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#1 Son Monthly New House Update

The next monthly update on #1 sons house that I give you, will no doubt be the one where #1 son and his family no longer live across the driveway from us.

I have mixed feelings about that.

Grapevine Fall Wreath,

When they move I suppose a recent birthday girl will still notice all the black construction paper crows I place around the house like finding Where's Waldo.

Just not right away.

Of course I'm anxious for them to have a house again when camping is something they look forward to doing for fun, not as a way of life.

But I'm sad for myself, I like having them across that driveway.

All of them. 

And hearing the front door shut and a little boy saying "is grandpa home?".

Front Door,

I know those things won't really change, they just won't happen every day.

If our zoning allowed it, I'd divide up the 25 acres we have and give each of our six kids a parcel to build a home close by.  Close enough that little feet could come over when ever they wanted, but far enough that mom's and dad's had their own space.

As I've mentioned before, when you are doing the finish work on a home yourself it consumes your free time.

But the rewards are great, starting with the sense of accomplishment.

I know this for a fact - we have built three houses of our own - growing the size of our family each time, along with growing the size of each home.

There is also a sense of accomplishment seeing them go out and build their lives, but I'm glad not all of them are flying the coop just yet.

A few miles away from my house, the oldest has doors on his garage, less the hardware which needs to be attached.

Building update,

Bright white subway tiles in a Jack & Jill bathroom are grouted, with waterproof shelves made of exotic wood that won't rot, that will hold shampoos and maybe a rubber duck.

Subway Tile,

The kids bathroom floors are also grouted, and covered to protect them before they get their final cleaning.

When next you see this room a vanity will fill this space where little fingers will wash up for dinner.

Floor Tile,

Lap siding in the master bath is waiting on its paint, and a tub will fill the area below the window which is high enough not to show anything to the neighbors that you don't want them to see.

Lap siding,
Did I mention that their neighbors happen to be some of our best friends?  Bonus.

Trim is scheduled to be nailed in place, and by the time you read this, kitchen cabinets will have arrived as well as the metal stairway railing being handcrafted by a local artisan.

Stair way,

Yeah it makes me nervous anytime someone walks around the stair opening.

My husband laughed at the number of times I told him to be careful.  When it was one of our homes I got used to the dangers.

Wood ceiling beams are up and recessed lights are powered.


Plumbing fixtures occupy a corner in the garage awaiting their final destination.

There is no more dirt pile in the back yard to be played on, and no grass yet either.


And the front yard sees the view of leaves changing for Fall.


Don't you think the refinished face on this antique tub resembles Mr. Bill? 

Claw Foot Tub,
"Oh no, I'm still on the front porch waiting to move in"

The claw feet on this thing turned out so great.

Claw Foot Tub,

Remember how they started out?

Claw Foot Tub,

There are several bead board accent ceilings. 

The front porch ceiling, a pan ceiling in the entry way, and this one in the master bedroom.

Bead Board Ceiling,

My favorite feature are the wood floors.  

Real Barn Wood Flooring, Random Widths,

They are actual salvaged barn boards milled and turned into floor boards of various random widths, with all their imperfections from many years of wear.  

Real Barn Wood Flooring, Random Widths,

I think the imperfections are perfect.

Real Barn Wood Flooring, Random Widths,

The rough look of the boards is a mirage.  They are nice and smooth..... and dusty from a recent buffing.

I want them.

But mostly I want to see these floors holding the couches and tables and scattered kids toys of this families life.

Even if it means I have to drive a whole 7 minutes away instead of just looking out my window.

House Building Update, Bliss Ranch


  1. Oh, Bliss, this is absolutely magnificent! Like you, I think my favorite feature are the wood floors, but those ceilings and walls are right up there. Just beautiful. Many years of family joy will certainly make that house come alive. Congratulations to your son and his family, to all of you.

  2. Bliss ... I know you have mixed emotions about this move ... happiness for your kids will out-weigh the sad feeling you have when looking out your window and not see the camper or not hearing the front door shut real often and a little boy saying "is grandpa home?". Congratulations to all involved ... it will be a beautiful home and you are to be proud of your kids.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. ahh. so you have to get out of your jammies, get dressed and walk 7 mins? drive to see that gorgeous home and all those people you love in that house. Best of luck to them.

  4. Oh it is going to be a wonderful home for them! It must give you such happiness to see it all coming together for them...and so beautifully! The floors are amazing...I have a friend who did floors like that and they felt SO great to walk on...such character. The beadboard ceilings and beams...the details in the house are really special. I can't wait to see the reveal. Glad they will still be close...I have always wanted to have land and give some to my kids, too...

  5. Wow! Their house is beautiful even in it's construction phase! I love all of the extra details they're adding. The floors are amazing. I love their clawfoot tub too. I can't wait to see it all finished and furnished. I hope you will share that with us when it's ready.

  6. Oh my goodness... this house is amazing. And those floors. I'm speechless.

    p.s. get a really good bike... you'll enjoy going over there even MORE! That is one pretty area!

  7. Love,love, LOVE the ceilings and floors...fabulous. It's wonderful that they won't be THAT far away. Lucky you....lucky them. All that hard work is paying off.

  8. How beautiful everything is coming. Love the flood,ceiling and ceiling on the porch. How exciting for them all what a blessing to be such a close family


  9. Great update ... can hardly wait ... for the finale!

    P.S. You're such a good mom AND grandmom :)

  10. You didn't mention before that they were building paradise! Thanks for sharing the progress and may I ask what color they have on the walls in the great room (with the beamed ceilings)?

  11. Beautiful! Is there a name/source for the hexagon tile in the kids bath? I love the colors!

  12. Love those wood floors!! You are gonna miss them!


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