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Farmhouse Table For Kids

I have mentioned before about the local auction house where if you see something you want to bid on it is often bundled with stuff you probably don't want.

I don't recall for sure, but I think what I wanted to bring home from a Spring auction was an antique sleigh bed, because there is one to work on in the garage, and to get that bed frame I had to take the other "junk" too.

Upon arriving home when the bundled stuff is inspected, occasionally the real jewel isn't what you thought you wanted and instead you discover a diamond in the rough.

Such is the case with this unwanted thickly painted black table that came home with auction items I did want.

While the table was in the garage, it was used for many things. It became a saw horse, and a narrow work table, then when my kids camped by the lake this summer it was hauled down the driveway as a camping food prep table.

Farmhouse Kid size Table

I know I took a before photo of it with it's thick black paint, but I can't find that so the before photos will have to start at the point of sanding.

This is a normal adult height table, but the man with the power tools is going to change that after the sander and I sand it. And sand it. And scrape it. And sand it.

The sander was also from a pile of auction items. Our other sander is about 40 years old and still works, but it is bigger and much heavier so I prefer this smaller but still full size one better.

Farmhouse Kid size Table

Notice in the photo above how the legs of the table are really close together and not in the spot that table legs should be? I'm not sure what the table was used for in it's past life but it wasn't to slide in a chair at the head of it, since a chair wouldn't fit between the legs as they were.

No problem, the man with the tools is gonna fix that too. 

As he deconstructed the parts he decided that whomever put it together had cobbled it with wood pieces from other items to make the table. The legs had a grove in them from their past life. It was like a table top was attached to the base of something else.

Farmhouse Kid size Table

After sanding the top down, when next I saw the table it had all the braces removed that had been underneath it and prevented the legs from being in the proper spot, new face boards all the way around, and the legs were moved to the corners and cut down to kid size.

Then they were cut down another two inches. Maybe someone measured wrong, I'm not saying who, but I will say it was a good thing the error was on the side of too much height rather than not enough.

Farmhouse Kid size Table

This table is very heavy, and I was surprised to have an oak top to work with underneath that black paint. 

I considered just painting the whole thing because who in their right mind enjoys stripping off paint from wood? Not me, but I'm glad I did because I love all the grain on this wood top.

Farmhouse Kid size Table

When the table was just in its painted state I wasn't a fan of the scooped out edge part, but after staining the oak with a dark walnut stain, I decided I really like the added detail of those around the whole edge.

Since Brawn had other projects he was working on I hoped to keep his participation to a minimum, but that's not how it worked out. 

My original intention was to use some chairs from the back shed o'schidt, but at the last minute I asked if he would make some simple little benches. He whipped up two pine places for kids to sit, that push in to fit nicely under the table should it need to be stored more compactly.

And child size chairs fit between the legs, so if I host a holiday of extended family, the table could probably seat 8 child size rear ends.

Farmhouse Kid size Table

The same walnut stain was used on the pine bench tops, and the bases of the benches and table were all painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement, a nice creamy white.

Farmhouse Kid size Table

The oak top stained up beautiful, and it is as smooth as butter.  A triple thick matte varnish was used, two coats - sanded between - so the table top can take whatever little hands dish out. 

The Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement is already tough, no varnish needed.

Farmhouse Kid size Table

The wood grain is amazing and really gives the table a vintage look - like a little table a mini farmhouse could have a mini harvest feast on.

Shout out to daughter #2 who grew three of the colored Fall corn in her garden. The yellow one was brought to the yard by a squirrel or some other animal, from the field next door.

Farmhouse Kid size Table

Daughter #2 harvested 50 ears of colorful cobs, but only about 25 were keepers. I think these three look pretty good. Perfectly imperfect like the big sign said that she made last year to sell her garden stock.

Farmhouse Kid size Table

For now I'm keeping this solid little table with it's two benches that slide underneath, the most recent short people can use it to color and snack. I wish we would have had it when the first batch of little people arrived. It's nice to have a designated spot they can call their own.

Farmhouse Kid size Table

It's like a trash to treasure miracle, or a miracle auction find for sure. I'm glad the heavy little black painted table wasn't delegated to a life as a cast off garage work bench.

Farmhouse Kid size Table

When I was a little girl I loved to play house with my dolls, and I think I would have enjoyed setting the table on this gem. It is equally perfect for playing a game or has plenty of room for spreading out the crayons with color books.

Farmhouse Kid size Table Before After

A diamond in the rough, now just a jewel as far as I'm concerned.

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful transformation! Love the top, love the new legs layout and love the benches! You and Brawn work so well together. :) It really is beautiful now!!
    ~ Christina

  2. Wow...that turned out beautifully! It will be a family heirloom for sure! Great job!

  3. Great makeover and what was up with the first legs? Brawn still is great.

    Love tge outcome and bravo to the girls and the corn.


  4. Wow. That table really got some major surgery to become something so much more! It's perfection now! Lovely overhaul!

  5. Your table turned out beautifully!

  6. I thinks the scoops add character, good thinking to keep them. Gorgeous makeover. I bet the little ones love having their own table.


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