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Reloved Mirrors, August Thrift Store Decor

I'm not sure how it's already time for August's Thrift Store Decor, but it is.

We're in the dog days of summer.

Why is August referred to that way anyhow?

Maybe it's because by August folks have grown weary of the heat and practice more of a dogs life just laying around doing a lot of nothing?

I can't say I've been doing a lot of nothing, but I sure haven't minded taking the easy route on a few things.

Like mirrors for the Jack & Jill bathroom remodel.

Thrift Store Decor Painted Mirror Fusion Ash,

With company arriving and my promise to them that the bathroom would have a working toilet, I also thought it would be nice for them to see their reflection as hair was styled or makeup applied.

We were right down to the wire by that point and not only did I not have a vision of the style mirrors I wanted, I also didn't have the time to implement a vision anyway.

But behind my bathroom door lying in wait, were two garage sale mirrors that have needed a home.

Both mirrors were cheap, five bucks each.  That's pretty thrifty if you ask me.

Thrift Store Decor Painted Mirror Fusion Gilding Paste,

The one above had a makeover last year with Fusion gilding paste and was hung in a temporary spot, then went behind the door to collect dust.  Since it was silver and gray it didn't need anything other than a nail to hang it over one of the sinks in the Jack & Jill bath.

The larger heavier one is arched and beveled, and although you can't tell from the photos it is 3 1/2 feet tall.  There's nothing wrong with it, and honestly it looks fine above the 98% finished vanity, so it might be staying there.

Thrift Store Decor Painted Mirror Fusion Ash,

The rope-ish design on the heavy mirror started out a lovely brown color.  Not really - even as browns go it was ugly, maybe that's why people passed it by at the garage sale.

Thrift Store Decor Painted Mirror Fusion Ash,

I painted it white and that just looked like the same mirror painted white so it went behind the bathroom door on the floor with the other mirror.

Like I said, the clock was ticking on getting that bathroom pulled together so guests could use it, and in desperation I opted to use both mirrors rather than buy something new.
Thrift Store Decor Painted Mirror Fusion Ash,

My go to paints are Fusion Mineral Paints, so I picked a gray color that complimented the colors of the bathroom - Ash.  One coat, some dark wax, and the next day the mirror was hanging on the wall.

I had hoped to use a mirror from the top of a buffet that I had turned into a baby dresser, but that antique mirror didn't fit between the outlets, so it went back to storage.

It's a nice old mirror though, I'll have to find another use for it.

Thrift Store Decor Painted Mirror,

I often see mirrors at thrift stores and garage sales, and if the price is right I scoop them up.  I could not have gone to the store and purchased a mirror for five bucks, so I consider this a thrifty redo.

Thrift Store Decor Painted Mirror Fusion Ash,

Yes I sat on the tub ledge to take that photo above, otherwise you would have seen my naked reflection.

Not really.  Naked that is, my reflection with my hair in a towel yes.

Do you redo and thrift shop?

The gals from the Thrift Store Decorating Team do, so stop in to see what they have whipped up for August's Thrift Store Decor.

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  1. I have never met a mirror at the flea market or a thrift store that I didn't love- so I LOVE yours.
    I hope you have had a wonderful summer.
    It sounds like you have been busy!

    White Spray Paint

  2. You deprived us of the vision of you with your head wrapped up turban-style? I need to go on the hunt for a big ole mirror for my family room. Yours are lovely. And your mirrors aren't bad, either.


  3. Looks gorgeous! Mirrors are always a great find at a thrift store.

  4. Looks gorgeous! Mirrors are always a great find at a thrift store.

  5. I love mirrors, that's why I have way too many. But not too many that I wouldn't steal the one you didn't use!

  6. I agree with Tina--I have way too many mirrors as well! I love your mirror makeovers Bliss. Paint is so magical!


  7. I agree with Tina--I have way too many mirrors as well! I love your mirror makeovers Bliss. Paint is so magical!


  8. Ohhh, these are really pretty, $5 what a bargain! You are so sweet to have the bathroom ready for guests :)

  9. The mirrors look wonderful...such great things to look for at thrift stores! Love the peek at the bathroom, too!

  10. Very thrifty! Great makeover on the mirrors. I do wish we got the shot of you with your hair in the towel though. :)

  11. They looks great, I have to try the mineral paint. I keep saying that and I think it is time to get my butt on the move. Have fun with your company.

    Dog days of summer is right about August. It has been unbelievably humid. When going outside I can barely breathe. I've had enough


  12. I do a lot more thrifting than re-doing. I read mucho blogs on re-doing but all my thrifting is still sitting in multiple outbuildings. Love your mirrors.

  13. I love your mirror makeover. Can't wait to see what you do with the antique dresser mirror!

  14. A nice big mirror like that for $5 is a great buy! You did good. I like the shape of it for that space too. I love how a little bit of paint can transform anything! That looks like a cute bathroom.

  15. Without a doubt, the old mirrors are the best. This one is down right perfect in that spot, framed out with those light fixtures!

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  17. Wow! $5 bucks each. That's a steal. They are the perfect finishing touch. I am sure your guests appreciated them! ~Christy @ Our Southern Home


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