ;-) Have a great weekend!

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