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Thrift Store Decor October

It's the end of October and the goblins will be heading out at dusk in a couple days.

The fallen leaves will blow into November, and hopefully out of my yard.

It's also October's Thrift Store Decor, where our team of thrifty DIY'ers transform something on the cheap.

Thrift Store Decor Team,

This fake washboard thing was probably popular in the 80's.

Some people didn't want actual vintage stuff, they wanted new stuff made to look like vintage stuff.

I was not one of those.

Thrift Store Decor, Washboard Redo,

I liked old junk then, and I do now.  The difference is actual old junk wasn't popular in the 1980's.  Home Interior Parties were.

Remember those?

I received an invite at least once a month to friends homes for a Home Interiors party, and never did I see anything I liked on display at the party or in the catalog.

But you know how those home party things were..... you couldn't just show up and eat the food, you had to buy at least one overpriced plastic decoration that had no place in your house once the order came in.

If everyone didn't order then the hostess wouldn't earn her points, gosh darn-it.

Anyway, oldest daughter has been looking for a vintage washboard that didn't cost an arm and a leg for her laundry room (the two year+ long redo we gifted her with).

Thrift Store Decor, Washboard Redo,

This not vintage thing cost a buck, and I might have overpaid, but no one lost an arm or a leg in the purchase.

I pulled the buttons off, printed out a washboard logo and glued it on, then painted the thing white.


Her laundry room has dark stained wood, so Fusion Mineral Paint in Chocolate seemed a better choice than white.

Thrift Store Decor, Washboard Redo,

I started layering and painting the logo area till it looked old and worn out.

I used the new line of Michael Mead Fusion metallics in copper to give the logo a metal shimmer, but I may repaint the brown body in a weathered gray like the worn out wood of an actual old washboard would be.

Thrift Store Decor, Washboard Redo,

I was going to put some actual knobs where the pegs stick out, but I ran out of time before this Thrift Store Decor post was due.

Not that I waited till the last minute to finish this project or anything.

Thrift Store Decor, Washboard Redo,

So maybe the makeover will get a makeover with a weathered wood look, and knobs, but for now it's better than it was.

Upcycled Fake Washboard,
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  1. Totally better than it was!! I thought the soap was cheese so between you and Jessica I am craving wine and cheese now :)

  2. You did a great job transforming it, Bliss!

  3. This is beautiful, you did such a great job!!!

  4. Hey Bliss ... you did a great job of making it look old. Perfect for the laundry room. Glad I am not the only one that takes years to finish a project. I think I am finished with my Master Bath and loving it. I even have taken time to do some blog posting on it too. Come over a take a look.
    Love your spooky Halloween pictures too.
    Audrey Z.

  5. Sweet! Home interiors OMG, reminds me of my first apartment. Didn't like it then and sure the heck no way now. That makeover is fab. I actually have an original one in our laundry room. Now I want to make it over LOL!

  6. Love the makeover--perfect for a laundry room!

  7. That turned out cute. What a fun idea to buy things at a thrift store and give them a makeover! I remember those home interior parties too. Yes, most of them were poorly made. The gilded gold frames were cheap light weight painted plastic. And remember the wall groupings that were displayed? They always included sconces or a mirror.

  8. You had me at the old label... love that!

  9. Cute, cute, cute. Oh- I don't know how many of those parties I went to either...and, you are right- had to buy matter that you couldn't find anything you liked. lol Nothing like bright gold shiny plastic sconces, was there?
    Your washboard makeover is perfect for your daughter.. I gave my daughter one of the real ones I had and kept the one that has a glass wash insert. It is from the 30's I think. xo Diana

  10. Love this makeover and those paint colours!

  11. I have an old washboard (old and authentic) and your makeover cheap one looks way better than my real one. Fighting the urge to make it over!

  12. I never went a Home Interiors show but I do remember the brass butterflies people had from them!


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