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Haunted Halloween Portraits

My absolute favorite Halloween project that I have ever made are Haunted Portraits  I spied from Tracy over at CrowsFeetChic.

I've made two versions of these.

The first version was inside the house for a mystery dinner party, the other was in the back shed for a large throw down the grog party.

For both projects I intermingled photos of our friends with photos from the internet, all printed in black and white or sepia.

Cracks. Me. Up. 
Haunted Portraits
The Eyes Have It
Hang out at the ranch and you too could have your eyeballs poked out and replaced by orange Halloween lights.

For the dresser display I had plenty of frames.  I just took out the glass and got lucky that the lights stuck right in without tape through the back.  I think the secret was foam board as the mat.

The second frame from the right is Dii, my one friend who knows I blog, and her husband.  Don't they look cute eyes all a glowing in a demon sort of way?

Godparents to my youngest son?  Well that gets you an invite to the mystery dinner and four bulbs as pupils on the far right.

Play cards with us most every Saturday?  Next time let me win and you can retain your retinas.  Left side.

Haunted Portraits

These pictures give a great haunted house vibe and darnnit, they just look really cool.

For our shed they were hung on some old barn doors as decoration for a Halloween party.

The wood is from old barn doors at Albert's farm.  I also made a coffee table out of one barn door.

Gallery Wall for Halloween

Wondering what that stump of wood is for?  Hammerschlagen.  It gives the men something to do while they drink beer.

There are up to 5 couples that host this party, so I used pictures mostly from past parties to turn into the haunted ones.

Yup, once again if you're friends of ours we will impale your eye sockets in the name of decorating.

The larger ones were made 24x18 at Staples - engineer prints, all three for under $6.00.

Haunted Portraits

I collected frames from garages sales, and my spending limit was .50¢, but the nicest one is the big one bottom center and it was free and also came with a hand painted portrait of a little boy from 1958.

So I just used some paints on him and turned him into a little vampire. 

Haunted Portraits

 The one above is so creepy it's not funny - it's another of the hostesses.

Haunted Portraits

Need a tutorial?

Take all the glass out, poke holes in the eyes with a screw driver - all the way out the back of the cardboard or whatever backing came with the frame - push the lights through from the back and hang up.

DIY creepy Halloween Portraits,

If you are lucky like I was, your Phillips screwdriver is the perfect size and the lights punch right in and stay in place.

Strategically place some black crows and cover with spider webs.

Halloween Gallery Wall,

A few black lights in adjacent areas for ambiance and it's just about ready for a round or two of Hammerschlagen.

Stop by on Saturday to see the latest prop in the Ranch arsenal..... 
Haunted Photo Booooth,
with a scary picture of me and I don't even have on a costume!


  1. This is fantastic. Love it. wondering what type of lights you used?

  2. Wow, Bliss, you did it up right! Super fun!

  3. That clown will give me nightmares! I'd gladly have my(photo) eye sockets impaled with Halloween lights to be invited to that party!

  4. You were made to be a Halloween word you come up with some of the best ideas! And I agree that clown would scare anyone!

  5. I remember these from last year and they freaked me out then and still do. Boo!!!

  6. Still one of my faves, too!

  7. Love this idea, you are too clever. I think your guests will think twice before having their pictures taken, lol.

  8. Love love love! Creepy!!!

  9. *bowing* You are, indeed, the Goddess of Halloween. Or is that the Queen of Halloween? All I know is that you do Halloween better than anyone!

  10. That is downright eerie! Only one friend knows you blog?

  11. So, so cool...and the clown portrait is the stuff of nightmares...

  12. These are fabulous! Sooo creeeeepy, but sooo cool.

  13. I love this idea! So much fun and spooky! Great job! Hugs, Leena

  14. This is fun. There is something about poking out the eyes that gives you that creepy satisfaction. Lol

  15. Someday. Someday I need to have a Halloween party. And I'll take all my decorating ideas from you.

  16. I want my eyeballs impaled! ....wait.....

  17. We're both MN gals, but you once said your location was top secret, and if ya told me, you'd halfta kill me. So while I would love to have my eyeballs impaled, it would have to be painlessly not murderously. Next best thing, I'll steal your ideas and use em over at my ranch!

  18. Gosh those are awesome! I love how creepy they look. If I was going to have a Halloween party, I'd make those. I've seen some old photos at antique stores that could be used for that. Great idea!

  19. You are the HallowQueen. And no mistake.


  20. Still our very favourite too... love your XL party versions. I like to think that my ancestors that have yet to be 'featured' are hoping for big things this year. :)


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