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DIY Sink Forms for Poured Concrete Counters

If you are following along you might recall that we are redoing a Jack & Jill bathroom,
{here} & {here}, which was really a Jill & Jill set up that we are now making into a Jack & Jack bathroom.


Don't be.  All you need to know is that we are taking the mid 1990's out of the bathrooms and putting in a bit of the new millennium.

One of the updates will be poured concrete counters. 

Brawn has done these many times before; we have a concrete topped small entertainment center, two other concrete bath vanities, and he poured kitchen counters for a friend.

Foam Shaped Sinks For Poured Conctete

He makes the forms for the sinks out of regular pink foam sheets you can buy at the lumber yard - the thicker kind.

He decides on the shape and then he literally sculpts the foam into the sink form shape.

Sort of like whittling.

That's what old DIY'ers do in their 80's they sit in the rocker on the homestead porch and whittle sinks out of foam.

Here is a photo of an almost completed whittle.

Foam Shaped Sinks For Poured Conctete

I have to thank him when he remembers to take cell phone pictures of anything he works on when I'm not around, so thanks mister.

These forms are for the new Pfister Selia Faucets I've been telling you about in the other Jack & Jill bathroom posts.

Selia Pfister Faucet,

The foam is cut into how ever many layers are needed to create the desired depth.

A couple years ago I took photos of the whole concrete counter making process and when I went to type up a tutorial I realized there are way too many steps for this tutorial hating gal to be responsible for.

I'm currently taking photos of the process again, so maybe this time I'll be able to condense the steps, but till then you can do like we do from time to time......Google a tutorial video.

Foam Shaped Sinks For Poured Conctete

A spot for the drain has been included then all the cracks are filled in and will be smoothed.

Foam Shaped Sinks For Poured Conctete

The shape of the sink is only limited by the ability to sculpt foam.  I have no ability to sculpt anything, so obviously this is a job that will never be tasked to me.

The rest of the counter top forms are shaping up in the garage.  Sheets of melamine are cut to size for this.

I've taken photos of how that's done, but like I said, I'm not in the mood to write a step by step concrete counter making book..... because book size is about how much information I think I need to include.

Just Google it if you need to know right now.


  1. will be awesome. You have a talented hubby!

  2. Since there's no tutorial, I guess you and Brawn will just have to come here and do the work. I'd like a concrete countertop in the garden house. Which'll be ready for updating in about 6 years, so you should be done with your Jack n Jack by then!!

  3. Your husband is so talented to do concrete counter tops! I like the looks of them. I wouldn't have a clue how to make them. Probably never will either. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. I don't even think I could follow along with that tutorial. You lost me at sculpts! :)

  5. Dang girl that's gonna look awesome. I ain't even gonna google the video as my keyboard might short out when I start drooling of dumbness Plus if I learn anything more I will forget how to tie my shoes. Only so much room up there in that ole brain of mine :)

  6. SO COOL! I don't sculpt either. I tried... once....'nuff said. Can't wait to see them!

  7. If it wasn't so damn cold, I'd move up there just to watch you two make stuff.

  8. This is so cool. I would NEVER have imagined you could just scuplt a sink out of that pink foam. I am waiting to see the rest of it!
    The spare change next to the sink, is that Braun's tip?

  9. I think I've mentioned my love for concrete sinks and counter tops, but I had no idea whittling was involved. The google community needs your input... Looking real good Bliss!


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