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Zuri Pfister Faucet

Until 2010 Pfister Faucets were known as Price Pfister Faucets.  

I have some Price Pfister faucets that are 15 years old and they look and work as good as the day they were installed.  

The faucet selection on the Pfister website is vast, and Pfister has all the popular finishes.

Pfister Kitchen Faucet,

We've never had to replace any parts on our Pfister faucets, not even a washer if faucets have those anymore, so as a participant in the Friends Of Pfister blogging program I was more than happy to review a complimentary new faucet for the company.

Last year we picked out and installed a new Pfister bathroom faucet in our boys bathroom and this time the faucet that would be delivered was a mystery - top secret.

Style, type and finish were to be a surprise, but I knew between my house, daughters house, and two of my sons' that somewhere any style or finish faucet would be welcome.

Pfister Bathroom Faucet,

The surprise that arrived was a kitchen faucet.  

The sleek and modern Zuri was delivered at the same time #2 sons kitchen faucet sprung a leak.

But he didn't get the good look'n Pfister Zuri.  

Pfister Kitchen Faucet,

#1 daughter did, and #2 son received her old faucet.  

The high arch of the Zuri neck works better in a deeper sink so the water doesn't splash back out everywhere, and daughter also has the brushed nickle look in her kitchen, so this faucet had her name all over it.  

#2 son has an old fashioned very shallow kitchen sink in his little vintage house.

The left sink bowl on daughters is double deep.

Pfister Kitchen Faucet,

#1 son-in-law got to work replacing their old faucet which will be passed on to the bachelor boy with the old leaky one.  

Pfister Kitchen Faucet,
We reuse and recyle any time we can, besides spending money on a new faucet is not a high priority on #2 the bachelors list.

Confused with all the #1's and #2's around here?  Well remember I do have 6#'s, 7 & 8 if you count spouses, so I don't expect you to keep them straight, no one else does.

#1 daughter is also the one who received a kitchen table redo, turning a pine table into a weathered gray one.

Pfister Kitchen Faucet,

Faucet installation was quick.

When my son in law is ready to work on a project, he means NOW, so my daughter snapped some phone pictures of the process, which spared me from having to jump in the car to go over in my bathrobe.

Pfister Kitchen Faucet,

It was a tight squeeze getting all the hoses down the original hole, but he did, and the under sink details of the job went smoothly.

Pfister Kitchen Faucet,
The Zuri also came with a soap dispenser, but the special bit needed to drill the hole through their granite was not owned, so that will have to wait.

While son in law was busy with faucet installation daughter sent me a photo of their cat bored with faucet talk and waiting in their fish house for the winter season to start so she could sample each catch.

Fishhouse Cat,

The water handle on the Zuri moves effortlessly between hot and cold and the brushed nickle finish is easy care and compliments the kitchen appliances.

Pfister Kitchen Faucet,

#1 daughter loves the look and the style the new faucet gives her kitchen - much more upscale then the old model.  

The deep side on the sink is nice for washing large items, and now she has a faucet that makes both filling and washing convenient.

Pfister Kitchen Faucet,

Not to mention the pull out spray is a bonus for cleaning and filling those large pots and pans.

Pfister Kitchen Faucet,

And cleaning pots was exactly what she had to do last night, because when you receive a faucet makeover, the parents are  invited over for a bowl of your white chicken chili.

Paper Flowers,
Paper flowers made by #1 Daughter
Mmmmmm mmmmm, thanks for dinner daughter, and thank you Pfister Faucets.


  1. How fun...a win-win for everyone...and it's a great looking faucet!

  2. that's a good looking faucet! I'm sure your daughter is grateful to have it. Looks like everyone won in the end. My new kitchen faucet has a high arc as well. My sink is fairly deep but unfortunately water still splashes up on the counter a lot. I hate that, but I love my faucet more than I hate that problem. LOL!

  3. Great reuse and use!! Now what is a fish house?

  4. I guess when you have seventeen kids, they're able to work out what gets passed to whom. Nice faucets...all of them!!

  5. Great looking faucet Bliss. Lucky daughter. White Chicken Chili sounds really good.
    Happy to have a post for Vintage Inspiration Party #210 ... thanks for co-hosting.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. After buying several cheap faucets that worked for less than 1 year, not to mention leaked after 1 week, we finally broke down and bought a Pfister for the townhouse, which has been wonderfully ever since!


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