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Cucumber Salsa

Here I am doing it again... posting a recipe. 

Yes I know they are few and far between, and if you've been reading here a while and paying attention, they are few and far between because I hate doing recipe posts.

I just like to do eating posts.

For all I know everyone else in the world has seen cucumber salsa and this is old news. 

I'd never heard of it till #1 daughter wrote the recipe down, handed it to me, and said "don't pay attention to the weird ingredients, just make it".

cucumber salsa,

So I did.

If you've got extra cukes at this time of year from a bountiful harvest, and you like salsa, this is a quick and easy salsa recipe that amazingly doesn't taste all that different than the kind I lovingly make from all fresh veggies, where I'm standing and chopping and chopping and standing.

Don't get me wrong, my homemade salsa is worth all that slicing and dicing, but for something quicker and in a pinch, this is good stuff.

 The cucumbers are nice and crispy in the salsa.  I was considering adding a few other ingredients, then I stopped myself and said 'self... if you're gonna add extra stuff you are defeating the purpose of the quick and easy minimal slice and dice process'.

cucumber salsa,
So I just stuck to the recipe as it was and 5 minutes later kids were dipping in it.

I used the big cucumbers I had, compliments of #1 daughter, and hollowed the seeds out.  Daughter said take the seeds out no matter the size. 

I'm not sure what size the six should of been for the recipe, I used three large ones total and already had everything else in the cabinet.

After the cukes are chopped, this is literally a dump and mix type thing.

cucumber salsa,

Served with corn chips it was just as good as any other fresh salsa, except of course my slice and dice recipe where I have to stand and chop and chop and stand.

And this was quick.  And I think I mentioned it was easy.  And there was no special trip to the store for ingredients. 

Cucumber salsa would be a fast fix in the winter when veggies are not as plentiful in this God forsaken frozen tundra, or anytime you find yourself short on time and need a salsa fix.

cucumber salsa,

And like she told me, don't pay attention to the weird ingredients.  Just make it.


  1. Yummy! This sounds different and delicious!

  2. I think I would love that salsa! However, my husband probably wouldn't because he hates cucumbers. He can't even stand the smell of them. I love cucumbers though. We like such different foods. It's strange that he doesn't like them since he loves pickles! He's a weird guy sometimes. LOL!

  3. Yum! The cucumbers would be a nice contrast to the Rotel. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This sounds good. I sent the link to my daughter because she uses Rotel for everything and I know her family will love it. I intend to try it too. Thanks.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  5. Okay, I will ignore the weird ingredients and give this a try. I need to first make sure it works with my new Atkins diet plan ...

  6. Another commonality between us ... hate to cook, but love to eat. Hey, I think even I could make this and it looks YUMMY.


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