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New York New York Hotel Las Vegas

While I'm giving reviews of Las Vegas I thought I'd stick one in of where we stayed, in case someone wanders by looking for an opinion on it.

The New York New York hotel is on the far end of the Las Vegas strip over by the airport, but we didn't hear any air traffic. 

These theme resorts are huge and take up a lot of property.
New York New York Hotel Las Vegas,

We stayed on the 29th floor of the Chrysler Building.  That's the pointy one on the right.

Being on one end of the strip is a long, but doable walk to the center of the strip, which is always a happening place, and there are walkways along the route over the street to get across.

If you don't want to walk to the center of the strip there is a double decker bus, a monorail, or a cab.

This New York New York end of the strip was pretty quiet in January, just enough action to be fun, but not so much as to be crowded.

That's the Brooklyn Bridge look-a-like in front of the hotel.

New York New York Hotel Las Vegas,

New York New York is very pretty at night, especially if you are staying in a hotel across the street like the Tropicana where you have a view of New York. 

The skyline with the Statue of Liberty gives that illusion of looking over at the state of New York.  Or Excalibur if you and your cell phone don't happen to be facing the hotel.

New York New York Hotel Las Vegas,

The rooms themselves are clean, comfy and nice, but nothing amazing.  I've stayed in  nicer ones, but like the pizza I reviewed from 800 Degrees, there is nothing wrong with the rooms either.

From our window we had a view of The MGM Grand.  David Copperfield's big green face watched me at night.

MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas,

On a prior trip we stayed at Green Valley Ranch in Henderson Nevada, and that's a gorgeous property with rooms to match, just a short drive to the action on the main drag.

On a Vegas trip with friends we stayed at the Tropicana, those rooms too were pretty nice and we visited the Paris hotel while friends were in town for a convention.  Their room was a suite, so yeah, that room gets the size prize.

New York New York Hotel Las Vegas,

The New York New York hotel has lots of places to eat, although we only had breakfast there one morning at the American Cafe, and Hagen Dazs ice cream one afternoon.  

From the looks of things there should of been a chocolate buffet.  The hotel recently opened up Hershey's Chocolate World.  Basically it's a big candy store. 

New York New York Hotel Las Vegas,

We didn't eat at any buffets while in Vegas.  Lord knows I don't need the calories, and it just seemed like a waste with the expensive prices.  I remember stopping on cross country trips and you could eat for .99¢, those days are long gone of course.

Then again, if there would of been a chocolate buffet I might have considered it and not batted an eye about calories.
New York New York Hotel Las Vegas, Bliss-Ranch.comThere was a chocolate bar, and while I didn't have a taste of anything there, my friends did and the death by chocolate drink got a two thumbs up.

New York New York Hotel Las Vegas,
 Lady Liberty is wearing all jelly bean attire.

New York New York Hotel Las Vegas,

I liked the main floor of the hotel for it's creativity.  It was themed up like the streets of New York, with signs and landmarks you would find there.

New York New York Hotel Las Vegas,

These two guys below were just hanging around the day we were leaving.  A couple guys hanging on the skyscraper next door wasn't something I see every day, so I snapped a photo with my phone while they visited with each other almost 29 floors off the ground.

New York New York Hotel Las Vegas,
I considered that a high wire show - one I didn't even have to reserve tickets for. 


  1. We've always stayed at the MGM and really like that end of the strip. I like it because you can walk about anywhere. Thanks for reminding me of how much fun Vegas is. Oh, and since I am a CocaCola addict - I loved the Coke place!


  2. I don't know how those window washers do it!! Loved seeing the hotel and Chocolate World!

  3. DL stayed in the Venetian when he was at Vegas to present at a convention. He keeps telling me we will go, but I am hesitant to cross the big river. It's different over there.

  4. Oh that looks like such a fun place to visit. I would love to go there and get the feel of being in other cities at the same time.

  5. It really does look like fun there! Thanks for sharing, Bliss!

  6. Great pictures Bliss ... looks to be the most interesting place. We have been there several times but it has changed a lot since we were there in the 1970's. I certainly do not remember all this. Maybe we just stayed too much in the game rooms and shows and did not see all this beauty.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have never been to Vegas, but I've always wanted to go at maybe there would be even more lights. LOL!

  8. You're making me want to go back to Vegas, Baby!!!


  9. OMG Hershey's Chocolate World! That wasn't there when I was last there. Time to go back! :)

    New York New York is sooo pretty. Much prettier than the MGM. I think we had lunch in one of those places (NY NY) I remember seeing the streets and such.

    thanks for sharing your pics!


    ps those window washers? Makes me wonder what they were chatting about. lol

  10. Fun pictures Bliss! I think I like the guys hanging from the building the best! Looks like you had a great time, I like the New York New York Hotel, I remember going to it when it first opened and I got a keychain, I also remember doing the roller coaster, but I think that was the only time I have been inside. You stayed in Green Valley Ranch? That is right by my house!!! Fun! Oh, and the chocolate would totally tempt me too!

  11. I've never wanted to visit Vegas since I'm not a gambler, but your photos make it look like a fun place to visit! Great night shots!

  12. The New York hotel in Vegas is far one of the best there. I was there last year with my fiance. We booked the hotel with Reservation Counter and we enjoyed our stay there. It was an amazing trip. I definitely recommend you try this hotel or the Bellagio.


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