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Master Bedroom Perfect Linens With Discount Code

When I do a review on this blog it's going to be because I really like something.

Sometimes I do reviews on things I have purchased myself and just want to share how great it is with you, and sometimes, like today it's because a company contacted me and I still want to share how great it is with you!

As per Thomas, the big cheese at Perfect Linens, they are a "line of superior sheets that aim to deliver truly exceptional comfort"..... because "life's too short for bad sheets".

I have to agree.

Perfect Linens Bed Sheets

And I gotta say..... they are pretty darn comfy.

People could say many things about me, but having to have the best of everything just to have it, is not one of them. 

However having said that, I am sort of a sheet snob.

My flawless and delicate fair maiden skin needs to be babied when I get my beauty sleep.  And I may or may not be full of sheet with that statement.

And how come they call it beauty sleep anyway?  I sure don't wake up better looking then when I laid down the night before!

But back to me being a sheet snob.....

Master bedroom & Perfect Linens Bed Sheets,

I can be particular about things on my skin.  I don't use hand lotion, the kind doesn't matter, I don't like the feel of any product on my hands.  

I don't like the feel of thick sweaters or coats, which is sometimes a problem in Winter when it's twenty below zero.

And I like my bed sheets to feel soft against my skin.

Master bedroom & Perfect Linens Bed Sheets,

For a while I got all caught up in the thread counts of sheets as I pursued what turned out to be a fifteen year quest for the perfect set.

I learned the hard way after buying expensive, high thread count sheets, that contrary to what retailers would have us believe, the higher the count doesn't mean better quality.

And I don't mind paying more for something of quality, but it sure as heck better have the quality part down pat.

Master bedroom & Perfect Linens Bed Sheets,

I wish I would of known about Perfect Linens 4 years ago, the last time I spent way too long on line researching the best sheets, that turned out to be not so best.

Apparently I sleep with Shredder which I found out when his sharp toenails had shredded the bottom of our expensive, high thread count sheets on his side of the bed.

I don't know.... does Brawn run a marathon in his sleep?

Either that or he tried to claw his way out of bed.  Twice.

Shredder went through two sets of supposed high quality sheets in a year and I was very disillusioned.

I figured I must need more of that beauty sleep so he wouldn't try to escape in his.  I would have to really need LOTS, since his eyes are closed in his sleep.  Hmmm....

The sheets also got thinner each time they were washed - so much thinner I considered putting myself in the washer to see if it would work on me.

I went back to ordinary sheets purchased from the usual retailers but as I snuggled in each night I wasn't thinking 'wow these feel great', they were just ok.

But for the past month I have thought that every time my Ipad and I slip into bed.

My mom never bought expensive new sheets, heck I still use the pillowcases she embroidered when she was first married in the late 1940's, and they are so soft and still feel wonderful.

I don't know what happened between her generation and my generation in manufacturing bed sheets, but by the 1990's sheets felt fake to me, they certainly didn't have the softness of my mom's generation.

However the boss man Thomas with his knowledge of the process, seems to have figured it out.

If you go on line you can find a gazillion sheet choices, how the heck does a gal weed through all those claims of sheet superiority?

Well gals, you don't have too.  I think I've found them, or rather they found me.

Master bedroom & Perfect Linens Bed Sheets,

Lately any delivery around here is met with great anticipation by a certain 7 year old.

It's not the contents he is interested in, but the size of the box.  He's been building a box fort out of every piece of cardboard that passes through.

 A catacomb of cardboard play.

Master bedroom & Perfect Linens Bed Sheets,

While we do have a king size bed, the sheets did not arrive in a king size box so he passed on that box.  But his interest was piqued and he did insist on helping me make the bed, in fact he was sort of in charge of the whole bed making extravaganza and took it serious.

He got really into this chore and moved pretty fast.  I had visions of staging a beautiful master bedroom for your viewing pleasure, without blurry photos, but I let life unfold instead... along with the new sheet set.

Master bedroom & Perfect Linens Bed Sheets,

Out of their package I noticed the linens felt weighty.

By that I mean they didn't feel cheap, and they aren't.

The set is white with soft blue details and a pretty scalloped edge on the pillow cases and the top sheet.

Notice that scalloping as a certain 7 year old makes his move into hand modeling.

Master bedroom & Perfect Linens Bed Sheets,

The embellishment on these sheets is quite beautiful, although I'm sort of a no fuss gal and plain old white would of been fine with me, but I have to admit the stitching is well done and certainly adds something.

Having the stitching details reminds me of sheets my mom would of hand embroidered.

I decided to ditch the usual brown pillows and bring in the blue and white from our cedar porch to the room for summer to accent the blue of the sheets.

Considering I don't always make my bed, I get to see that stitching quite a bit.

Master bedroom & Perfect Linens Bed Sheets,

But really...... as pretty as they are, what I was interested in wasn't how they looked, I wanted to know how they were going to feel against my skin and I also wanted to know if Shredder would notice and say something.

Master bedroom & Perfect Linens Bed Sheets,

At this house if you turn your back WWF can break out at any time.

The new sheets passed the first test - they withstand All Star Wrestling.

Master bedroom & Perfect Linens Bed Sheets,

Included in the box from Perfect Linens is a sample laundry product and instructions on how to care for them to keep them in prime comfy condition.

There were three bodies that couldn't wait to relax on the top of the set after I took their wrestling sheet away.   For a brief moment I thought they were considering rest.

I also gave up on staging any sort of pretty bed photo during the actual making of the bed.

Master bedroom & Perfect Linens Bed Sheets,

So what makes Perfect Linens unique?

They use state of the art technology to find their superior, most comfortable sheets, and Thomas has 25 years in the sheet selling business.

I waited to write this review until I had slept on them for a while.  I wanted to be able to tell you just how comfortable they are.  No sheet.....They.are.very.comfortable.

Master bedroom & Perfect Linens Bed Sheets,
By the way, I should take a moment to tell you that nine years ago Shredder made this bed for us.  It replaced a pencil post bed he also made.  He made the nightstands 25 years ago, and I've been eying them up for a new-do.

I transformed the Flynn & Malone blanket chest from an ugly pine garage sale find last spring, and you can see that before and after {here}.

The email from the Perfect Linens rep said I was going to love the sheets.  I thought, "sure ok, we'll see".  She was right.

Perfect Linens is the only retailer to test how sheets feel after they have been washed.  This is important to me because of my previous experience with sheet sets.

They don't sell 50 different kinds of sheets.  They sell the best and they don't sell a hundred other unrelated products to go along with them.

Perfect Linens, if you're reading..... I would buy a pair of pajamas made out of your cotton, and I'm not just blowing smoke up your sheets.

Like I said, I know what I like and I'm fussy about the feel and fit of things, and these sheets would make comfy p.j.'s.
Master bedroom & Perfect Linens Bed Sheets,

So after the bed was made I had to shoo all the wrestlers off so I could get to know my Perfect Linens myself, and I want to leave you with this trivia......

Remember all those years ago when soft flannel sheets first hit the market?  Well the face behind Perfect Linens might just have had something to do with that and Thomas is not interested in selling us a million products, just selling us sheets that feel like a million bucks.

Stop over and read the "about" tab on the Perfect Linens web page, then you will understand what the company vision of the sheets is.  Comfortable.  Quality.

Then, because they know Bliss Ranch readers deserve the best, they would like to offer you a discount code to buy some soft, comfortable, high quality sheets for yourself.

21% off your purchase when you enter Bliss21 at

And what did Shredder think of the sheets?  He did notice, but if I tell you, then I'd have to kill you.


  1. No sheet?! These sound amazing!! I'm a bit of a sheet snob myself. I have a set that has just gotten softer over the years and I never want to switch them out, I just wash them and put them right back on the bed.

  2. Oh...we are getting ready to get rid of our bed, and we will need sheets. The after, the better! I will check it out!

  3. I wish I had known about these at Christmas. MIL bought us new sheets (because I asked her to). Next time I know what I will buy. I'm like you, I like em heavy. And I use pillowcases that Mike's great grandmother crocheted trim for. And I wonder almost every day why on earth you can't buy cotton like that anymore. Nice review.

  4. Alas there are no perfect linens allowed to Canada :( I even stripped the bed already lol

  5. I've missed you. You've made me laugh and now my day is complete. I even clicked on your holy sheet link and am considering buying myself some because I freaking love awesome sheets. MY shredder is Eddie, so he's not allowed on the bed anymore when we're gone. Now I'm going to go try the dryer trick and see if you are just keeping an amazing secret to your own dang self.


  6. Love that scalloped edge....dreamy

  7. I may need to try these out. Especially since I've gotten my own shredder (the dog) out of our bed. Mostly because he can't jump that high any longer post surgery. But it might be time to invest in some nice comfy sheets! :) Linda

  8. These sound wonderful, and I love the pretty details...I'm a shredder myself...

  9. Super post, you always entertain me, or maybe your WWF does. I will be checking them out. I need to know they also don't wrinkle



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