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Cowgirl Up Party Host... Yee Ha!

*There has been a change for the 'Tis The Season Holiday Home Tour'.  To link your holiday home decorations see Stacey @EmbracingChange.  The link on my page is for the Cowgirl Up Party.  You are welcome of course to link at both!

Ranch, Porch, Cottage.   
The style of these is a feeling, not  muddy boots every day, but it also wouldn't be too far fetched at my Ranch to see a dirty pair plopped at the door.
I have always liked a rustic style, just about as much as I like all white or a French style, but I haven't perfected how to marry those looks together. 

The Cowgirl Up ladies however have figured it out. They've got comfortable style partnered with just the right amounts of color and clean white and I've yet to see any muddy boots laying around at their Texas homes!

And guess who's a guest host for the Cowgirl Up party this week?  Me!  
I'm the grey one on the right.  Really.

Welcome to Week 47
The Cowgirl Up! Link Party!
1 Party, 5 Blogs   

Needless to say I'm quite honored to be guest posting for the Cowgirl Up party gals.  They all have a style that I could get comfortable in... sipping coffee, a glass of wine, or just cracking open an ice cold beer.  You can find me sipping and blogging around our ranch.  It sits on 25 acres with a lake at one end, woods and field on the other and a house in the middle.  
It's a little bit country.....
Heading out of the driveway
And a little bit rock 'n roll.....
Son's Free Dresser Project
You can find a blend of crisp white .....
Master Bedroom
Along with sticks......
Family Room & Burlap Pillows
And stones.....

I do a photo project or two....
Kodak Moment Dresser re-do
And when we aren't covered in snow you can find me sipping something out here in the cedar porch....

Hey Buckaroo don't forget to link at the Cowgirl Up party.

Link up your cool awesome stuff, because I know my followers have the best stuff to strut.
 On to this week's features chosen by Anita of   Cedar Hill Ranch  
Uncommon Designs shared a No Sew Burlap Tree Skirt 
White Whimsy shared Christmas in a cloche
The Lily Pad Cottage showed off her festive front porch
Redhead Can Decorate shared her kitchen reveal. 
and Swede Dreams made these scrumptious Chocolate Truffle Tarts
Now about this week's party... You link up on my blog and your link shows up on FIVE blogs.
More exposure, less time.
We are looking for the latest and greatest projects, tutorials, ideas, crafts, recipes, decor, and inspiring stories. Anything that you are proud to show off.
Cowgirl Up! is the link party that saves you time and brings you inspiration.
What blogs will your link appear on? Check us out below!
Linsey with The Farmhouse Porch
Anita with Cedar Hill Ranch
Amanda with The Ivy Cottage Blog
Samantha with Crafty Texas Girls *PLUS our Special GUEST HOST:  Bliss with Bliss Ranch
The four of us are all Texas bloggers, but you don't have to be Texas, country, western, or own horses to participate in Cowgirl Up! You just need that "can-do", cowgirl spirit!
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  1. Nice shade of grey I must say - lol! Thx for the tour, you'll have to remind me to come back in two days to link up... :). You kill me!!!! Happy new year Bliss!

  2. So, I'm not sure what this is. What are we "Cowgirling"?

  3. Hey Mrs. Bliss! Looks like it will be a fun party, so I will be stopping back by.
    In the meantime, I wanted to pop over and wish you a Happy New Year.

    <3 Christina @ I Gotta Create!

  4. How exciting for you and for us!! :)

  5. That's awesome Bliss! Party :) I love your house and I hope you're having fun during the Christmas holidays !
    Happy New Year :)

  6. How I am not following you already I have no idea ;) So glad I found you through the cowgirl up party! Love your projects!

  7. Woo hoo! I'll be back to haunt you later on.

  8. I'm game for cowgirling! Although, I'm not sure what that entails. Oh, heck, I'm game for anything if you're involved!

  9. Fun fun fun! Yee haw ,Bliss!
    Xo Heidi

  10. What a great idea! Love this post. You are as clever with your words as you are with your decor. It all looks pretty awesome to me. I love not having a defined style, just do what feels good to you and it will make others feel good in your home too. Your land sounds like a vacation getaway. Your own lake??? I didn't know that tidbit. Happy New Year my friend! -K

  11. Oh, thrilled us over and over this year!
    I'm looking forward to many more of your unique projects, not to mention your wit-
    which is your biggest talent of all IMO.
    Happy New Year!

  12. Beautiful, Bliss! Is that a picture of the hoarfrost from the other morning? We had it here too. Gorgeous! Here's to a great 2013, girlfriend! I adore you and your style! MWAH!


  13. Hi Bliss,
    I wanted to congratulate you for being featured at Cowgirl Up. You are an amazingly talented lady. I loved learning a little more about you and the glimpse inside your world was wonderful!
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  14. Look at you struttin your stuff at Cowgirl Up! I love this party if only for the name! Stay warm.

  15. Loved getting to know you better today Bliss. You are very talented, and your home is beautiful! Happy New Year!

  16. Yay for you co-hosting!!

  17. "I'm the gray one". Ha! You are hiding and being sneaky :). I haven't seen your white mantle did I miss that? Gorgeous! You've got oodles of style.

  18. Hee Haw! I getting my blog back on after some holiday non blogging. Happy New Year!!

  19. They couldn't have picked a better guest host! Love all the inspiration and so happy everyone is "back in the saddle" again. :)

    Have a great day rock star!

  20. Hi Bliss! I didn't know about this Linky party! Another to explore! Love your pics. Hope you had a great holiday and here are wishes for a happy new year!


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