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Another Copy Cat & A Hey Girl Party

I'm not an over achiever, not by a long stretch.  It is purely a coinkidink that I have a second copy cat the same week of Debbie Doos copy cat party.  Earlier in the week I linked up Sy's Barber Shop sign that I copied from an antique.  Today I've copied a blogger.  I have no shame.

And stay with me here, I've got a fun party announcement at the end.  At least I think it's pretty fun, and I really really really want my followers to join in on this one.

I've had a bunch of springs since last spring,  (ha ha ha ha, springs since spring - I'm so easily amused), I picked them up, I don't know how many 10 perhaps? at a garage sale.  A buck for the works, and as I paid the guy he said "aren't those cool, what are you gonna do with 'em, I knew someone would want them to make something".  I looked at him and said 'I have no idea'.  He seemed disappointed and I think he judged me then and there. 

So the springs gathered saw dust in the garage for 6 months.  Till last week when Angie at Knick of Time made this....

Angie's Cool Creation
And I knew.  I was inspired.  Angie always seems to make stuff I can knock off.  Thanks Angie!  As I measured using my hands in the air I said, "Brawn... I need a board about this long, by this wide, old rough wood please, weathered... and those old bed springs, I have to air staple three of those on the wood".  (I swear the way his mind wanders his selective hearing only focused on three of those key words.)

I thought it a simple request and he went out side to gather the goods with out even giving me a funny look.  He's getting into this blogging/crafting stuff I tell 'ya!

Before it was empty
I had a perfectly good bedroom mantel, empty since the Christmas Santas went back to the north pole, and it was just waiting for something simple like this.

Brawn made an executive decision that whatever these bed springs were going to be, he wanted them raised up - so he cut three pieces of tree as legs and brought those in the house with the wood. 

Works for me.

When all was said and done I didn't have the right candles laying around, so for now these will do.  I just might get a burst of energy and get that mantel all dolled up for Valentines Day.

After all, it does have an ode to our love story.....

The wall words are on a separate piece of sheetrock that fits into the arch, so when Brawn and I move to the old folks home the kids can easily remove it as a keep sake, or put it on our nursing home wall.
Because 'ya know.....


Ok, so the springs are cute and all but how about something wayyyy better looking?  A party you can link up to and be seen on 5 blogs?  A party you can link up your husband too?
Yeah, ok don't tell him or Brawn that part....

What the hey is a hey girl party???  You've seen the photos.....
but if you aren't sure, head over to the Hey Girl Pinterest Board for ideas.

BUT for this party, to hey with that young goose Ryan Gosling, we want to see YOUR Hey Girl Man.   Yup, get yourself all learned up on adding text to a photo.  Load any photo of your Mr. Wonderful (hint for Jean) and add your own Hey Girl to it.

I can't wait to see what you all come up with, cuz I've seen some of your spouses and Ryan's got nuth'ing on them!
 Link on one, fun on all five. 
Chelsea at Two Twenty One
Michelle at Decor and the Dog

 Brawn will be so not ok with this.   HA!

Get your photos ready..... February 7th to the 13th.

It doesn't have to be your hunk of burning love...
Link the dog, link the cat, link the neighbor,
I don't care, just include the HEY GIRL.

Should I send a text to Lisa to link her husband?

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  1. Oh, Jeeze. DL will kill me. I'll be dead. And no longer breathing. Then he'll be sorry. But it will be too late. I'll be dead.

  2. Might be a slim chance for me too... I'll try and catch him in a weak moment. :) Sounds like fun so I'm workin' on my idea for text now. Great project; hope you get into one of the homes that lets you hang stuff on the walls!!

  3. Oh.My.Gosh this is gonna be so fun! By the way, love your copy cat! :)

  4. Have been loving this candle thing since Angie did it - you aced it Bliss!!!
    And I'm drooling over your bedroom fireplace and the built ins - wow - is that GORGEOUS!!!

  5. hey girl, i love your copy cat. and don't worry, i won't tell anyone it wasn't your original idea.

  6. I was all ready to just rave about your knock off, which by the way is rustic and simple in the best of ways. And, your bedroom, clean and serene. The saying, how sweet is that. You are in love...still :)

    Of course, with all that being said, I LOVE your idea for the link party. I embrace any chance I can get to show off (but most of the time poke fun of) my husband. I'm in!

  7. You are an overachiever and now I have to find a good snap of my MAN..he hates his picture taken LOL!

  8. Okay, I made one. But if DL divorces me...I am coming to live with you.

  9. I love your spring candleholder! Such a cute idea!

  10. Very cute springy candle holder thingy!!! That party looks like it could be a lot of fun. Hmmmm.....I'll have to give it some thought.

  11. Such a cool use of bedsprings (I can think of a few other)....
    I like the addition of the little logs to lift it up!!
    Yes you should get Lisa to do one of her hubby! We want to see him!

  12. Lots of hunk a hunk of burning love going on here!!

  13. Ok now I think you are following me... yeah I loved that little spring thingy that Angie made too and today at the thrift store (because my school was closed again with no power) but I digress.... I saw this awesome piece of wood that reminded me of Angie's thing.... I bought it and though I have no springs I am on the lookout for what to use to be a big copy cat myself!

  14. I have a huge box of springs... took the thing apart myself. Still wonder why I didn't keep the other parts.
    love your knockoff!
    no dh here...but two cats AND a dog! :)
    sweet sentiment, and fun that it's separate so it can go with you.


  15. The "spring-y" candle holder is super cute, and I'm very excited about the "Hey Girl" linky party!

  16. I love your candle holders...and you can leave them up right through May because they're already "Spring"...yeah, I crack me up...and no, I could NOT resist. I love your sign too...and the fact that it's could also turn it around and write a little something for know...after "spring". xo

  17. I love the candle holder! I can't wait for this "Hey Girl" linky party.

  18. Girl, you can knock me off any time - because everything you make is amazing! Love your version and the little branch legs are too cute!

  19. Is it sort of like pin-up girls in a guy's locker? Oh, boy, this could get wild!

    Love the poetry above your mantel and your copy cat candleholder, too. :)

  20. The springy candle is so cute. And i'm getting so pumped for our party!!

  21. Hey Girl... I <3 Copy Catters... I <3 your creativity.... I <3 your photos of said creativity......
    I <3 being admired by all your gal pals.... that makes my divine life worth living. xoxoxo, girl.


  22. That's the whole reason for having blogs and sharing stuff, right?! We love each others ideas and want to try them out, too. Copy catting and saying where you got your inspiration from is totally ok. And oh my goodness, I watched a video of Ryan Gosling reading some of those "Hey Girl" memes - he was laughing so hard he could only get through a couple of them.

  23. Anonymous1/31/2013

    Oh, yes... yes, yes, YES!!! haha.

  24. O I have had springs hangin around the shop for over a year...with candles...and never I guess maybe I will take another attempt when I take my dog chair to the shop tomorrow....finally breathing again ...

  25. I just bought a bag of springs at an antiques flea last weekend, ya hoo great ideas!


  26. Love your spring candle holders, great copycat project! And what a neat idea for a linky party! Sounds like fun.
    Debbie :)

  27. You are so funny, Bliss...and LOVE your candle holder! Don't feel bad, I've had a dozen of those springs sitting in the garage for YEARS without doing anything with them...I need to get crackin'!

  28. Okay, love Braun's executive decision. Love the springs. Love the love story. Oh, and love those built ins in your bedroom!

    So "W" ... not too many choices to choose from! LOL! Good thing you blocked it out!

    :) Linda

  29. I love spring makeover projects. They are so fun. Brawn did a terrific job as usual.

  30. This is such a fun idea! I love it. Pinned :)

  31. Obviously spring has sprung up there before us! Love the Hey Girl party idea.....Mr F will just die when I tell him he's gonna be on the web.......You're not going to disguise Brawn are you? Let him shine!!

  32. Oh my gosh! I love those springs! Great job! I need to get me some springs also. Great blog!!

  33. So excited for the Hey Girl link party! My husband on the other hand, is not. ;)

  34. Fantastic! Love me some "hey girl"! Who could I have be my hunk? Hmmm...I'll have to think about that one for a bit.

    Your copycat candles and springs are dang cute, and kudos to Brawn for thinking up the branch idea. I wanted to copy that too, but haven't the "ingredients". Good for you getting it done!

    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  35. Angie is a good one to copy because she is so creative. Love how your candle holder copy turned out with the little stick for legs. Nice to have a good helper like Brawn. I have been meaning to do one too you have inspired me to get busy doing it.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures.

  36. That party sounds like a riot! I don't think I'm going ask for permission on this one~just forgiveness. :)
    I love the candle holder. I have bedsprings. I have weathered wood. I might knockoff your knockoff.

  37. A great copy! Love the saying on the wall too!

  38. I had to pin it. I HAD to.

    See you Thursday. :)

  39. Love the springs...and I'm cracking up at the party just thinking about what picture I could use and what my Mr. Honey-Do would think about it. Knowing him, he'd be the one to think of the tag line but it may not be blog appropriate. HA!

  40. Hey Girl, did you ever get a picture of Lisa's husband? I'm dying to see him.

  41. I love old springs in any type of decor. I am so happy that Brawn makes decorating decisions along with you. This is important so you don't end up with lacy doilies all over the house, or the opposite, logs and saws painted with scenes, and everything plaid and hunter green.

    That wall saying is too much, as in just too sweet. I love it.

    Putting Hey Girl on my calendar. Oh just wait until Mark has a few things to say for me. I be good with adding text to my photos....

  42. Love LOve how you used the springs. I actually have some of these springs myself and have yet to do anything with them. I just may copy yours, that you copied! lol! Came to you from knick of time linky and am now a new follower.

  43. I love your old springs Bliss :) Very clever and cute idea!

  44. LOL!! Love the party idea....hmmm now I've got something to think about...and a picture to "sneak" :)

  45. What a fabulous project! Your guy is pretty wonderful to jump right up and do that! Sounds like a fun party....we'll see if Sam will tolerate it!

  46. OMGoodness....this is hysterical....,now when is this Hey, Girl party starting????

  47. Oh, yes those spring candles are so cool! I will have to keep my eye out for roadside garbage :-)


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