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Building Update For #1 Son

Another summer has come and gone.

Kids are back in school and the evenings are a bit cooler.

We've had the neighbors I told you about a while back living across the yard now for four months.  It makes me sad to think they won't be there next summer, but excited for them to move in to their new home.

When you're building a house and doing much of the finishing work yourself, each day sort of holds the same routine. 

Get up, get the kids to school, go to work, come home, work on house.  Repeat. 

The weekends are particularly busy, you get to work on the house all day plus do all the stuff you needed to do during the week but didn't have time to get to.

Such is the life of #1 son and his wife right now.

But their house is starting to take on a personality, and some of the things that add their style are in place.

Tile is going up in the kids bathroom.

Building progress, subway tile,

The porch ceiling has been stained and put in place.

Beadboard porch ceiling,

The wood floor they decided on is undercover and acclimating itself to the temperature in their house.

Building progress wood floor,

Painting - and lots of it - has taken place.

Building progress painting,

I love fresh coats of paint, although I'm pretty sure with three homes under my belt we never moved in before the painting was done.  That sounds like a DIY luxury to me.

Heck, at least one of our houses we moved in before the sheet rock went up!

While there is no love lost between painting and I, I still wanted to help a tiny bit so I was responsible for a couple coats of the color below.

Building progress painting,

The roof is done, and although they had to move out of their old home four months ago, actual building didn't start till June, so that part has only been going on for 3 months.
Building progress dormer windows,
Sidings and stone are completed, and the cement garage floor is poured. 

Building progress outside siding,

Four months has gone by pretty fast if you ask me.  But then again I wasn't trying to conduct life from in a camper all that time.  

I know as the years go by they'll talk about the summer they lived in close quarters in their tiny home, and I'll bet they made some good family memories.

Final grading in their yard hasn't been done yet, which is a good thing or a couple kids wouldn't have a big dirt pile to play on while painting takes place inside.

I really enjoyed that view.  I wonder if they thought about digging to China?

I think every kid should have a chance to play on a dirt pile a little bit in the summer.  

Even if the rain turns it into mud.

But that last part is mostly because I'm not the one that has to do that laundry.  But I would gladly do it in a heartbeat if I could turn back the hands of time.


  1. it's looking awesome so far! and i agree that this will be looked back on as one of their best summers with so many memories!

  2. Definitely the best time of life if they survive it. Bet you will be sad to see them leave your yard.

  3. Looks like a beautiful home, but I know they can't wait for it to be finished...if there is such a thing! My kids loved it the year we had a mountain of gravel delivered for our driveway. They had so much fun sliding down it, but a lot less fun when they had to help us shovel it all into place!

  4. Aw, this post just makes me smile, Bliss. It's going to be a wonderful home for your son and his family, and I know this makes a mom very happy!

  5. Their house is looking so good! I love the home exterior. I bet they are so excited to see it taking shape and can't wait to move into it. They'll probably never go camping again after this! LOL.

  6. Their family has been "making memories" even in that little camper! :) Just think of how much they will appreciate that spacious home!

    thanks for a sneak peek!


  7. Oh looks so nice!! And I agree with you...nothing better than a pile of dirt. Life would be better if we all just spent a little more time playing in the dirt.

  8. Love those columns on the front of the house. They will surely feel like they're moving into a mansion after living inside that motor home for 6 months!

  9. So fun to see all the progress. I'm with Karen, I bet they'll think the house is huge after the tiny home of the summer! When is the end in sight?

  10. What an exciting time! Mounds of dirt, paint, and everything that comes with building a new worth all the time and effort.

  11. I think what makes life interesting is all the different stages we go through, like the "summer we lived in the camper" stage, "before the sheet rock went up" stage, etc...How boring it would be without all of those stages? The house is really coming along. #1 son and family must be very excited!


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