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Thrifty Style Team Home Decor Giveaway

The Thrifty Style Team has a little something different going on this month.
Burlap Coffee Sack,
If you visit each of the participating blogs you'll have a chance to win something from their thrifty stash.

Me.... I'm sending off an authentic Guatemalan coffee sack, minus the coffee beans.

Burlap Coffee Sack,


Coastal Colors Coffee Table

Did you know that you can't fly on airlines with paint in your checked bags?

YOU probably did know that, but I didn't.

Coastal Color Coffee Table, Bliss-Ranch

I figured the Fusion Mineral Paint I prefer to paint furniture with could fly just like the face paint I call beauty products, but that was not the case on a recent trip to the Golden State.


Glass Blowing In Half Moon Bay California

When I was a kid living in Southern California (we didn't call it SoCal in the olden days) we made a yearly trip to Disneyland in Anaheim.

The Land was only about an hour away, but when your age is still in the single digits an hour seems like a day.  There is the possibility my dad took the long way so I would think it was farther and not ask to go more often than the one time each summerNot that I could be a pest or anything.