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Fusion Paint Projects By Homeroad and Orphans With Makeup

Go get a thermometer and take my temperature!
This post has Fusion Fever.

Fusion Mineral Paint Fever that is.


noun fe·ver \ˈfē-vər\
: a state of excited emotion or activity

I am definitely in a state of *excited emotion* marveling at the pieces of painted perfections I'm going to share with you, all using Fusion Mineral Paint.

As the last bits of summer fade I'll be highlighting some Fusion paint projects each week and the bloggers who create them.

These are not sponsored posts, I'm just sharing the awesome works of my painting partners in crime who also happen to use Fusion, my paint of choice.

So while little 'ol me may have been slacking this summer, these ladies have been killing it with their paint brush.

Fusion Mineral Paint Projects Homeroad Orphans With Makeup

Susan at Homeroad has a real knack for updating all sorts of items - from little and big, to wood and metal - she puts treasures together and turns them into functional finds.

Below is the after of a vintage scale transformed with Lily Pond from Fusion Mineral Paint.

Pretty nice little kitchen addition if you ask me.

Vintage Scale Fusion Mineral Paint Homeroad

Susan has a shop booth and sells many of the creations you see on her blog.

I think I could start a Homeroad Museum with all her projects that I would like to own.  I don't know how Susan parts with her own stuff!

When you stop in to say hey to these bloggers each week, you will see they know their way around a paint can and are masters at bringing new life back to worn out furniture and vintage pieces of what might otherwise be junk no one wants.

Mary from Orphans With Makeup also sells some of her projects and you can shop right on her blog.

When you check her web page out, click on her gallery and notice the fantastic job of staging she does with her items.... always so so SOOO beautiful.

Vintage Dresser Fusion Mineral Paint Orphans With Makeup

The dresser above was painted with Fusion's Renfrew Blue and Inglenook.

Mary has what it takes to update orphaned furniture into treasures people want to incorporate into their own homes.  I know I love all her stuff and I'm pretty positive you will too.

Here is a color chart from Fusion Mineral Paint so you can see the paint names I reference.

Fusion Mineral Paint Color Chart,

There are also a couple other paint lines within the Fusion brand, and I'll be introducing those colors to you in future posts.  I've got my favorite colors, of that you can be sure!

To see the before photos and more of the beautiful painted after pictures, you will need to click over to each feature - and you won't be sorry -  Susan and Mary will give you more inspiration than you can shake a paint stick at.


  1. Homeroads has so much talent. I strive to develop creativity by staring at her projects for a good deal of time each week. Must get off butt and do something!

  2. Beautiful! And I have a scale that needs some love...thanks for sharing!

  3. Cool stuff and gorgeous colors.
    Now I have the urge to buy more paint. Stop it. ;)

  4. I still have not tried this brand. I must remedy that.


  5. Do I know this paint? Have I used it? I need to check, stat!

  6. Both of these are just gorgeous. Stopped over and gave both of them some love. Need to try this paint...!


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