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Tongue in Cheek Tuesday and Adam

Coach, Gucci, Walmart and Penney's
The Once a Month
Tongue-in-cheek Tuesday presents..... 
The Junk in Your Trunk
Or purse, glovebox, drawers, what-evah and where-evah the location of your junk might be

The other ladies do all the work, I just show up once a month.

I chose the junk in my purse.  Really Bliss?

I like black purses and I cannot lie. 

This post might get me on one of those sites where they make fun of boring blogs. 
As I write I'm wondering why I didn't pick one of my piles of cool DIY junk. 

4 of the 10 black purses I just found out I own
The contents of my purse are not very exciting and honestly neither is this post.
My purse is more like a traveling file cabinet.


And I never realized I was a black purse hoarder till I counted them for this post.

The three T's are in the zipper.  Tampons, Tylenol and Tissues.

My traveling file cabinet is also used as a briefcase, but there wasn't as much paper as usual inside.  No agendas or minutes from meetings.  I cleaned those out a couple weeks ago.  Oddly this time I didn't find one piece of chewed gum wadded up in a scrap of something.

I rarely clean out my purse and if stuff goes in it could be months before it again sees the light of day. That's bad if I put something important inside, like appointment reminders.

There were 3 appointment reminders in there - orthodontist, dentist and doc.
"Don't worry son, you'll get there, I've cleaned out my purse in the knick of time"!

18 receipts plus 3 gas, 2 McDonalds, and 3 Sherwin Williams.

If you are a mugger or a purse snatcher, I'm your girl.

**If you have ever been mugged or had your purse snatched I do NOT think it's funny and would gladly shoot the bast-ards.   

12 gift cards, $287 in bills plus a $1.00 winning scratch off a friend gave me at Christmas
My friends refer to my purse as the black hole or the magic purse.  They would swear on a stack of Bibles that I dig and shuffle, taking out stacks of papers while declaring I don't think I have any cash, only to magically pull out greenbacks with either Ulysses S. Grant or my BFF Mr. Franklin.

Love these guys
Cars go from zero to 100 in a matter of seconds.
I've been known to go from zero to several hundred in the time it takes a waitress to bring the bill.

Have you ever seen more boring piles in a mom purse ?
Ulysses and Ben come along for important things like garage sales and thrift stores.
Taco Bell.
Rogue latte's that jump into my hand.

And also because I don't know how to use an ATM card.

Costco just sucked out some Franklin's the day before these photos.

As I whittle down and organize the junk, notice this photo is upside down?
The Salted Nut Roll was for an emergency.
I did put it back in my purse but the emergency happened the same day.

I found 3 pairs of reading glasses in there.  Maybe that's normal?  If you're an alien or a potato.

And can anyone tell me when I need a pen why I can't find one in the magic purse?
I dumped out 5.

What goes back in

Three packs of gum, a tin of mints and a Ricola throat drop all went back in as did one pair of glasses, 2 pens and Adam.

Meet Adam.  Do you know why Adam is in my magic purse?  Me either.  I put him back in because I don't know what else to do with him.

Maybe Adam is why I had three pairs of reading glasses in there?  Now that I mention it, I've had the date right every day this month.  Oh wait... Adam is January.  I better check who is February and March.

And the coin?  I put it in the savings account for a trip to the Caribbean.

 My oldest remarked I must not plan on going very far, like only the next town.

 I have lots more room without that big 'ol bulky Nut Roll in there.  Thank God it's gone.

If you like you can read my 1st Tongue in Cheek Tuesday, that happened on a Thursday, and the 2nd TICT that happend on a Monday.  And really, our February TICT is in March.  No rules!

Link up Buttercup...  you don't have to link back, you can pirate the green TICT button at the top if you want to include it in your post, but you don't have too.  Make fun of yourself and your junk shows up on all 5 of blogs.  We'll be doing junky shout outs after the party closes Sunday.


  1. Could you send me one of those calendars, please?

    I just looked in my purse and I have 12 pieces of used kleenex. I think the dust mites are winning the battle.

    12 gift cards?! Do you need some help spending them? I'm available on Thursday.

  2. How funny. If someone had tried to steal your purse, you could have used your purse as a weapon. All that change would give a good wallop. The voyeur in me, loved seeing all the crap you tote around :)

  3. Ooops, I forgot to write one.
    Where does this Adam live? Address, please.
    I see your nutroll, girlfriend.
    No fooling the owner of the sugar shack...I can smell that sugar from here.

  4. Now I have to go look in my bag and get rid of the crap, I might do that at craft tonight as I don't have any craft to do.

  5. I do not have aboy in my purse, dammit! What's WRONG with me??

  6. LOL Bliss - our purses have a lot in common - and I wish I'd picked my closet now that I've posted mine...........
    ( which I only reposted since I had already did one on my purse last summer - talk about L.A.Z.Y. )
    I think I may " pin " Adam LOL
    And at least you cleaned yours out!!!

  7. Why link up when I have the same paper stash (minus Adam and the big bills, dang!) in my purse? Glad to see my purse has a little junky competition.

  8. Darn carry a lot of cash..but good luck finding it (to the would be muggers). Well now that you are all organized, it will be much easier! With my luck, Adam would fall out at the most inopportune times. I just downsized my purse because it was the black hole and starting to hurt my shoulder (do I looked hunched?). Anyway...good job at being cheeky, who would have thunk it?

  9. Oh I want a magic purse....and and Adam! (wth?) Forget all the awesome furniture makeovers you do and start making black magic purses right now! (mine first please!) I have a granola bar that is taking up way too much room in my purse!

  10. Funny. I never use cash! Just my ATM. At least you aren't the one that's writing a check!!! Yes, I've seen it a that the grocery store recently. I had to stop and get cash when I had to pick my husband up at the airport. I mean, I don't even have enough for a toll bridge! This is a fun party. I should join. Hardest part is picking which junk area to do!!

  11. Good thing the nutroll's gone...otherwise I don't think you would have gottene verything back in!!! Looks a lot like my purse.

  12. I know you might not know this trick so I'll share it with you...switch your overloaded purse from arm to arm so you can check off "worked out for 20 minutes" on your calendar...just a trick for upper arm development...don't thank me...just send your vacation money (you aren't going to use it anyway)....use Adam as your inspiration picture....
    Thanks for hosting the party...glad I could come!

  13. Too stinking funny. Your purse looks a lot like mine, receipts and all (except my suitcase is currently light blue). And my rolling computer bag for work looks the same. And my closet sans receipts and Adam (but if he IS in there I would probably never find him anyway).
    I should really get up and take some pictures but, well, I am not that motivated today. It's raining. We'll go with that. Will have to remember this link up for next month!

  14. ROTF! I can always count on you to lift my spirits. :D So glad my purse isn't the only one that looks like that... Except I could probably use an Adam in mine. ;)

  15. Ha ha ha... my purse disaster feels right at home now. Albeit a bit sad without Adam. I've got to come back and read the links... I already feel so much better about my purse!! xo

  16. The dollar bill was right side maybe the photo wasn't upside down after all ;-) Adam looks like a keeper, but we want to see February and/or March next month!

  17. My big, of called "The Black Hole", too. And can you believe I just started using a, of course...cross body, hands free, messenger bag with only the bare essentials? I know...I must be sick. You have a lot more money in your purse than I do...probably why I can use that little purse.

  18. Those big bills don't weight nothin'! My purse looks MUCH more like your jar marked "vacation". And that's the only cash I have. When my waitress returns with the bill I'm sitting there counting out stacks of quarters. They love that.

  19. I'd love to clean out my purse and find some bills at the bottom, dollar bills, that is. Did you find February & March? lol This is awesome! So much fun reading all these posts.
    Debbie :)

  20. The only boy I have in my purse are the ones I gave birth to, I need me one of those! What is with the receipt thing, mine is always full of them, any wonder we have n environmental issues great post Bliss.

  21. Well, I want an Adam. I'm going to clean out my purse just for you and see if I have an Adam. And delay a real post a while longer. yep, good plan!

  22. If your purse is boring, I don't know what you'd call mine. I've got no Ben Franklins, no Grants, I do have 3 Georges, but I most definitely don't have any Adams!!! Like I said, much more boring! LOL

  23. What do you mean, you don't know what to do with Adam? Do I really have to explain this to you? I would love to dump out my purse and find it full of cash and Adams!

  24. I DITTO what Amy ad Maureen said above :)

  25. Anonymous3/13/2013

    I tackled the handbag mess a couple of years ago when I humiliated myself for the umpteenth time trying to dig out my wallet to cash out. Hardest thing for me is taking the time to get out change rather than just handing bills to the cashier and getting even more change. Those coins weigh a ton!

  26. This is hilarious!! I am not a black purse holder, more like a luggage sized purse hoarder. I will throw three books in there, a magazine, and maybe my next two meals if they will fit. All for the time I might have to wait in a doctor's office for a kid. Yeah, I like to have choices. Sharing on FB Page. I needed a good loud laugh today.

  27. Cash and Adam? Sounds like a winning combination to me!

  28. Adam is a keeper so don't toss him aside and that stashed money is a necessity when you like to go thrifting and garage saling.

  29. Wow... it's like stuffing dozens of clowns into a little Volkswagon. I'm truly amazed by the amount of stuff you can magically cram in your purse. Mine is heavy enough... even without any cash/change in it. I'm a debit girl, but your purse is your own personal ATM.


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