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The Napkins, The Barn & Fox Hollow Cottage

You've seen the dining room chair backs, and heard how I loved the whole process of redoing those chairs (my nose just grew because that is a complete lie) but you did not see a tutorial on how to transfer the image.

Mostly that's because when I'm in the zone, stopping to take photos almost never happens.  That and my tutorials usually suck.

But when I do a guest post I don't skimp.

So while my friend Shannon is on vacation in my old stomping ground of Southern California, I'm at Fox Hollow Cottage today with a tutorial on how I took some old muslin napkins and used the image from my chair backs and made matching napkins.

muslin napkins

The tutorial is the same process I used for the chair backs.
Here is the mock up along with one of the chair backs, side by side.  

CitraSolv transfer method at
Chair back computer mock up on left, actual chair back on right

Ok, great Bliss, but what's this business about a barn have to do with a tutorial at Fox Hollow Cottage on napkins?

Let me just tell 'ya....

In case you don't know, Shannon is an aqua lover.  And although I can think of a lot of people who would like to get their hands on some authentic aqua barnwood, when I see the color it's her that I first think of.

Early Fall of 2012 I took some photos from my neck of the woods.  I did a post that included pictures like this....

Winery Minnesota

There are no less than 4 wineries within 15 miles of our house.  This one is right down the road.

Along with the beautiful countryside, I took photos of this barn also down the road from me.....

Aqua Barn Wood Minnesota

I saved the photos of the aqua barn specially for Shannon.  About a week later - on pinterest - were photos of the barn!  At first I was all like HEY, who lives by me and blogs that I don't know about?  Then I was sad because Shannon saw the aqua barn that I was saving special for her.

So in honor of my guest post over at Fox Hollow Cottage
Shannon... I love 'ya man, this barns for you.

Aqua Barn Wood Minnesota

And the aqua outbuildings too....

Aqua Barn Wood Minnesota

Just keep in mind that right now they are covered in a bunch of this stuff......

Minnesota Winter Driveway Bliss-Ranch.con

Head over to Fox Hollow Cottage and take a peek at my napkin tutorial using the CitraSolv method.  They turned out P.D.C. (pretty darn cute) if I do say so myself.

Or as Shannon would say...... 
they've been  


  1. Oh. My. I LOVE that barn!!! And some day, when I get a printer that works, I'm gonna try some $hit. That is all.

  2. MWAH!!!! Hugs and kisses. Love that barn all over again :))) You make me smile, and I am so happy to call you my friend!!!!

    (now if I could just make it to one of your epic Halloween parties... )

  3. I'll take that barn! Heading over to see your magic at Shannon's.

  4. That's a fabulous barn! Never seen an aqua one. Heading over for some PDC-ness...

  5. What beautiful pics! I've never seen that color barn before. I'll go check out your napkin tutorial.

  6. Luv the aqua barn and out buildings!
    Now as I am having a napkin dilemma l I will hop on over to Shannon's and have a peek. Thanks Bliss.

  7. Love your napkins (and chairs) Bliss, and that barn is gorgeous!

  8. That barn is would make such a great background for wedding photos...
    Thanks for sharing the napkin tutorial today, Bliss!

  9. What a fun barn! I have one scrap of old aqua colored wood and I cherish it. I would love a whole barn of it! Heading over to see your napkins.

  10. That barn. Enough already. Amazing. :)
    xo Heidi

  11. Beautiful! Love the barn, you, Shannon and those chairs :)

  12. Who would ever think of a barn painted aqua??? Love it! Now, I'm going to check out your awesome napkins.


  13. I may just have to copy you awesome napkins. Thanks for the tutorial. I think I have tried the method, but do not remember how well it worked for me.
    Love the Barn.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  14. I painted the old geezer's shed in shades of blue and green years ago, and it has that great weathered look like those barns. Blue just works so well on wood, because it really pops, and that turquoise is just gorgeous.
    So are your napkins Mrs B and I love your twiggy flatware !

  15. I have never seen a turquoise barn before. And now I want one. :)

    Happy day to you friend!

  16. I can see how that barn would catch you eye. Hope they never paint over it

  17. I just love the color of the barn. It just stands out in a beautiful kind of way.

  18. CitraSolv. I've been asking for some for Christmas for the past 2 years...I've never gotten any. Looks like it's time to take matters into my own hands and buy some for myself...then, I'll check out your tutorial and create brilliant things.

    Now, do you have to visit wineries and drink copious amounts of wine prior to crafting with it?

  19. On my way over to Shannon's to see you!
    Debbie :)

  20. It's me again 😊

  21. Yes, that barn is absolutely beautiful! I adored the color most. Never seen a barn in such shade, but I think a red one is also on the move. Awesome photos!

    Sebastian of
    Gazebo and Bali Hut Super Store


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