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DIY Enamel Look Tags

The year was 2012.  Spring sometime, who remembers.  I made these faux roller shades out of burlap coffee sacks from a tutorial by Donna at Funky Junk.  

Burlap Coffee Sack Valances


Talking Java At Cozy Little House

This post is for coffee lovers.  If you don't drink the stuff you probably won't get it.  Maybe water is your deal, and you start each day with a big glass and you're satisfied, happy, and ready to conquer the world.

More hydro-power to 'ya.                   


Maple Syrup Make'n

Bliss Ranch has a lot of maple trees.  And you know what you can make from maple trees right?

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup.


What sort of collections do you have?

Me.... I've got all sorts.  Some I could part with, some I don't even like anymore, and some I can't get enough of.

Vintage and Antique Clothespins

Boys Bathroom Price Pfister Faucet

In the last century we, no scratch that, they, started a bathroom redo.  They is the boys, and since I don't use the boys bathroom and only go in their when forced, I was a bit stunned at such an ambitious undertaking by the males at the Ranch.

I did take care of one important detail...........

Price Pfister Faucet Bathroom Redo Bliss

 The Ashfield Price Pfister faucet.