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Bookmark Tongue in Cheek Tuesday

While all of blog land is shedding pounds, eating healthy, re-doing crafting rooms and WOman caves, I've been sitting on my rear-end seemingly doing nothing but making every fat laden main course and delicious looking dessert on my Pinterest boards.

I've cleaned out some kitchen drawers and rearranged some messy piles of stuff, but it's not anything picture worthy.

I started a dining room redo in February.  And then abandoned a dining room redo.

Where is Spring?!?!?  I'm putting all my hopes and crafting dreams in the belief that once I don't have to look at snow I'll want to create.

Last Fall my son wanted some book marks.  Before I was a blogger I would of just ripped a piece of paper out of something for him, maybe bought a trendy one at WalMart or taught him how to fold over the page corner.  Taboo, I know. 

Rusty old razor blade is a must have

But those are not good enough anymore when your mom blogs.  No siree.

You have to take to the internet and find out what the other blog moms are doing for their kids' book marks.  There are some really cute ones out there, but I didn't want him to get beat up.  (I couldn't find the original inspiration, but this one is pretty close at Green Paper).

There are also more awesome versions of the ones I made, but honestly I wasn't *THAT* into what they looked like.

I picked up these old Readers Digest books in a free bin.  I have lots of them that belonged to my parents, but I wasn't about to slice those up.  Free ones I'm not emotionally attached too are fine.

The process was very simple;
Razor blade the spine off, remove the fabric part of the spine from the book board, and Mod Podge it on to some card stock.  The only embellishing I did was with an old leather boot lace cut to pieces for the top.

The Podge as it dries
Let it dry.  Mine seemed to take forever - I must of used too much Podge.  I am not a Mod Podge Queen like Ms. Doos, I need her to give me lessons.  If it takes over a week to dry does that mean I used too much?

Flatten them under a heavy book.  If you try to do this before they dry they will stick. Duh.

A week of watching glue dry is a good way to develop patience, so don't use so much Mod Podge.

Old leather boot laces become the top tassel
Not only did my son like how they turned out, his older sister asked if she could have one too.  Completely free, unless you count the tiny bit of Mod Podge.  (I do question that *tiny bit* part).

I reused the spineless books too, they still sit in this same location except the table now looks like this.....

You can click over if you would like to see the table transformation.

Now that you have a bookmark semi-tutorial, you can "bookmark" next Tuesday as the third month of Tongue in Cheek Tuesday.

TICT has been revamped to debut as a once a month link party, but the rules are still lax, I mean really there are no rules.  We found out in February that lots of wonderful bloggers are pretty funny and would love to join in, but a little button only holds so many names.

Danni our design guru makes all the buttons, (insert clapping here) and notice she went with green for March.  (I wasn't sure she was ever going to run out of St. Patricks Day crafts).

Danni also posted all the information about Tongue in Cheek Tuesday, which I am going to pirate half of here, I mean seriously why should I reinvent the wheel right?

From Silo Hill Farm:
 I'm inviting all of my readers to join in a little fun next week.  The last two were so much fun, and so many people expressed interest in joining us, we've decided to turn it into a once a month link party.  Link on 1, be seen on all 5.  It's all in good fun and it's about making fun of ourselves.

The topic..... we're going to dish out some dirt, our own!  We're going to be sharing where we keep our junk.  We don't really have any rules, like you have to post a button or you have to follow us or any jumping through hoops.  Of course we'd love it if you did those things, (especially jumping through hoops - if you do that include a picture) but really we don't take ourselves too seriously.

If you want to join in we'd love to have you.  Just write up a post poking fun at your junkiest area and link it up at any of the following blogs on Tuesday March 12th.

Everyone's got a little Junk in their trucks, 
(or purse, or corner, or drawer, or on a table, or.....)  come share yours.


So there 'ya have it.  A bookmark to bookmark next Tuesday.  For me the problem will be narrowing down what trunk of junk I'm gonna make fun of myself about!

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  1. Love the bookmarks Bliss! really cool!
    junk area? huh what? who collects junk and STORES it? tongue in cheek indeed!
    Love your blog, love your sense of humor--you make me smile. :)

  2. I love those cute bookmarks you made. I've never seen any like that before. What a great idea! I still use little scraps of paper I'm afraid. Ha! That party looks fun. Except, that would mean I'd have to share some un-pretty pictures. I have a basement that has some "junk" in it. It might scare off some of my readers though since I've got everyone believing how organized and clean I really am. My basement is my alter-ego I guess.

  3. Very cute AND manly, yes. Didn't even look like there was much blood spilled with the use of the razor blade. I worry about you... safety first, ya know. :)

  4. You know deep down I really really like your,and even though we have never met,nor spoke on a phone. I really like you as you come up with some fun stuff and create a group of other like fun folks...and give us in blogland a diversion from the norm...and no rules...that is my kind of thing.I think that when my idea I put out their of Memory Monday, a way to say thanks to our family and friends in the what they do for us....and no rules will be part of it because this will be a thankyou to my no rules Mom and her illness of forgetting everything including who and what she was. OK I will participate,my closet of clutter and goodies to use for what ever will scare the PANTS right off you!and that is a master closet then where the H does your hubby hang his? Love the book markers!!!

  5. I have a lot of those reader's digest condensed books. Great idea.

  6. I don't know what women you are speaking of doing all those fabulous things. While you are making those desserts, I am eating them. Cute bookmarks:)

  7. I like these cool bookmarks, even though you ripped apart books to make them, and therefore shed the teeniest of tears in their memory. My whole house is a junk pile right now, due to the Seasonal Affective Disorder I claim to have. I can never get motivated between Christmas and spring break, and therefore am living in a pigsty. Junk in my trunk...and on top of the dining room table...and in the laundry room...and on the kitchen island....

  8. Great job! Funny re: the Mod Podge. :) Doesn't take much my friend.

    No rules? That's my kinda living ~ can't stand the word even. :)


  9. Great bookmarks! You are always so clever!

  10. We'll all be outed! I'm forcing myself to clean and refresh things before it's a 100 degrees. It could be any day now.

  11. I love these! Such a great idea -- we are a family of readers so I definitely have to put these on the "to do" list. Hugs, Clydia @ Three Mango Seeds

  12. Cute bookmarks. Love the junk in the trunk. i have told Danni I will astound everyone with Horror Monster, my craft stash. NO RULES - RULE!

  13. Aren't you clever! Great job on the bookmarks!

  14. Those are gorgeous bookmarks. You could probably sell those on Etsy.

  15. Ooo, fun bookmarks! There are some things I miss about actual books versus my e-reader!

    I may need to join in on this junk party!

  16. Great books marks.

    But wait... you want to see my junk? The junk I work hard to shove aside, move and makeover. Not to mention HIDE!

    You mean "that junk"?
    I don't know if I am that brave ;)

  17. The bookmarks are awesome! You did a bang up job and now you have coverless books which are super in right now. My mom had shelves of these books and I remember them so well. She was a big reader. I think I may join your party next week, it sounds like fun and I definitely have a lot of junk!


  18. Not sure there is enough space to highlight all my junk or if I have the patience to go around discovering and photographing it. Heck, I'm not sure where much of it is. I had to do a big rearrangement because my son came home. There's stuff shoved everywhere and then some.


  19. The bookmarks are awesome, but i totally got stuck on how awesome the spineless books look piled up and wrapped in jute. That's kinda beautiful. Makes me want to go around removing all the spines from my books.

  20. What an awesome idea! Those are the coolest bookmarks ever!

    And I have so much junk, it's actually quite ridiculous!

  21. That was really cruel of Danni to use my picture on the party button! I've got lots of junk. Are you sure you want to hear about it? I like those bookmarks. They're pretty slick!

  22. There ya go! You are being crafty! These are so cool and of course you had leather boot laces to add to them. Only you!!!

  23. I love your book marks. I wondered how those were done. Thanks for the tutorial.

  24. Great project and what a fun idea! I think we had everyone of those Readers Digest books in our house growing up. Nice that your kids appreciate your craftiness! If you had put a shamrock on that green one it could have been your St. Patrick's project. Still waiting! Thanks for the shout out and FYI....I am totally done with St. Patrick's Day...because there just isn't enough time between that and Easter. Movin on.

  25. What a great idea, Bliss! I love them, and my avid reader daughter will be getting one or two. I know she'll love it, too. You had me chuckling over the Mod Podge debacle...thanks for the tip about it sticking! LOL
    Debbie :)

  26. See what happens when you set deadlines for room renos?! You get sidetracked all over the place and that date keeps getting pushed back...and back....and back. He he. You've been more creative that I have and you've got pictures to prove it! You've earned 2 more months added to your timeline for the dining room. :)

  27. I'm sorry...I don't understand.....I don't have any junk....obviously my HUSBAND will have to write this post. He seems to see junk everywhere....I have NO IDEA what he is talking about however. Nice bookmarks....that ModPodge......who knew glue could have SUCH a learning curve?

  28. You got a twofer for that great project...hey you still have the covers left...

  29. Great idea. LOVE your bookmarks, need to copycat. I have to bookmark this post so I remember. OK, Pinterest should do it. Looking forward to the JUNK party too. I never use caps, sorry, just a bit excited.

  30. Those are super fun! Love that idea!

  31. Cute book marks! love the free aspect too!
    So showing off the junk, huh?
    What does that say about us...
    what does that say about those who want to see it?
    we're all a bunch of weirdos that's what!


  32. Love the bookmarks! Guess I could take a pic of the junk in my caboose to go along with the theme :)

  33. Using old books is a good thing!! A bookmark to bookmark? Ha!! Makes me want to hum a tune.

  34. Well there you go...I've made signs with the covers and frames with the I have something to do with that part too :)

  35. Great idea! I love those old Readers Digest books. The naked books look awesome on your table.

    I joined the masses and got a kindle for my birthday so bookmarks don't apply to me anymore. It's kind of sad.

  36. Hey Bliss; What a Wonderful idea for old Books, that you do not care about. I absolutely Love what you have done, as the book marks look so classy!!!!
    Thank-You so much for sharing these!!!!

  37. Hi Bliss, such cool bookmarks!! I never would have thought of using book spines and they're almost too nice to hide in the pages of a book. Thumbs up that you didn't let your Mod Podge skills hold you back! Looking forward to some more laughs with TICT - Happy weekend - Amy

  38. Love the bookmarks! And since DIYs sometimes happens at a snail's pace around here, I think a week to dry would suit me just fine. :)
    xo Heidi

  39. Newest fan thanks to Miz. Nellie Bellie's recommendation. I love the bookmarks and I am looking forward to following along! (and LOL "Miss Doos" - Debbie sure has that Podge down to a science - I need to give it a whirl soon). Have a great weekend,

  40. I just love this idea! Great way to recycle old books, they look lovely.

  41. My girls would love these. I really like this idea, I may look for some books at the thrift store tomorrow. I'm a new follower, I really like your blog, I look forward to hanging out here.

  42. NOW I know what I can do with all the hardback book covers I save from making book bundles. Very nice bookmarks! Pinned :)

  43. Excellent idea! I'm ok with taking the cover off of a thrift store book, especially when the book bundles sans covers and tied up with twine is such a cute look :) I'm currently perusing my own book stash to see which ones will be reincarnated as book marks!

    Oh, and btw - love your lovely picture on here! I don't know how long it's been here, but it's nice to see you!

    Jill @ Junky Vagabond

  44. Love the bookmarks - they're dignified and won't get your boy beat up. ;) lol!

    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

  45. LOVE the bookmarks - what a great idea!
    We can only show one version of our junk? Oh Oh lol
    See you Tuesday sistah!

  46. I LOVE your bookmarks! I'll write up a junk soon as I move enough of it to get to the camera! xo

  47. I really thought you were incorporating razor blades into your bookmarks. Because I know you like your unusual, rusty things. It's good to know I don't have to worry about your son needing tetanus shots thanks to his bookmarks. They turned out very cool!

  48. You are amazing and pretty good with a razor blade! I have to go back up and reread the directions, but it sounds like a fun par-tay!

    1. You are amazing and pretty good with a razor blade! I have to go back up and reread the directions, but it sounds like a fun par-tay!

      ps. I had to redo this comment so you'd know it was me ;)

  49. The way you work a razor blade - are you sure you've never been incarcerated? And I hide my junk where I stash the bodies!

  50. I actually love this project. It's easy so I can do it!

  51. I really like this post! I am thinking this is actually a craft project with old books I can do. I have given up any hope of making a decent looking book page wreath.

  52. It taken all this time for me to tell you, I want one or five of these bookmarks! Do you need my mailing address? :)


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