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Ebook Review, Furniture Flipper

Recently I was offered the opportunity to review an ebook on starting a furniture flipping business written by Melanie Alexander from Lost & Found, titled Furniture Flipper.

Since I know many of my readers are curious about what it takes to dip their brush into the furniture flipping bucket I signed up to receive a copy for review.

It's an easy read, forty pages that focuses on the basics of what is needed to take on the task of flipping furniture for anyone who has painted a few pieces of furniture and would like to earn some cash from that hobby.

The ebook walks the reader through the steps of setting up shop to paint and flip furniture as a business, while laying out information that worked for the author in doing so. 

From doing the paperwork, where to look for furniture, the formula Melanie uses to price it for sale, to where to sell it, it's all covered, as well as her Furniture Flipping tools of choice.

I want to stress this book covers the basics, so if you have started a business in the past the information might be repeat for you.  But for the people who lay awake at night wondering where to start in their pursuit of a creative business, this ebook can be a starting point with the simple tasks to make it happen.

While painting furniture to sell for profit is an art, it's not exactly rocket science and I'm proof that people who think they have no talent can paint a piece of furniture that looks worse for the wear and turn it into something people love.

Dresser Turned Into Portable Patio Bar,
Dresser Bar with peeling veneer before.......

and after......

Furniture Flipper is intended to be a guide, with information for the novice who doesn't know where to start. 

The ebook does not go in to detail on how to paint furniture or the technique needed to achieve certain paint results.  Maybe that's ebook #2, because if you stop at the Lost & Found blog you will see that Melanie does a really nice job painting the stuff she sells.

I've got my technique down, I know the products I prefer, and the thought has crossed my mind about flipping furniture pieces as a business.  This ebook has bullet points to make sure anyone considering doing that can get their ducks in a row.

If you would like to order a copy of the Furniture Flipper ebook click here, which will take you to the information and download page and you can start lining up your ducks to make it happen.


  1. Sounds like a good read for people who are interested in the biz side of furniture flipping!

  2. Thanks so much for reading my book and offering a review of it! I did write it exactly for those people you mentioned who are "laying awake at night wondering where to start". I get emails often asking the "Where do I start?" questions, my hope is this book helps those dreams turn into reality. Thank you thank you!!

  3. Melanie does a great job of re-doing furniture pieces! Hope her e-book will help some others get started in the business!

  4. Sounds like a good read for anyone who is considering selling upcycled stuff, furniture or otherwise (like me). I'll be keeping this in mind if I ever get settled in at the new house.


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