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Glass Light Globe Pumpkins

Fall.  I  love  it.  Not just a little,  a lot. Glass Light Globe Pumpkins

I don't usually start to decorate till October, and when I do it normally has a spooky twist.  All those years as a Halloween party hostess I guess.

These glass pumpkins are the exception to the spooky twist and one of my favorite Fall decorations.

You can find my inspiration over at the HomewardFound  blog.  Deb's stuff is top notch, and she took some white glass light globes and made pumpkins. 

And I loved them. Glass Light Globe Pumpkins

I picked up the crackle globes at a garage sale and 3 were turned into hanging candle holders on the dresser bar redo.  That left 2 for pumpkins. Glass Light Globe Pumpkins

Then I found this very heavy round dish to make it an even three.  

Three's not even.  Ah ha ha ha ha ha. Glass Light Globe Pumpkins

A hot glue gun, some dried mossy stuff, a few burnt fingers, and each globe had a new look.  

Except for this one. Glass Light Globe Pumpkins

This was a pretty amber colored crackle globe that I had in a potted plant on the deck like a gazing ball.  I decided it would make a great amber pumpkin.

Instead it made a great mess. Glass Light Globe Pumpkins

I used a piece of mulch from my yard to make one stem, and found this twisty twine in the drawer and made the other stems out of that. Glass Light Globe Pumpkins

Lights inside and presto change-o I have three Fall glass pumpkin lights.  

And I love them.

These globes are glowing over at:

Salvage Fall @FunkyJunkInteriors


  1. you are the cleverest halloween decoration maker i know.

  2. Cute idea Bliss! even if the orange one wouldn't cooperate...

  3. These are just adorable, sorry about the opps!

  4. Those are so neat and very pretty! I never would've thought to make pumpkins out of those glass globes.

  5. These are so pretty! I love this idea! Will the broken one work for your mosaics?

  6. what a wonderful and inventive idea. love the look.

  7. Love these pumpkins! They are so cute. Great job!


  8. I love them! Why are you so clever?

  9. oooo! I love them, too! I have a really old nasty gazing ball that I might need to do something with....

  10. I'm so sad you broke your amber globe. :( But I love the ones you didn't break!!!


  11. Great idea! Have lots of glass globe . Gotta do something with them no .

  12. Again with the pumpkins! Love this project... I just put out a few pumpkins yesterday. Better late than never!
    xo Heidi
    Yay that feedburner continues to deliver your posts! we're on a roll!

  13. Beautiful! I will now be on the search for globes, thank you!

  14. Dang, girl, these are nice. That amber one can represent the pumpkin that the neighborhood hoodlums smashed on your curb.

  15. Donny says -
    One bad pumpkin don't spoil the whole bunch, girl...

  16. Hey Bliss, you're so full of ... great ideas! VERY nice :)

  17. Love them! Though I am mourning the loss of the amber colored one ...

    ;) Linda

  18. You are such the clever one Bliss!

  19. Hey Girl. ;)
    You are one class act for sharing the link to my 2012 blog post about my original Glass Globe Pumpkins, and I thank you most kindly. I love inspiring people, and you took that inspiration and RAN with it! Bravo! <3

  20. I think you must have had, hands down, the best Halloween d├ęcor in all blogland !


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