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Concrete Sinks In A Slurry

What's shaking in my world of concrete sinks?

Well let me just tell you in this here 'Jack & Jill bathroom redo update #number# I don't know what anymore'......

We've had some exceptionally nice April weather so both sinks moved from the garage to the front yard where they were slurried and washed and left to dry in the sun, even though on the day I took these photos it wasn't sunny.

Clementine the Crapping Quacker supervised.  Seriously, she is a nosy duck.

Concrete Bathroom Vanity,

According to spell check, slurried is not a word, but slurry is.

I don't know the technical definition of it either, but basically the sinks came to the front yard to be covered in a slushy concrete mixture to fill in pin holes from air bubbles or something like that.

Either that or it's mushed up green beans.

Concrete Bathroom Vanity,

Really I wasn't listening to the explanation for slurry, I heard blah blah blah, slurry.

I just want this bathroom project done, I'm getting cranky trying to think of ways to write about concrete curing.

Concrete Bathroom Vanity,

So if a slurry needed to be done before the sinks could be installed - like Nike - just do it.

The sinks were washed again, dried in the warm sun, and they get some sort of sealer eventually.

I think.

Concrete Bathroom Vanity,

The two sinks weigh about 400 pounds each, so the best way to get them where they need to go is a rusty 35 year old appliance cart with one semi-flat tire.

This is April in Minnesota and my husband is barefoot wearing shorts.  Last year in the time frame of that photo we had a snow storm of about 10 inches. 

Anyway, Brawn and the duck wheeled the sinks down a hill and around to the door where they magically appeared in the bathrooms.

I didn't want to watch them be carried in, I was worried the duck wouldn't be able to hold up her end of the sink.

You did see Clementine marching over to help in the first photo didn't you?  I'm sure your kids pet duck helps with slurrying and concrete carrying, right?

Slurrying is also not a real word.

Concrete Bathroom Vanity,

But this is a real sink, with a real Pfister Faucet, looking real sharp.... and one step closer to a completed bathroom.


  1. I thought Clementine was just waiting on the sinks to get filled for her swim - that does look like what could be her towel hanging on the dolly. The sinks are amazing. I feel the same way about my balcony being rebuilt as you sound on this J&J bath - it's been going on too long.

  2. Your bathroom is going to be stunning! I know what you mean about not being able to watch the heavy countertops being moved...yikes! Especially with a nosy duck underfoot. Yes, Midwest springs are quite a roller coaster ride! I live in Wisconsin so I totally can relate. Love your blog and can't wait to see your bathroom finished!

  3. Well crap. We poured concrete tops (in place) in the pantry and Phil is completely obsessing about how they're not smooth and perfect and looking like granite. I told him I was fine with them looking natural and rough-ish but you know how men are when they get an idea. So my pantry is just sitting there because now he wants to buy a diamond wet grinder thing so the dang tops will look beauteemus. I like your au naturale sinks. They are quite amazing and can't wait to see them in your fabulous new bathroom. But concrete and bare toes make me very nervous.


  4. I've never seen concrete counter tops being made so this was an interesting post. I figured they would be so heavy. How do you make sure that the cabinets that they sit on top of are strong enough to support them?

  5. Now I feel like I need to slurry down to the stoned soul picnic, or something. Can't wait to see the final bathroom!

  6. I keep wanting to say "slurry with a fringe on top"... must need more coffee. :)
    xo Heidi

  7. Too amazing! Love it and I'm nosy like CQ, can't wait to see the whole room!

    CQ = Crapping Quacker

  8. ohhhh, Clementine looks so sweet! Mine was Sherman. Loving that concrete sink! Y'all did a great job on it and I can't wait to see it in place.

  9. These are going to be fabulous! I wouldn't be able to watch the whole hauling process either.

  10. OH I love how this looks! I'd never heard about the slurry process before.
    Clementine looks so cute walking around out in your yard. And I'm with Betsy...ever since my husband lost control of a refrigerator on the stairs, and it crashed into the front door and foyer wall (I know...great visual)...I can't watch either.

  11. I'm exceedingly jealous. Because you have someone to make concrete coutertops and sinks for you. Because your bathrooms are so big. Because your appliance cart only has ONE semi-flat tire. Because even your DUCK helps with your DIY. Those damn sink/counters are freaking fantastic.

  12. We have a rusty old wheeler with a flat tire, just like yours. It was garbage picked. Once we changed out the wheel it's been working like a charm, rust an all. Concrete sinks are looking fabulous!

  13. Making a concrete sink is easy, and fairly inexpensive. Most of the materials for making the mold can be found as scrap pieces from old furniture. it will make you feel REALLY good about yourself every time you use it.


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