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Recipes with Dear Emmeline

Just let me make this very clear.... I am not a food blogger, do not enjoy documenting cooking progress nor do I like to rewrite recipes or take pictures of food. 

I do however enjoy eating, and I know good when I taste it.

This weeks link party is recipes hosted by Dear Emmeline and she is cooking up foods with holiday leftovers.

 I have been trying for 10 years to perfect or find a chocolate caramel recipe that is as good as my butter caramel recipe.  Last year I gave yet another recipe a try.

It was "the one".  The one that is now in the lineup of favorite holiday treats to make year after year.  The one good enough to end the yearly search for a chocolate caramel recipe.

With just the perfect creaminess and a distinct chocolate flavor.  I found the recipe here at Epicurious.  It is a salted caramel recipe that I love, but my family doesn't like the salt on top so I leave it off.  The caramels do look more gourmet with the salt flakes, but I haven't had anyone feel slighted without it.

The only change I have is to NOT cook it to the temp they call for in the original recipe.  The original recipe calls for cooking to 255* on a candy thermometer.  I find cooking to that temp makes the caramel too hard.  I recommend 252 and no higher for perfect ones, at least in my kitchen.  Cook it right at 252 and when it starts to go above that, turn it off.

Unlike my butter caramels this one is a two step boil process.  A little more work, but after a 10 year search for the perfect tasting chocolate caramels, I'm not messing with it because the outcome is excellent.  I doubled the batch this year without any problem.

I use Ghiradelli 60% bittersweet chocolate baking bars.  I won't use another brand because these give me the taste I was going for.  Yummmm.......

Remember to stop in at Dear Emmeline's and link up a holiday recipe.  For the full chocolate caramel recipe/tutorial, head over to Epicurious .... they don't mind writing out tutorials.  I like to just get right to the best part....... the eating.  And these are excellent eating if you want to indulge.


  1. wow. these look awesome! thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. I don't typically post recipes on my blog either (partially because I stink at food photograpy) but I thought the recipes I came up with for leftovers might be appreciated by others so I wanted to share. :)

  2. Anonymous12/26/2012

    These look delicious even after the sugar high and crash of yesterday....I think I need to make a trip to the grocery store. Just saying...

  3. Ooh...delicious looking! My favorite holiday leftover is taking the peppermint bark candy I made and adding it to my cup of coffee...

  4. I love chocolate covered caramels! I'm like you and don't like to take pics while I'm cooking either. It makes cooking twice as much work! LOL! Glad though that you shared some of yours. I've made chocolate candies only once before and it was alot of work, but oh so good. I made turtles. I think I still like the store bought ones better though. So, my candy thermometer has some dust on it. Hope your family had a good Christmas and you're not getting a stomach ache from eating so much good candy!

  5. yum! I have to try this recipe!

  6. So yummy! I'll be over later for some! LOL!


  7. Your caramels are still on my list of candy to make. Yours cut and hold their shape much better than my butter caramels. Yum!

  8. They look divine. I'll have a box of each, thank you!
    Have a great New Year!

  9. I love anything with even a hint of chocolate. This looks great.

  10. They look yummy! I have eaten so much sugar the past couple weeks I think I'll have to file it away for later but you can't go wrong with Epicurious so I know it will be fabulous!

  11. They look yummy! I have eaten so much sugar the past couple weeks I think I'll have to file it away for later but you can't go wrong with Epicurious so I know it will be fabulous!

  12. These look oh so good and very evil!!!

  13. Oh my these look delish! Happy New Year.

  14. Sounds yum! I'd like to give it a try.
    Wishing you a happy and blessed new year.

  15. You had me at chocolate:) Happy New Year Miss Bliss. I look forward to seeing more of you and your creativity! You rock and you inspire me:) XO

  16. Oh this could be deadly for me. I would have one in my mouth at all times!


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