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No Recipe Lemon Bars

I tell 'ya all, the response to the 'Hey Girl' party was awesome for myself and cohosts, and I don't know how I can go back to posting ho hum projects after all that fun!  Come back on Valentines Day to see some Hey Girl features.  They were all good but some were just down right hysterical.
If you haven't linked up yet, it's open till the 13th.

I've been contemplating doing a weekly Bliss Bakes, or Baking at Bliss Ranch of some food type thing.  Certainly NOT because I like photographing food, or that I love cooking all that much, but everyone here likes dinner and I find that I try anywhere from 1 to 3 new recipes from my Pinterest board every week. 

I make some pretty darn good vittles. 

My thighs don't lie.

So to recap;
I don't like to take food photos.
I don't get some great high from cooking.
I DO like to eat.
I do use my Pinterest board for main meals and desserts.

But just like Tongue in Cheek Tuesday that hasn't happened yet on a Tuesday for me, Baking with Bliss would probably not happen regularly due to more times than not I just go right to the eating part before I even consider taking a food picture. 

And forget that the vittles often look like barf on our white corel dinner plates.  In my real life dinner adventures I rarely care what it looks like, as long as it tastes gooo-ood.

Every once in a while I make up my own recipe and it's edible.  Usually I am very content to follow the recipes all of you make.  Less waste that way.

These lemon bars..... well they were my own concoction.  Sort of.  I took several recipes and combined them then added my own twist, to get the most lemon flavor out of the combined lemon bar recipes that I could.

We love lemon here.  Most recipes are not sweetly-puckerific enough for me.

Plus I had a bag of fresh lemons I didn't want to go bad.

It took a lot of will power not to eat this piece - the last one by the time I got around to photos.  But after I set it on that dirty scrub brush, it wasn't near as tempting.

And now that a week has gone by since I created it, here lies the problem with doing posts of Bliss Bakes;  even if I happen to remember to take photos of a creation or awesome meal ....... I might not remember the exact way I made it or the ingredients I used so you could make it too.

Like these lemon bars.

But they were gooo-ood.


  1. Whaaat?! My taste buds were hankering for a play by play of those delicious looking lemon bars and you're leaving me hanging here? hehe
    Well the thumbnail photo certainly caught my lemon lovin' attention and you did it justice with your purty pictures.

    Now I've got to go check out the rest of the Hey Girl links. :)

  2. What a tasty looking treat. Lemon is not my go to taste but every once in a while I have to have it.

  3. I love lemon anything. So good to see the face behind the blog now.

  4. No recipe! How you tease! These look take wonderful photos and I love a tweaked recipe, you can then call it your own! ;-D


  5. Well they look absolutely delicious and beautiful! What do you mean you don't like photographing food? You're a natural! I would love a Baking with Bliss feature!

  6. Your photos dont make your lemon bars look good all. Well maybe just the one on the scrub brush. :)

  7. Ah ha ha...the scrub brush. I'd still eat it. Geez, they look perfect! Yum!! Your, "Hey Girl.." party looked like fun!

  8. Clearly I need to start placing sugary treats that I shouldn't eat... On semi dirty scrub brushes!! Brilliant and hilarious!! I'm giggling.

    And you know what? The pic of it is not appetizing, but it IS beautiful!!

  9. I like photographing food - I just don't like making it, but you are good at both and should definitely do it more often! You did succeed in making me want to pig out before I go to bed.

  10. They look so good bet they tasted great.

  11. First, I notice that you have a pic of yourself. Big strides there. And you know those food photos are faked, right? Back when I worked with an ad agency, I was good friends with the food stylist. You wouldn't eat the crap in a photo, you know that, right?

  12. You had me at lemon. I could care less about chocolate, but lemon, ohh yes please! I have found that pinterest is a little bit of a hard place for this prego gal to hang out! Now I will think about lemon bars for the week until I finally break down and make some! YUM! :o)

  13. I call foul for not sharing the recipe! :) Seriously, they look delish. Your photos are always wonderful...wish I could say the same.


  14. The lemon bar is darn cute I don't know if I could eat it. Ha, who am I trying to kid? :)

  15. You are too funny...and the bar looks good enough to eat off that scrub brush! Love your profile photo on the sidebar!

  16. It looks yummy even on the scrub brush lol.

  17. love lemon and the pics,darn you made me smake my lips.....My grandma use to make lemon bars her favorite....and a long time ago my bedroom was lemon happy yellow, I picked it myself and painted much to my moms dismay.....I am going to have to go the english bakery they have a wonderful lemon bar,yummy

  18. I think this is the first time I've seen food photographed on a scrub brush :).

    I look forward to your *weekly* recipes because, I too like to eat.

  19. This is making my mouth water. I haven't had a dessert in a whole day. ARGH. That's a might handsome scrub brush by the way.

  20. Miss Bliss this looks and sounds delicious! I would love for you to share it at my super new out of the box link party ~ Project Inspire{d} 'cause you are sure to inspire with this treat!

    I am in an over the top cheesy mood today...sorry!


    Mary Beth

  21. Love the lemon! I think I'll follow your lead and start putting baked goods on old scrub brushes.
    I like the new glamour shot. ;)

  22. The lemon bars looked good, but you had me at the scrub brush. You clearly must have had some fun with that photography session and the set up with the valentine hearts around the cake dish were adorable.

  23. However you made these lemon bars, they look fantastic!

  24. Anonymous2/13/2013

    I have a new favorite word: Puckerific! What a versatile utterance surely to get a few funny facial expressions or even raised eyebrows. Yet so innocent....

    Now, is that a horse brush that lemon bar is sitting on? Are you holding out on us with the equine friends?


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